Interview video production with a lady in a modern office

Interview video production with a lady in a modern office

How to Shine On-Camera: Tips for Those Behind the Scenes

At IT STARTS! media we know better than anyone – in the world of recruitment video production, event videography as well as social media video production, there’s one challenge that consistently stands out: getting individuals, especially non-actors, to look and feel comfortable on camera. We’re all about creating authentic and relatable content, be it for a brand story video, promo video, or any other platform. If you’re someone about to take the spotlight or a producer trying to guide the talent, this guide is for you!

Interview video production setup

Interview video production setup

Step into the Spotlight of Video Production with Confidence

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’re about to shoot your first interview video production. The lights are on, the camera’s focus is set, and suddenly, those jitters kick in. Sound familiar? Here’s how to tackle this common scenario.

  1. Preparation is Key: Just like how actors have scripts, you should have a roadmap. But remember, it’s a guide, not a scripture. Go through the major talking points but don’t stress about memorizing every word.
  2. Channel Authenticity: Authenticity is the backbone of a compelling brand story video or promo video. The audience yearns for genuine emotions and stories. So, tell yours! Embrace the imperfect, laugh at small blunders, and speak from the heart.
  3. On-camera Tips for Non-actors: Keep in mind that the camera is merely a tool, not a judge. Imagine it as a close friend you’re having a conversation with, and remember, this isn’t live TV! If you slip, we can always reshoot.
  4. Engage with Your Surroundings: Whether it’s for recruitment video production or social media video production, b-roll is the unsung hero. When you’re filming those cutaway shots, engage naturally with your environment. It adds layers to the narrative and keeps it real.
  5. Wardrobe Matters, but Comfort Reigns Supreme: When picking an outfit for an interview video production, opt for something that makes you feel confident but stay clear from overly bright colors or large logos. Let the focus remain on you.
  6. The Voice Modulation Game: Speaking in a monotonous tone can be a video’s downfall. Play with pitches, emphasize certain words, and occasionally slow down for effect. But the golden rule? Stay as natural as possible.
Automotive technician interview video production setup

Automotive technician interview video production setup

The Power of Collaboration in the Filming Process

Video production, whether it’s crafting a brand story video or a quick social media video production, or event coverage production, is a collaborative effort. Lean on your team. If you’re unsure about how a particular segment went, ask for feedback. Production crews have seen it all and can offer invaluable on-camera tips for non-actors.

Dive into the World of Video Production

As the demand for genuine, relatable content surges, the role of real people—those without formal acting backgrounds—becomes pivotal in interview video production. From crafting the perfect recruitment video to churning out engaging social media content, authenticity is your best friend.

So, the next time you find yourself under the spotlight, remember: you’re not just there to fill a frame. You’re there to tell a story. And with these tips in your arsenal, you’ll do it brilliantly!

Key Takeaways:

  • Authenticity is a superpower in video production.
  • Preparation, while crucial, should not overshadow spontaneity.
  • The camera is a friend, not a foe. Treat it as such, and it’ll love you right back!

Dive into our range of services, from recruitment video production to promo video crafting, check out our recent projects, and let’s create magic on screen together!

Automotive technician interview video production setup

Automotive technician interview video production setup

Secret Video Production List of Hints and Advice for Authentic On-Camera Presence

  1. Relax & Breathe: Before you start, take a few deep breaths. It helps to calm any nerves. Remember, this isn’t a live broadcast. If something goes wrong, we can always reshoot.
  2. Conversation, Not Presentation: Think of the camera as a friend or colleague. You’re simply having a conversation, sharing your experiences.
  3. Be Yourself: Authenticity shines. It’s okay to show genuine enthusiasm, smile when you talk about what you love, or be earnest about the challenges.
  4. No Need to Memorize: While it’s good to know the points you want to cover, it’s not a test. If you forget something, just take a moment and continue. Natural responses often resonate better than rehearsed lines.
  5. Slower is Better: When we’re nervous, we tend to speak quickly. Remember to pace yourself. Speaking clearly and slightly slower than usual ensures your message is understood.
  6. Avoid Industry Jargon: Remember, the video is aimed at younger individuals who might not be familiar with technical terms. Try to explain things in simple, relatable language.
  7. Gestures are Good, But…: Natural hand movements can make you appear more passionate and engaging. However, avoid overly repetitive or distracting gestures.
  8. Engage with Your Environment: If we’re filming b-roll of you working, engage with your tools and environment as you naturally would. Authenticity is key.
  9. Dress Comfortably & Professionally: Wear what you would typically wear to work, but avoid super bright colors or clothing with large logos. We want the audience to focus on you and what you’re saying.
  10. Maintain Eye Contact: Look at the interviewer, not the camera, unless directed otherwise. It helps make your conversation feel more genuine.
  11. Feedback is Your Friend: If you’re unsure about something, ask. We’re here to help you look and sound your best. If you need a break, just let us know.
  12. Stay Hydrated: A dry mouth can make speaking difficult and may make you more anxious. Drink water before and during the shoot as needed.
  13. Remember the End Goal: The purpose is to inspire and educate. Imagine the young people watching and how your insights could potentially shape their future decisions.
  14. Positive Vibes: Lastly, enjoy the process! This is an opportunity to showcase your profession and possibly influence the audience.

Sending this list a few days before the shoot can help them prepare mentally. Additionally, a quick pre-filming chat or rehearsal on the day can help alleviate any last-minute jitters.



Hints and Advice for Authentic On-Camera Presence LIST

Hints and Advice for Authentic On-Camera Presence LIST

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