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IT STARTS! Media is revered as a premier video production company in Portland owing to the exemplary quality of its services, a stellar track record, and competitive pricing. Our offerings span a broad spectrum including video productions, graphic design, marketing strategy, web design and development, motion graphics, and photography services. Our pricing structure is highly competitive, and our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures remarkable outcomes for every client. With a linchpin of innovation and creative resolutions for any project requisites, our establishment emerges as the quintessential choice for meeting all your video production in Portland needs. Our commitment to blending creativity with strategic insights sets us apart, making us a trusted ally in your brand’s journey towards visual storytelling in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Video Production

IT STARTS! Media unveils a suite of video production services in Portland catering to all your commercial productions and advertising endeavors. We offer a comprehensive range of services for our clients, operating from a strategic location in the heart of Portland, OR, with the capacity to traverse throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our prowess in corporate video production transcends geographical bounds; we extend our bespoke services to enterprises and ventures sprawled across the Greater Portland area. Whether nestled in the vibrant heart of Portland, the serene enclaves of Beaverton, or the burgeoning cityscape of Gresham, we are poised to meet your video production demands. A little sojourn towards Salem or the picturesque bounds of Lake Oswego, and you’ll find our dedicated teams, ready and equipped to encapsulate the ethos of your brand. Our facility is honed to adapt to the multifaceted industrial tapestry across these regions, promising a seamless video production in Portland experience. With a discerning grasp of the local market dynamics, we sculpt captivating corporate stories that echo with your target demographic, fostering engagement and amplifying your brand aura in the Greater Portland milieu.

Our expertise navigates beyond, reaching out to organizations within the flourishing cities of Eugene, Bend, and beyond. Our seasoned mavens excel in maneuvering through the distinctive business terrains of these locales, delivering tailored video production solutions in Portland that propel your brand narrative. Whether rooted in the tech-centric hubs of the Greater Portland area or the eco-conscious enterprises of Oregon, our brigade is dedicated to translating your corporate narrative into engaging and indelible video content.

Video Production

As a distinguished video production agency in Portland, IT STARTS! Media stands as a beacon of creative solutions for small businesses in the locale. We excel in orchestrating high-caliber films tailored for marketing or informational vistas. Our ensemble of seasoned professionals, fueled by a shared fervor for their craft, is ever on the quest for innovative avenues to propel our clients towards their aspirations.

The production voyage unfolds through well-defined phases: ideation, filming, post-production, and dissemination. The ideation phase is a crucible of creativity, where storyboards and design sketches breathe life into the video’s blueprint. The filming phase is where our lens captures the essence of your narrative, meticulously crafting every scene. Post-production is a realm of refinement, where further editing and formatting finesse the footage to perfection. The final leg, dissemination, catapults your narrative into the digital realm, ensuring a broad spectrum audience engagement. Our plethora of professional video production services in Portland is as diversified as the city’s cultural tapestry, catering to a multitude of needs; be it a rhythm-infused music video, a riveting full-length feature, or an episodic television saga. Each project we undertake is a journey from concept to screen, meticulously crafted to echo with the unique brand ethos of our clients amidst the bustling Portland video production scene.

Video production in Portland
Corporate Video production in Portland

Oregon Trusted Video Production Agency

Welcome to IT STARTS! Media – your go-to spot in Portland, Oregon for all things video production, where professionalism meets a cool, creative vibe. Our menu of services is as diverse and vibrant as Portland itself, catering to every storytelling angle you can think of.

Let’s start with Company Story Videos – think of these as your brand’s biography, crafted to really resonate with your audience. Got a product? We’ll make it shine like never before in our Product Videos, showcasing all those features that make it a must-have.

When it comes to Commercial Videos, we’re all about mixing a bit of Portland’s unique flair with market-savvy content that really speaks to your viewers. And for Social Media Content, we’re on top of what’s trending, creating stuff that’s not just cool to look at, but also super shareable.

Our Event Videos capture the buzz of your events, from conferences to the coolest parties, ensuring none of those memorable moments slip away. Need to draw in the right crowd for your team? Our Recruitment Videos are like a magnet for top talent, showing off your company’s culture in the best light.

YouTube Ads? We’ve got you covered with custom creations that’ll boost your online game. And if you’re about to launch something big, our Promo Videos will get the hype train rolling in style.

We also make Testimonial Videos that do more than just brag about how awesome you are; they connect and strike a chord with potential customers. And for the musicians out there, our Music Videos blend the best of visuals with your tunes, telling your story in a way that’s pure art.

So, if you’re in Portland, Oregon and looking for a video production crew that gets it, IT STARTS! Media is where it’s at. We’re here to turn your ideas into visual gold.

Corporate Video production in Portland

Portland Video Production Process

Lights, camera, action – in Portland, Oregon, IT STARTS! Media turns your vision into video magic!

Our seasoned production crew handles the entire process with Hollywood polish:

Storyboarding – We set the stage with detailed scripts and shot lists.

Principal Photography – Our directors lens the action, capturing your story with cinematic quality.

Post-Production – In the editing bay, we add graphics, effects and sound design to heighten the drama.

The finale – a professional, high-impact video aligned to your brand’s purpose.

We also shoot high-energy live events with multi-camera coverage, on-site editing and live streaming. From product launches to galas, we make your Portland happenings shine on screen.

Whether it’s a commercial spot, social campaign or event documentation, EPIC Productions helps Portland businesses produce videos with blockbuster appeal. Our experienced team has the technical know-how and creative spark to make your vision a reality, right here in Stumptown! Let’s roll camera and create something epic together.

Video Production Services

IT STARTS! Media provides Portland businesses with a full range of digital solutions to expand their reach and engagement:

Cinematic Videos – Impactful films, animated explainers, testimonials to captivate audiences.

Compelling Content – Our writers produce blogs, social posts, whitepapers that resonate.

Sleek Websites – Custom designed to reflect your brand and conversions.

Strategic Marketing – SEO, PPC, email campaigns, PR to drive growth.

Creative Design – Logos, branding assets, events materials, and more.

Our team of digital marketing experts offers an integrated approach across video, content, web, advertising and design. We combine creativity and strategy to showcase your Portland business across channels.

Whether you need video production, website creation, promotions or content marketing, IT STARTS! Media can elevate your brand through compelling storytelling and multimedia. Let’s deliver results together in Stumptown!

Commercial Video Production in Portland

Video Editor in Portland

At IT STARTS! Media, we unveil a spectrum of services meticulously curated to empower clients in crafting high-caliber video content. Our seasoned video editors, armed with a diverse skillset essential for every facet of production including project management and meticulous editing, stand at the helm of your narrative voyage. These sharp, well-honed professionals excel in adhering to deadlines while maintaining a symphony of communication throughout the project lifecycle.

Our video editors aren’t merely technicians, but narrative architects who blend creativity with technical acumen to build compelling stories that resonate with your target audience. As a prominent hub for video production in Portland, our core ethos is to ensure that every frame, every transition, and every narrative arc is meticulously crafted to not only meet but exceed the expectations synonymous with being a top-tier video production agency in Portland. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of corporate video production is your gateway to captivating, engaging, and impactful visual storytelling in the heart of Oregon.

Commercial Video Production in Portland

Commercial Content Creation in Portland

IT STARTS! Media extends high-quality commercial production services in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Our ensemble of seasoned professionals is poised to assist you in crafting engaging and potent videos that burgeon your business presence through compelling storytelling. Our expertise spans a vast gamut, capable of producing a diverse range of videos including music videos, commercials, product showcases, testimonials, and beyond. In addition, we unfurl a variety of marketing services to ensure your brand resonates far and wide across your target audience.

Our commercial content bifurcates into two distinct realms: educational and promotional. The educational narratives we craft are meticulously designed to enlighten viewers about your product or service, serving as a beacon of knowledge in a sea of inquiries. On the flip side, our promotional content is a persuasive odyssey, crafted to entice viewers towards embracing your product or service, serving as a catalyst in their purchasing journey. Each narrative we curate is a harmonious blend of your brand’s ethos and the vibrant narrative landscape of video production in Portland, ensuring a resounding echo through the corridors of your target market. Through a blend of creativity, strategic insights, and a keen understanding of the Portland corporate video production domain, IT STARTS! Media stands as your trusted partner in crafting visual narratives that not only inform but inspire action.

Portland Video Producer Skills

In orchestrating a video narrative, a video producer at IT STARTS! Media becomes the maestro of a diverse troupe of creatives, each a virtuoso in their domain. This medley includes camera operators, grips, production assistants, onsite editors, Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT), onsite sound mixers, hair/makeup artisans, Assistant Camera operators (1st AC), assistant directors, wardrobe stylists, photographers, and Directors of Photography. As the project canvas broadens, roles like art director, property master, and stunt coordinator become the brush strokes adding layers to the narrative.

Navigating the realms of larger projects, our video production agency in Portland may engage technical directors and streaming technicians to helm the technical rudder of the endeavor. An internet engineer could be the linchpin for online streaming vistas, while the magic of special effects makeup breathes realism into every scene. A line producer or associate producer stands as the sentinels overseeing operations, ensuring every gear in the production machinery meshes seamlessly. The narrative sky is painted with aerial video while key grip services defy gravity to capture frames from soaring heights or challenging angles. And in the heart of the narrative storm, teleprompter operators are the lighthouses ensuring actors sail smoothly through their lines, never having to avert their gaze from the lens. Through the lens of IT STARTS! Media, your narrative is not just told, but felt, echoing through the vibrant video production in Portland scene, crafting tales that resonate beyond the screen.

Online Video Production in Portland

Get A Portland Oregon Video Production Quote

When the narrative spark ignites and you’re ready to sculpt your vision into a visual odyssey, we at IT STARTS! Media are here to embark on that journey with you. Our video services in Portland are tailored with a fine weave to align with your unique needs and budget. We acknowledge the distinct essence of every project and are committed to working in concert with you to ensure your vision blossoms into a compelling visual narrative.

Our congregation of seasoned professionals, masters in their craft, stand at the ready to guide your narrative through the realms of creativity and technical excellence. Our offering is a mosaic of services including, but not limited to, video production, website design, and advertising. Each service comes with a treasure trove of customization options, ensuring a tailored fit for every narrative endeavor.

With these customizable solutions, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring the final narrative not only resonates with your brand ethos but sings in harmony with the visual cravings of your target audience. IT STARTS! Media is not merely a video production agency in Portland; we are your narrative companions, committed to painting your brand’s story on the vast canvas of digital viewership, ensuring every frame, every transition, and every narrative arc is a reflection of your brand’s essence. Through a blend of creativity, strategic insights, and a keen understanding of the video production in Portland landscape, we aspire to be the crucible where your narrative ideas are refined into a compelling visual tale.

Online Video Production in Portland

Let’s Create a Masterpiece

IT STARTS! Media emerges as a prime choice for your video necessities in Portland, Oregon. Having orchestrated hundreds of videos for a myriad of companies in the region, our reservoir of resources and seasoned experience equip us to craft high-quality videos poised to magnetize a new cadre of customers to your business. Moreover, our hallmark of reliable and trustworthy service expands beyond the video realm, unfurling into the digital domain with website design services alongside our video offerings. This diversified palette of services positions us as your ideal collaborator for all your video and digital needs.

Our narrative expertise, blended with a keen understanding of the Portland corporate video production landscape, makes us more than just a service provider. We are your partners in weaving your brand’s story into the digital fabric of the market, ensuring each frame resonates with the ethos of your brand while echoing the unique vibrancy of the Portland video production scene. With IT STARTS! Media, you’re not just getting a video; you’re embarking on a collaborative narrative journey tailored to cast a lasting imprint on your audience, propelling your brand into the limelight it deserves.

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