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IT STARTS! Media is hailed as the apex Phoenix video production company, a title earned through a blend of superior service quality, an illustrious track record, and competitive pricing. Our service bouquet unfolds a plethora of offerings including video creations, graphic design, marketing blueprints, web design and evolution, motion graphics, and photography services. Our pricing stands as a testament to our competitive spirit, always aligned with the delivery of unparalleled results for every patron. With our lens focused on the horizon of innovation and crafting creative keys for project requirements, our establishment emerges as the premier choice for satiating all your video desires in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video Production Services in Phoenix

IT STARTS! Media unveils a spectrum of video production services in Phoenix tailored to cater to your commercial and advertising endeavors. Our hub, though stationed near the heart of Phoenix, AZ, is the genesis of creativity that radiates out to every corner of the Valley of the Sun and beyond, embracing the dynamic cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, and Mesa.

Our prowess in corporate video production transcends geographic boundaries, proudly catering to a myriad of enterprises sprawled across the Greater Phoenix area. Whether your venture is nestled in the bustling urban core of Phoenix, the innovative districts of Tempe, or the flourishing city of Scottsdale, we’re on a mission to meet and exceed your video production expectations. Venture a tad further to the charming city of Mesa or the scenic vistas of the Sonoran Desert, and you’ll discover our devoted squads, poised to encapsulate the spirit of your brand. Our adeptness in mirroring the diverse commercial tableau spanning these locales guarantees a smooth-sailing video production voyage. With a profound grasp of the local market currents, we sculpt captivating corporate tales that strike a chord with your intended audience, igniting engagement and amplifying your brand’s echo in the Greater Phoenix domain.

Our acumen embarks on a journey beyond, reaching the entrepreneurial hearts residing in the radiant cities of Tucson, Flagstaff, and Yuma. Our seasoned maestros are skilled in charting the distinctive business terrains of these areas, offering tailor-made video production solutions that propel your brand’s narrative forward. Whether your base is in the tech-savvy expanses of Phoenix or the rich agricultural realms of Yuma, our brigade is devoted to morphing your corporate dreams into engaging and potent video sagas.

Video Production

Nestled in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, IT STARTS! Media stands as a beacon of innovation for small businesses in the vicinity. Our forte lies in sculpting premium films, tailored for marketing or informative avenues. Our brigade of seasoned professionals, fueled by a shared passion for storytelling, continuously explores fresh avenues to propel our clients towards their objectives.

The voyage from concept to screen unfolds through meticulous phases: ideation, filming, post-production, and dissemination. The ideation phase is a crucible of creativity, where storyboards breathe life into the video’s blueprint, setting a solid foundation. As we transition into the filming phase, our lens captures compelling narratives, with every cut and transition meticulously crafted. The post-production arena is where the captured visuals are polished to perfection, ensuring every frame resonates with the intended message. The final leg, dissemination, catapults your story into the digital realm, making it accessible to a global audience. Our spectrum of professional video services is as diverse as the Phoenix sunset, catering to a multitude of needs; be it a rhythm-infused music video, a riveting full-length feature, or an episodic company story film.

Arizona Video Production Services
Arizona Video Production Services

Production Process

The journey of crafting a video embarks with the production process, a realm where storyboarding, camera artistry, and editing converge to mold a finished masterpiece. IT STARTS! Media unveils a suite of video services designed to guide businesses in Phoenix through the labyrinth of professional and high-caliber video and television commercial creation. Our cohort of seasoned aficionados is devoted to transmuting your vision into tangible reality, with every frame echoing your narrative.

Not just confined to the studio, our prowess extends to capturing the essence of live events under the scorching Phoenix sun and beyond, encapsulated in a myriad of formats. Our offerings encapsulate a holistic approach, encompassing pre-production orchestration, on-site filming and recording, the magic of editing and green screen alchemy, culminating in robust distribution avenues. Whether it’s the quiet whispers of pre-production or the roaring cadence of on-site filming, every facet is fine-tuned to resonate with your brand’s essence, ensuring your message cascades through the digital realms, reaching the hearts and screens of your audience.


Video Production Services in Arizona

Welcome to IT STARTS! Media, Phoenix, Arizona’s premier destination for professional video production services. Our portfolio spans a comprehensive range of video types, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We specialize in creating Company Story Videos that encapsulate the ethos and journey of your brand, offering an engaging way to connect with your audience. Our Product Videos are crafted to highlight the features and benefits of your offerings, ensuring they stand out in a competitive marketplace.

In the realm of Commercial Videos, our team combines creativity with market insight to produce content that not only captures attention but also drives consumer engagement. For clients looking to leverage the power of social platforms, our Social Media Content is designed to be both eye-catching and shareable, aligning with the latest trends and audience preferences.

Event Videos from IT STARTS! Media capture the essence of your corporate events, conferences, and gatherings, preserving key moments and messages. Our Recruitment Videos are tailored to showcase your company culture and values, attracting top talent to your organization. With the growing importance of online marketing, our custom-designed YouTube Ads offer a dynamic way to increase your brand’s visibility and reach.

Promo Videos produced by our team are perfect for launching new products or services, creating excitement and anticipation. We also specialize in creating heartfelt and genuine Testimonial Videos that resonate with potential customers, building trust and credibility. Lastly, our Music Videos combine stunning visuals with storytelling, reflecting the artistic vision of musicians and bands.

At IT STARTS! Media in Phoenix, Arizona, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, professional video production services that meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse clientele.

Arizona Video Production Services

Video Editor in Phoenix

We unfurl a spectrum of services meticulously crafted to empower clients in Phoenix to weave high-caliber video content. Our ensemble of adept video editors, wielding a repertoire of skills essential for every production phase, including project orchestration and meticulous editing, stand ready to bring your vision to life. Sharpened through experience, well-versed in the art of storytelling, our video maestros excel in adhering to deadlines whilst maintaining a symphony of communication. Each frame edited, every transition smoothed, and every narrative honed, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to elevating your brand’s story to new horizons in the scintillating Phoenix video production arena.

Arizona Video Production Services

Phoenix Based Commercial Content Production

IT STARTS! Media proudly extends its premium commercial production services to the bustling landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. Our seasoned troupe of professionals is poised to assist you in crafting engaging and potent videos, igniting a narrative that compellingly showcases your business. Our expertise is as vast as the Phoenix sky, embracing a gamut of video types including music videos, commercials, product unveilings, testimonials, and beyond. Alongside our video craft, we unfold a myriad of marketing services designed to bridge the distance between your brand and its audience under the desert sun.

We offer a dual facet of commercial content: educational and promotional. Our educational content is a voyage of discovery, enlightening viewers about your product or service with a blend of insight and intrigue. On the flip side, our promotional content is a persuasive narrative, crafted to entice viewers towards embracing your product or service. Each frame we produce is a tapestry of your brand’s essence, meticulously designed to resonate with the Phoenix market, ensuring your message not only reaches its audience but leaves a lasting imprint.

Arizona Video Producer Skills

Within the bustling heart of Phoenix, a video producer at IT STARTS! Media orchestrates a symphony of creative minds to bring a project from a mere whisper of an idea to a visual spectacle. The ensemble includes camera virtuosos, grips, production aides, onsite editors, Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT), sound maestros, beauty artisans, Assistant Camera Operatives (1st AC), assistant directors, wardrobe curators, lens magicians, and cinematic visionaries known as Directors of Photography.

As the canvas of the project broadens, roles such as art director, prop guru, and stunt choreographer seamlessly blend into our production tableau. The skies and steadiness beckon as drone pilots and Steadicam operators step in, adding dimensions of freedom and stability to the visual narrative, tailored to the project’s essence.

When the realm of larger projects beckons, our production house in Phoenix welcomes technical directors and streaming technicians to helm the technical helm, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and technology. An internet engineer becomes the bridge for online streaming aspirations, while special effects makeup artists breathe a touch of realism into every scene. The orchestration of operations falls under the vigilant eyes of a line producer or associate producer, ensuring a rhythmic flow of creativity. As we ascend into the skies or delve into challenging angles, aerial videography and key grip expertise become the wings and angles of our visual storytelling. And amidst the whirl of creativity, teleprompter operators stand as the silent whisper, aiding actors in delivering lines with a natural gaze, keeping the narrative authentic and engaging through every take under the warm Phoenix sun.


Arizona Video Production Services

Get A Video Production Quote in Phoenix

When the spark of a project ignites, we at IT STARTS! Media in Phoenix are here to fan the flames. Offering a palette of video services meticulously tailored to align with your vision and budget, we are your partners in bringing stories to life. We revel in the unique essence of each project, and our collaborative odyssey ensures your vision is not just seen, but felt.

Our brigade of seasoned professionals, each a maestro in their realm, stands ready to walk the creative journey with you. Our forte spans a spectrum, from the heartbeats of production, the digital allure of website design, to the resonating echo of advertising. With a myriad of customization avenues at your fingertips, your project is not just a narrative, but a tailored experience. Our solutions are not just solutions, but a canvas of possibilities, ensuring every frame, every click, and every campaign resonates with the authenticity of your brand, meeting the heartbeat of Phoenix with a rhythm of its own.


Arizona Video Production Services

Let’s Work Together

IT STARTS! Media emerges as your go-to harbor for video endeavors in Phoenix, Arizona. Our legacy is carved through hundreds of visual narratives curated for enterprises within and beyond the desert horizon, amassing a repository of resources and expertise to craft videos that don’t just tell stories, but beckon audiences. With a blend of reliability and trustworthiness as our cornerstone, we extend our canvas beyond videos to the digital realm of website design, making us not just service providers, but allies in your brand’s journey.

Our offerings are a seamless blend of visual allure and digital resonance, making us an ideal companion for your video needs. Whether it’s the bustling market streets or the serene desert backdrop, every frame we craft is a tribute to the vibrant ethos of Phoenix, ensuring your message doesn’t just reach audiences, but enthralls them.



We stand as a formidable ally for enterprises and organizations dotting the vibrant landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. We unfurl a spectrum of professional video services encompassing filming, editing, and graphic design, each a stroke of excellence designed to propel your narrative. With the finesse of 4K and standard high-definition production coupled with meticulous editing prowess, our video forge crafts visual narratives that not only bolster your brand’s image but beckon a tide of new clientele.

Each frame we curate is more than a visual; it’s a journey through the essence of your brand, told in a manner that’s as engaging as the Phoenix sunset. Through a blend of compelling storytelling and aesthetic allure, we don’t just create videos; we create conversations, anchoring your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience, making IT STARTS! Media the canvas where your vision finds its voice.


We extend a vast array of video services to our cherished clientele in the Phoenix area, each service a promise of excellence. Our creative atelier is adept at fashioning brand videos, event reels, promotional narratives, music videos, and beyond. Our suite of services also embraces video editing, ensuring the final reel is a mirror to your vision. Whether your narrative unfolds in a singular video or a series, we are the craftsmen of your visual journey.

Our video services stretch across a spectrum, from succinct social videos that echo in the digital realm, to grand on-location productions that capture the heart of Phoenix. Our offerings encompass crafting commercials, political vignettes, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), educational reels, social content that resonates, documentaries that tell untold stories, event or conference videos that encapsulate moments, and corporate or product videos that become the visual voices of brands.

Video establishments in Phoenix are garnering acclaim, courtesy of their encompassing online advertising odysseys. IT STARTS! Media stands at the forefront, mastering the art of crafting pristine videos for the business tapestry of the desert city. Our strategy is a blend of website optimization and search engine visibility amplification, twin pillars essential for propelling public cognizance of a business’s offerings. With a decade of seasoned experience painting our narrative, IT STARTS! Media is not just a video company; it’s a legacy of excellence in the Phoenix video production arena! Your quest for impeccable video craftsmanship culminates here, where your vision meets our lens.

In Phoenix, the video production scene is a bustling marketplace of diverse narratives, where broadcast commercials, political spotlights, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), educational reels, social platform content, documentary explorations, rhythmic music videos, and event encapsulations find their canvas. At IT STARTS! Media, we are seasoned in navigating this diverse videography terrain, offering a plethora of services tailored to meet the essence of any video project. Our expertise is your palette, where every type of video project finds its voice, resonating through the digital alleys and airwaves of Phoenix and beyond.


In Phoenix, IT STARTS! Media emerges as the pinnacle of video services, embodying a full-service video production haven where quality and client visions intertwine. Our forte lies in tailoring projects to a tee for corporate, commercial, and promotional realms. Our ensemble of devoted professionals, armed with cutting-edge technologies and adhering to the zenith of industry standards, weave high-caliber content that strikes a chord with your intended audience. Every frame curated is a blend of Phoenix’s vivacity and your brand’s essence, making us not just a video service, but a partner in your visual narrative journey.

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