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How to Craft Captivating Multiple Speaker Video Podcasts on a Shoestring Budget in 2024 The Rising Trend of Video Podcasts Across Diverse Industries The video podcast format is rapidly becoming a favored medium of content across a wide array of sectors, including non-profits, educational institutions, startups, large corporations, and consumer brands. This surge in popularity is attributed to the dynamic blend of visual and auditory experiences video podcasts offer, making them an exceptionally engaging form of content. Why Video Podcasts Are a [...]

Revolutionizing Voiceover: Nike Commercial Elevated By AI-Generated Speech from ElevenLabs Case Study: A Nike Commercial Brought to Life with AI In this article, we delve into an exceptional case study: creating a voiceover for a Nike commercial using AI technology. This wasn't just a choice—it was a necessity. And, as we discovered, AI worked like a charm. We'll explore why AI was the ideal solution, what exactly we did, and how we did it. The Pivotal Role of [...]

Company Story Videos: Why They Matter More Than Ever in 2024

Brand Story Video Production 1. Introduction In the dynamic world of 2024, where the digital landscape is constantly reshaping how we communicate and connect, one medium has risen to prominence in the corporate sphere: company story/culture videos. These visual narratives have become more than just a trend; they are now a cornerstone in the way organizations express their identity and values. At "IT STARTS! media," a leader in [...]

10 Proven Strategies for Maximizing Your Video Budget in 2024

Video production budgeting Introduction In an era where visual content reigns supreme, the power of video in the commercial and corporate world is undeniable. From engaging promotional videos to compelling corporate storytelling, the right visual content can significantly amplify a brand's message and reach. As we step into 2024, the landscape of video production continues to evolve, bringing new challenges and opportunities, especially in the bustling creative hub [...]

What Makes a Great Corporate Video Actor in 2024? Key Traits Explained

Corporate video production actors Outline: Introduction Importance of the right actor in corporate videos. Introduction to "IT STARTS! media" and its focus on commercial and corporate video production. Understanding the Corporate Video Landscape Overview of corporate video market in 2024. Differences between corporate video acting and traditional acting. Professionalism and Reliability Significance of punctuality and professional attitude in corporate video production. Impact of these traits on the production [...]

10 Essential Tips For The Perfect Video Production Actors Casting In 2024

Video production actors casting - IT STARTS! media © Key Sections: Understanding Your Brand and Message: The importance of aligning actor choices with the brand identity and message. Defining the Role and Character: Creating detailed character briefs that align with the project's goals. Diversity and Inclusivity: Emphasizing authentic and respectful representation in casting. Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms: Utilizing digital platforms for innovative talent scouting. Audition Process [...]

5 Best Christmas Presents Every Filmmaker Will Love in 2023

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023 5 Top Quality Christmas Ideas Every Videographer Craves In the luminescent realm of video production, where every frame is a canvas and every shot a brushstroke, the quest for the quintessential Christmas gifts for the visual storyteller is as thrilling as the final cut. So, as the yuletide glow adorns the streets, let's unwrap the five stellar presents that every videographer, cinematographer, [...]

5 Best San Francisco Corporate Video Production Companies 2024

San Francisco Corporate Video Production San Francisco Corporate Video Production Pros Beneath the iconic silhouette of the Golden Gate, amidst the rolling fog and the electric pulse of innovation, San Francisco stands as a beacon for the video production connoisseur. It's here, in the heart of tech's grandest playground, that IT STARTS! media embarks on a quest to spotlight the 5 best video production companies that the Bay [...]

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