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How to Easily Film Interview with 2 Cameras | Part 1 – Framing, Angles, Cameras

Interview production setup In the corporate video production world, having the skill and knowing how to film interview plays the biggest role. Interviews are used in a huge variety of corporate videos, promotional videos, brand story videos, testimonials, explainer videos, event videos, and more! However, setting up cameras, lighting, and audio for the interview video production the right way is not quite easy, and requires a lot of [...]

Your Camera Is Overheating? How To Fix It For Dirt-Cheap $25

Camera active cooling system with heatsink Introduction Everyone in the video production world knows that some filmmaking projects require several hours of continuous filming. This can be an event video, a conference, podcast, livestream, or even a series of interviews, like the video production day that we recently had with CNCDA Foundation - 3 locations, counting 8 interviews in total. So, what seems to be the problem, you [...]

How To Get Clear Audio Recording For Interview Video Production: 2 Keys

The Importance of Audio Recording in Video Production It is a well known fact in the filmmaking world that recording clear audio is crucial, constituting more than half the success of any video production. While video footage can often be fixed in post-production, or replaced with another content piece or shot, poor audio quality can be the undoing of a project, as audio files by design contain less information than [...]

8 Best Video Editing Software Tools for 2024

8 Best Video Editing Software Tools for 2024 Post-production is the final, and the most important stage of the video production process. Having the right editing software can make all the difference in turning raw footage into a polished final media. For video production companies in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and beyond, investing in video editing and color grading tools is the number one priority. Here are 8 [...]

How Much Does Professional Video Production Cost in 2024? Industry Numbers

High-quality video content creation is becoming essential for companies and brands all around the world looking to engage their audience and stand out from the competition. But producing professional videos requires a significant investment. And in most cases, without any experience in video production, it is hard for marketing managers and directors of marketing to evaluate the cost of the project. In this comprehensive guide, we'll define the most important [...]

10 Best Practices for Making Event Highlights Video

Event highlights video production Organizing remarkable corporate events demands an immense investment of blood, sweat, and tears. Ensuring you maximize your expenditures should be priority number one, especially when it comes to visually-captivating video content. In this comprehensive guide, we'll review in detail crafting event highlights video that tells the story of your unique event and galvanizes attendance. We'll cover: The Principal Styles of Event Highlight Reels Potential [...]

10 Tips for Creating Captivating Product Demonstration Video in 2024

Product video production In the ever-evolving digital cosmos, creating a product  demonstration video that not only grabs eyeballs but also tugs at heartstrings is akin to composing a symphony. As our collective attention span dwindles faster than a Snapchat story, it's time to become the Beethoven of product video production. Here's your sheet music for a masterpiece: 1. The Odyssey of Your Customer: A Tale as Old as [...]

Why Video Production is King in 2024: Google Revolution

Video Production and Marketing meeting The Google Odyssey: From Text to Multimedia 🌐 Ever noticed how Google's search results are transforming into a multimedia extravaganza? Gone are the days when you'd only see a list of text links. Now, Google search results are a smorgasbord of images, Q&As, and—most intriguingly—videos. This isn't just happening in Los Angeles; video production is taking over search results in the United States [...]

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