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At IT STARTS! Media, our Chicago video production company is regarded as a premier choice due to our unparalleled expertise, stellar client outcomes, and cost-effective pricing. We furnish a comprehensive selection of services encompassing video, graphic design, marketing strategy, web development, motion graphics, and photography. Our affordable rates coupled with a commitment to superlative work make us the ideal partner for any visual media need in metro Chicago.

With ingenious approaches and imaginative solutions, we consistently exceed expectations on every project, large or small. Our focus is not just on delivering polished videos but on driving measurable success through creative storytelling and strategy. This effectiveness has earned us distinction as the top-tier firm for corporate video production throughout Chicagoland. When quality, reliability and return on investment matter most, choose the experts dedicated to bringing your vision to life – IT STARTS! Media. Let’s strategize how we can maximize your brand’s potential through the power of video.

Chicago Video Production Services

IT STARTS! Media provides expert video production services in Chicago for all your commercial and promotional requirements. Centrally located in the Windy City, we offer a full suite of video solutions while also traveling throughout the Chicagoland area.

Our accomplished team has extensive experience producing corporate videos across the diverse business landscape of greater Chicago. Whether your company is located Downtown, the North Side, or the suburbs, our professionals will capture the essence of your brand. We adeptly navigate the unique identities of Chicago neighborhoods, from the finance and tech hub of the Loop to the trendy River North gallery district to the multicultural mosaic of Pilsen. Our intimate knowledge of local dynamics enables us to craft compelling videos that resonate with your target demographic and achieve your goals.

Venturing beyond the city, our expertise also serves organizations in suburban Cook County and surrounding counties like DuPage, Kane, and Will. From sprawling corporate campuses to quaint downtowns, our strategic approach and custom creative reflect the true personalities of Chicagoland communities. We are committed to bringing your corporate vision to life through videos that authentically connect with metro Chicago audiences. Let us showcase the spirit of your brand and elevate your presence across this one-of-a-kind Midwest metropolis.

Video Production

As a leading Chicago video production company, IT STARTS! Media provides invaluable services to help small businesses tell their stories. Our specialty is crafting high-caliber films for marketing, training, and other informative applications.

At every stage – pre-production planning, filming, post-production, and distribution – our enthusiastic team of seasoned professionals applies their expertise to bring clients’ visions to fruition. Whether you need a product demo reel, a social media commercial, or an employee orientation video, we will collaborate closely to achieve your goals through impactful visual storytelling.

From music video conceptualization to documentary production, our versatile services span the gamut. Our meticulous approach and technical capabilities allow us to masterfully execute short promos, long-form films, or serialized television content. For both ongoing campaigns and one-time projects, we will expertly manage all aspects of video creation.

Chicago video production
Chicago video production

Production Process in Chicago

At IT STARTS! Media, our video production process sets the stage for exceptional finished videos. This systematic approach includes:

Pre-production – We ideate and storyboard to align on a creative direction. Our strategists pinpoint messaging and visuals tailored to your goals.

Production – With today’s most advanced equipment, our crew meticulously films your project on location or in our Chicago studio. We capture supplemental footage and record voiceovers as needed.

Post-production – Our editing team pieces together the visual narrative, adds graphics and effects, color corrects, and polishes the final video.

The result is a professional, high-impact video aligned with your brand and purpose. Beyond commercial projects, we provide comprehensive video services for conferences, concerts, and live events. Our seasoned team skillfully handles multi-camera shoots, audio mixing, on-site editing, and streaming.

For Chicago based companies and brands pursuing high-caliber videos or live event coverage, IT STARTS! Media has the technical expertise and creative vision to exceed your expectations. Let us bring your story to life through meticulous video production from start to finish.

Video Production Services in Chicago

Welcome to IT STARTS! Media, the epitome of professional video production excellence in Chicago, Illinois. Our suite of services is designed to cater to a wide array of video production needs, ensuring that every project we undertake is not just a video, but a story told with precision and flair.

At the core of our offerings is the Company Story Video, a tool we use to intricately weave the narrative of your brand, bringing out its unique identity and values. Our Product Videos are meticulously crafted to showcase the nuances and benefits of your products, ensuring they stand out in a bustling marketplace.

For impactful Commercial Videos, our Chicago-based team combines creative storytelling with a deep understanding of market trends to create content that resonates with audiences and drives engagement. In the fast-paced world of Social Media Content, we produce visually arresting and shareable content tailored to the dynamics of each platform and the preferences of your target audience.

Our Event Videos capture the essence of your corporate events and conferences, ensuring every significant moment is recorded with cinematic quality. Recruitment Videos are another forte of ours, designed to reflect the culture and values of your organization, thereby attracting the best talent. With the increasing importance of digital marketing, our customized YouTube Ads provide an effective vehicle for increasing your brand’s online visibility.

Promo Videos by IT STARTS! Media are perfect for generating buzz around new launches, crafted to ignite interest and anticipation. We also specialize in creating compelling Testimonial Videos that strike a chord with potential customers, building trust and credibility for your brand. And, for those in the musical arena, our Music Videos are a fusion of visual storytelling and artistic expression, capturing the essence of the artist’s work.

At IT STARTS! Media in Chicago, Illinois, we are committed to delivering top-tier, professional video production services, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our diverse and esteemed clientele.

Chicago corporate video production

Post-production in Chicago

Our video editing team possesses the discerning expertise to sculpt polished, compelling content from raw footage. With decades of collective experience across the production spectrum, our editors excel at bringing videos to life through creative storytelling and technical mastery.

Our post-production capabilities include:

  • Story Development – Structuring narratives that captivate viewers
  • Pacing and Rhythm – Building drama and excitement through precision editing
  • Seamless Transitions – Employing cuts, fades, wipes for seamless sequencing
  • Audio Mixing – Balancing and optimizing sound elements
  • Color Correction – Enhancing visual tone and style
  • Graphics and Animation – Producing titles, lower thirds, and VFX

We manage every phase of the editing process at the highest caliber, from initial organization through delivery. Our editors are consummate professionals who thrive under tight deadlines while maintaining clear communication. For Chicago businesses seeking to develop best-in-class video content, our post-production team brings professionalism, artistry, and technical prowess.

Corporate video production in Chicago

Commercial Content Production in Chicago

At IT STARTS! Media, our Chicago team has the creative vision and technical expertise to produce riveting commercial videos that boost your brand. Whether educational or promotional, we craft content that informs and persuades audiences.

Our commercial production services include:

  • Product Demos – Showcase features and capabilities
  • Explainer Videos – Educate viewers on your offering
  • Testimonials – Build trust through customer advocacy
  • TV Commercials – Expand reach on air and online
  • Social Media Videos – Engage followers with targeted content
  • Music Videos – Show personality and connect on an emotional level

With intimate knowledge of the Chicago market, we strategically develop stories and styles aligned to your goals. Our producers oversee every detail from casting to location scouting while our editors polish each frame.

For businesses seeking commercial videos that motivate outcomes, IT STARTS! Media combines imagination, strategic messaging, and production mastery.

Get A Quote for Chicago Corporate Video Production

We provide customized video production solutions to match your unique requirements and budget. We know every project and client has different needs.

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation where we learn about your vision, goals, and parameters. Then our specialists map out a detailed recommendation with options that bring your concept to screen within your defined range.

Whether you require a multi-video ad campaign or a simple testimonial, our tailored approach delivers ideal results through services like:

  • Full-Scale Production – Scripting, casting, filming, editing
  • Content Creation – Animation, motion graphics, voiceovers
  • Strategic Messaging – Targeted scripts aligned to KPIs
  • Distribution – Amplification across platforms

With an array of production, design and marketing solutions, we can scale our deliverables to your precise specifications. Our experts will advise you on the most effective path within your budget.

At IT STARTS! Media, our passion is turning your goals into reality through customized videos designed for maximum impact.

Chicago corporate video production

Let’s Work Together

IT STARTS! Media has the expertise and resources to fulfill all your production needs. We have partnered with hundreds of local companies to create high-caliber videos that engage their audiences and deliver results.

Our seasoned team has an acute understanding of the Chicago market. This enables us to craft videos with compelling narratives and styles that resonate with local viewers. And with vast production capabilities, we can execute projects of any size and scope while meeting deadlines and budgets.

At IT STARTS! Media, service is our priority. Our transparent process, clear communication and proven reliability have earned us long-term partnerships with clients across industries.

For Chicagoland businesses seeking a trusted video production partner, our experience, creative vision and customer service make us the right choice. Let’s discuss how we can put our expertise into action for your brand.

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