Event video production has become an essential part of any successful event or conference. Quality video can extend your event’s reach and impact for both in-person and virtual attendees. However, hiring the right event videography company is crucial to get videos that align with your specific goals, audience and budget.

This comprehensive guide will explain what event video production entails, the types of videos you need, and how to choose the best production company for spectacular event coverage videos.

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Event video production IT STARTS! media

What is Event Video Production?

Event video production refers to capturing your conference, summit, award ceremony or any live event through video. A professional videography team will use state-of-the-art equipment to film all aspects of the event and edit the footage into a polished final product.

Some of the common types of event videos include:

Promotional Videos

Short videos to generate hype and increase registration for your event. These are created pre-event and distributed on social media and your website.

Highlight Reels

An edited collection of the best moments of the event. These recap videos can be shared post event to extend your reach.

Keynote Recordings

Filming keynote speeches and talks at your event for uploading online or selling to virtual attendees.

Live Streaming

Broadcasting parts or all of your event through platforms like Vimeo Livestream or YouTube Live.

The end goal is to create an immersive video experience that makes viewers feel like they are attending the event.

Why Invest in Event Video Production?

Here are some of the key benefits of having your conference or event professionally filmed:

Expand Your Reach

Video content travels further than any other type of media. Online videos allow you to get your event’s message out to a global virtual audience.

Generate Buzz and FOMO

Video trailers and teasers distributed pre-event generate hype and the fear of missing out (FOMO), leading to higher registration.

Enrich In-person Experience

Large screen displays with live event footage or pre-produced segments add an engaging multimedia element for live attendees.

Monetize Virtual Attendance

Sell passes for a live stream or access to on-demand videos post event. Virtual attendees expand your revenue.

Document Institutional Knowledge

Keynote recordings preserve important ideas and insights for future reference. Maintain a video archive of your events.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Event coverage videos showcase your organization, or non-profit organization, and help build brand authority in your industry.

For conferences, summits, galas and other live experiences, video production is a must-have to maximize your reach, engagement and event ROI.

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Types of Event Videos

As discussed earlier, some common videos produced for events include:

1. Promotional Videos

Short 30-60 second video trailers and teasers to promote your event on social media and increase registrations.

2. Highlight Reels

5-10 minute recap videos with engaging B-roll footage and highlights of speakers, activities and attendee testimonials.

3. Keynote Recordings

Multi-camera recordings of keynote speeches and sessions to share post event or sell access.

4. Live Streaming

Broadcasting parts of your event through live platforms like Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook Live.

5. Behind the Scenes

Short videos that provide a peek behind the curtain and showcase the organization of your event.

6. Testimonial Videos

Capture authentic attendee feedback through on-site testimonial interviews.

7. Sponsor Videos

Create custom branded videos for sponsors to showcase ROI from partnership.

How to Choose an Event Videography Company?

Not all videography teams are suited for the unique demands of event production. Here are key factors to evaluate when choosing your partner:

Relevant Experience

Look for companies with extensive experience filming conferences and live events similar to yours.

Quality Equipment

Ask about the cameras, audio gear, lighting and other equipment used. Multi-camera filming is essential to create polished videos.

Post-Production Abilities

A talented video editing team is crucial for weaving together footage into compelling event videos.

Flexible Packages

Choose a company that offers customized packages to match your specific video content needs and budget.

Reliable Live Streaming

If live broadcasting your event, ensure your partner has top-notch streaming production capabilities.

Strong Client Portfolio

Vet videographers thoroughly and look at sample event videos they have created for past clients.


Your video partner must blend unobtrusively into your event without disrupting the experience for attendees and organizers, helping them to look great on camera.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can identify the ideal video production company to showcase your event in the best possible light for both online and live audiences.

Corporate video production setup

Corporate video production setup

Why Work with IT STARTS! Media for Event Video Production?

When it comes to spectacular event video production in Los Angeles, IT STARTS! Media is the top choice. Our talented team has filmed hundreds of conferences, galas, promo videos and more.

With cinema quality equipment, post-production mastery and seasoned professionals, we deliver eye-catching videos tailored to your audience and goals.

Some of our event videography services include:

  • Multi-camera filming with Hollywood-style lighting
  • Live event broadcasting to platforms like YouTube
  • Video trailers and highlight reels edited for maximum impact
  • Keynote recordings aligned with brand style
  • Seamless event disruption with minimal equipment
  • Custom packages to fit any budget

Book a consultation today to discuss your specific event video goals and how our team can bring them to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I book an event videography company?

Ideally 2-3 months in advance. This ensures you get the best team on your dates and have time for pre-event promotional videos.

What equipment is used for multi-camera event filming?

At minimum 2-3 cinema cameras like Fujifilm X-T4 or Sony FX3 are used with advanced lighting, audio gear, gimbals, drones, and more.

What does event video production cost?

Cost depends on video length, amount of editing, crew size and other factors. However, prices often range from $3,000-$15,000+ for 1-3 day conferences.

Can you live stream an event and still edit videos after?

Yes, live streaming platforms allow you to download recorded footage which can then be edited into highlight reels, testimonials and more.

How do you determine an event video production company’s quality?

Vet them thoroughly – check client reviews, sample videos, equipment used and post-production abilities. Meeting in-person also gives the best sense of capabilities.


Event video production provides unmatched ability to expand your event’s reach and engagement for virtual audiences. But finding the right video partner is key to success. By understanding event videography best practices and evaluating companies thoroughly, you can create show-stopping videos tailored to your specific event and goals.

At IT STARTS! Media, our seasoned Los Angeles video production team lives and breathes event videography. With cinema quality equipment, post-production mastery and creative professionals, we craft videos that captivate both live and online viewers.

Let’s chat about how we can showcase your next conference, gala, summit or event in spectacular fashion. Reach out today to get the conversation started!

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