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IT STARTS! Media is a great choice for professional video due to our extensive experience and expertise in the video production industry. We have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for nearly three decades, and our broadcast studios are ideal for any PR and marketing agency who needs media tour services.

Additionally, IT STARTS! Media’s soundstage is suitable for large-scale productions. With our numerous capabilities, IT STARTS! Media can provide a variety of services for shooting video content, including smaller-scale productions. Furthermore, we are able to provide additional help with any video production challenges that may arise during the creative process.

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San Francisco Video Production Company

Professional video production services like IT STARTS! Media can provide many benefits to businesses. Professional companies have the knowledge and resources to produce high-quality corporate videos that reflect your brand and objectives. Additionally, we offer referral benefits for employees and a range of pricing options to fit any budget. By taking advantage of the services offered by an experienced video company, businesses can create memorable visuals that are sure to engage their audiences.

Video Production Agency

Hiring a video production company can be beneficial for companies looking to create engaging and compelling content that connects with their target audience. A video production company specializes in providing big agency talent without the high costs, along with a strong understanding of web design that can help companies build effective sites. Our San Francisco Bay Area video company is capable of helping businesses reach their video marketing goals and tell their story through videos, an ideal solution for businesses looking to make an impact with their marketing efforts through creative thinking.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If you’re looking for a high-quality video production services in the San Francisco Bay Area, look no further than IT STARTS! Media. We specialize in producing engaging, creative videos that tell a story and capture the attention of your audience. We’ve worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, and we’re confident that we can create a video that meets your specific video needs, providing an effective way for companies to reach their target audience in an efficient and interactive manner.

By creating videos that are easily sharable, businesses can communicate with their customers and promote their brands and products. Video is also a great way to create corporate communications and capture live events as well as branded content.

Creative Video Production Services

IT STARTS! Media is a professional video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in providing high-quality video services. Services include digital advertising, social media campaigns, and marketing services. Our company has a proven track record of delivering results with an understanding of what constitutes a good return on investment for our clients. IT STARTS! Media has worked with notable organizations such as the Aspen Institute, TedX, Vox Media, and Cardinal Health so you know our team is professional.

Creative Video Production Services

Product Videos

If you’re looking to produce high-quality product videos, there’s no better place to turn than our professional video service in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will be able to bring your product videos to life in a way that you never thought possible.

When it comes to product videos, there are a variety of reasons one might want to hire a video production company. These can range from creating training videos, product videos, brand videos, and more. By hiring a video company with experience and expertise in crafting effective visuals and narratives, you can ensure your video project will be executed with quality results.


If you’re looking to hire a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to consider IT STARTS! Media. We specialize in pre-production video services and can help you ensure your video production process is a success from start to finish.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a creative concept, storyboard, and treatment that meets your specific goals and objectives. The Pre-production for a video shoot requires several steps that can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Some of these steps include researching and writing the script, creating storyboards, scouting locations, and hiring actors or models. For commercial a video, it is recommended to plan for at least one month of pre-production before beginning the actual video shoot. After all the pre-production steps are complete, then the IT STARTS! Media team can start shooting video.

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Why Choose Us For Brand Videos?

IT STARTS! Media is an excellent choice for marketing videos due to our extensive experience in commercial video production. We have a team of experienced and creative professionals who are well-versed in video production techniques as well as creative storytelling. Our high-quality videos reflect the brand’s vision and mission, making it an attractive choice for a marketing team looking to create memorable, effective promotional video. As a video company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, IT STARTS! Media prides itself on providing fast turnaround times and flexible delivery options that make it easy for brands to keep up with the latest trends in digital media.


If you’re looking for a top-notch video company in the San Francisco Bay area, IT STARTS! Media is a no-brainer. We specialize in producing high-quality videos for a variety of purposes, including corporate branding, marketing campaigns, and more. Our post-production services are second to none. We can take your raw footage and turn it into a polished, professional message. Post-production is an important component of video production, as it involves editing, color correction, and sound editing to enhance the overall quality and look of the final video. By making use of post-production techniques, filmmakers can create a fantastic product that their viewers will enjoy.

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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Video?

The cost of hiring our video production company for video production services will depend on the specific needs of the project. Non-profit organizations may qualify for discounts. It is best to first call our video production company directly to discuss pricing and any potential discounts that may be available in the near future.

Lets Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Clients should hire IT STARTS! Media because we offer a full-service event production service which can help to inspire and engage audiences. The team at IT STARTS! Media is committed to ensuring the success of our clients’ projects, and we are dedicated to providing quality results.


A video production company is a specialized service provider which specializes in creating beautiful video. Our video production company offers a wide range of services, including directing and editing services, shooting and editing video, creating graphics, and more. It is important to watch several sample videos from our company before deciding to hire us for a project as well as read reviews about our work. Furthermore, it is beneficial to speak with the company’s production team in order to understand their personalities and get an idea of how they will work together on the project. IT STARTS! Media offers high-quality video production services with a positive attitude towards collaboration. To find out more information about our services or make an inquiry please visit the website or call the provided number.

A video production company offers a range of services to its clients, including filming art workshops and producing video with closed-captioning. Clients can also benefit from tailored services, such as editing and other post-production work. IT STARTS! Media is an experienced video production company that can help bring your creative vision to life with quality video productions.

A video production company can produce a wide range of video, such as marketing and sales video, corporate video, explainer videos, interview videos with a docu style, TV commercials, motion graphics, and music video. We work with clients to ensure the content produced is engaging and optimized for different platforms.

Working with a video production company can be highly beneficial as we are able to provide increased efficiency and improved quality. We are well-versed in scriptwriting, creative consultation, and post-production services. By hiring a video production company, you can rest assured that your video project will be completed correctly and on time. The right creative partner is also personable and easy to work with, making the entire process stress free. Working with a professional video production company can help you reach your goals faster while guaranteeing higher levels of quality than doing it alone.

The production of a video involves multiple steps that must be taken in order to achieve the final product. First, it is important to set and understand the objectives and goals of the video, as well as identify the target audience and consider what will motivate them. Once this clear idea has been established, a team of professionals can then move forward with producing the video using modern production techniques and tools. Finally, after shooting is complete, editing occurs and changes are made to ensure that viewers are effectively engaged with the content when they watch it. To ensure success in this process, it’s wise to read reviews about our company before making a definite decision and talk directly with representatives from our company to provide further insight into their personality so that you know you’re working with people who have both technical knowledge and an enjoyable attitude.

When producing a video, a video production company should consider the project’s timeline and any special requirements. They should review their portfolio to make sure they have experience with similar projects and assess if the collaboration will be enjoyable. It is also important for the company to ask questions about the brand and audience during the discovery phase in order to connect them to the video project. The creative ideas of the production team should take the product or brand to a higher level while ensuring that both the production process and budget are clear and realistic.

A video production company typically uses a variety of equipment to produce its videos, such as cameras, lighting kits, audio equipment, and editing software. Additionally, they may also utilize green screens and other special effects to create a professional-looking product.

A video production company’s process typically begins with a discovery phase, where the objectives of the video to be created and the intended audience are established. Following this, production involves assembling a team of professionals and using the latest tools to execute a creative vision. A third stage is post-production, which includes three rounds of editorial work with clients to ensure that the final product is effective across digital media platforms. Creative development in pre-production includes concept development, script writing, storyboarding, and more. Production then follows with video directing services as well as camera operation, lighting services for actors, and sound recording. Finally in post-production, audio mixing takes place alongside color correction, visual effects, sound design, music scoring/composition, voiceover, closed captioning, foreign language subtitles, video finishing, and delivery media placement for digital, social, tv, web, or mobile work

Video production companies provide a range of services, including live and recorded video production. Depending on the company, these services can range from the filming of events, music videos, web series, commercials, and documentaries to post-production editing. Our company in the San Francisco Bay Area has studio space that facilitate better service for clients. It is important to research our company thoroughly by reviewing our sample videos and customer reviews before committing to hiring. Additionally, potential customers should call or contact our company directly with questions about their project so they can get an accurate understanding of what services we offer.

Choosing a video production company requires careful consideration. Potential clients should watch sample videos to assess the quality and type of work the company offers. Reviews from past customers should also be consulted to make sure they were satisfied with the results. It is important to look at the portfolio of a creative video production agency in order to check if they have completed similar projects before. Furthermore, it is necessary for clients to feel comfortable collaborating with their chosen video production company so that both parties will enjoy the process. It is also essential that there is a good cultural fit between both teams in order for them to succeed in their project together. The objectives of the video project and details about its intended audience should be discussed before any work begins, as well as expectations about budgeting and customer service from both parties so everyone’s needs are met appropriately.

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