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Professional Video Production Services

IT STARTS! Media offers professional video production services that will help your business grow. These services can range from a variety of types of video content and are customizable to meet the individual needs of each client. We also provide a free one-on-one consultation for those interested in getting started with their video production project.

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Top-Rated Video Marketing Agency

IT STARTS! Media is a top-rated video marketing agency that provides services such as Film Production, Video Marketing, and Video Editing. We specialize in tailoring our services to each stage of the marketing funnel and are dedicated to helping companies expand or outsource the production of video content.

Increase Sales With Video

Companies Who Utilized Video Marketing Grew 49% Faster In Revenue Than Those Who Didn’t Last Year…

Marketing with video strategy can offer businesses a number of benefits, including increased ROI and better engagement with customers. Our video production service makes it easy to produce videos to help businesses reach their goals. Digital marketing is being used by an overwhelming majority of companies, as it offers the potential to grow customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and improve brand awareness.

As a marketing strategy, video can be more impactful than written or audio content in many cases as it allows the audience to gain information quickly and emotionally connect with a message.

Recruitment video production at BMW, IT STARTS! media

“Producing Professional and Captivating Content Since 2016, We Will Never Stop Helping Companies and Brands Win.”


“Our Approach is: Affordable and Hassle-Free, Yet Efficient and Businesslike. Simple As That!”

Elijah Nichols
Founder & Lead Producer/Cinematographer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”The end product was way more than I expected. This team was very respectful of my space and time.
I highly recommend IT STARTS! media, if you have a desire to promote your business, website, and make your company more modern and stylish.”

Dr. Niam Phan, OD, Folsom Lake Eye Care

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Our experience with Elijah and his team in producing a video was fantastic. They are true professionals! The entire process was smooth and straightforward, and their unique approach was impressive and hassle-free indeed. We’re extremely pleased with the promotional video they created for our health and wellness center.”

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We Produce:

  • Company Story Videos
  • Promos, Commercials and Online Ads
  • Product Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Recruitment Videos
  • Event Coverage Videos
  • Coaching/Course Videos
  • and more!

Our Clients Report:

  • Boost Sales: Videos increase landing page conversions by over 80%.
  • Better ROI: 89% of pro marketers see a great return on investment with video.
  • Understand Easily: 97% of customers learn about products better through video.
  • Drive Traffic: Websites with videos attract 41% more search traffic.
  • Remember More: Viewers retain 95% of a message when it’s in a video.
  • Preferred Format: 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through video.
  • The Future of Marketing: By 2024, videos will dominate 84% of all consumer internet traffic.

Why Partner With Us?

  • 💲Flexible Pricing: Solutions that fit any budget
  • 🎬Full-Service Corporate Production: We manage every aspect of video production
  • 💼Expert Team: A Hollywood-skilled team passionate about creating impactful Content to achieve your business goals
  • 📋Customized Solutions: Video services to meet your unique business needs
  • 🎥High-Quality Production: State-of-the-art equipment ensures visually stunning content
  • 🤝Client-Centric Approach: We work closely with you to enhance and bring your vision to life








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What is your typical process for working with a new client?

At IT STARTS! media, our mission is to streamline your video production journey, making it as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We understand that pinpointing exactly what you want can be the most challenging step, but once that’s clear, the rest is a smooth ride! Here’s how we collaborate:

1. Initial Contact: Drop us a message with your basic idea and vision. Don’t worry if it’s not fully formed yet – we’re here to help shape it!

2. Creative Consultation: We’ll have a friendly chat (either in person, over the phone, or via video call) where you can share your thoughts, and we’ll ask some questions to understand your needs and preferences in-depth.

3. Customized Proposal: Based on our discussion, we’ll craft a tailored proposal outlining the project scope, timeline, and budget.

4. Letter of Agreement: Once you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll provide a simple yet comprehensive agreement to ensure both parties are on the same page.

5. Production Begins: With the formalities out of the way, our team gets into action! We keep you in the loop at every stage, ensuring the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We’re all about creating an experience that’s as memorable as the final product. Let’s make something amazing together!

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Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production

IT STARTS! Media offers a variety of professional video services such as coordinating and overseeing the entire process, from concept to completion; directing photography; assistant camera operation; field audio engineering and sound design; gaffing; grip work for movie, commercial or television show set design and construction; makeup artistry application; drone operation for aerial shots and videos, and production assistant communications management as well as post production services like color grading.

To ensure quality results, they also provide access to specialty equipment such as high-def cameras, lighting, audio and other necessary equipment.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos have a range of benefits, including enhancing corporate communications, building customer loyalty and trust, improving customer relationships, and driving traffic to boost business growth.

It can be a challenge to find the right digital marketing company for your next video project; however, a team of experienced and professional videographers can help to create compelling videos for your website that meet your budget and website needs.

Recruitment video production, IT STARTS! media

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Your Personal Corporate Videographer

Your Personal Corporate Videographer

Having a professional corporate videographer to work with can be an invaluable asset when it comes to producing high-quality videos. With their expertise, they can help create videos that capture the message and emotion you’re aiming for, as well as ensuring the technical aspects of production are completed smoothly and efficiently.

A corporate videographer will have experience in shooting for a variety of use cases, from marketing videos to virtual events and corporate communications. By relying on an experienced professional, you’ll be able to focus on creating impactful content while knowing that your videos will be produced with the highest quality standards.

Will Videos Really Help You Sell More?

Videos are an important tool for businesses when it comes to selling more. They give buyers the opportunity to see and hear the product in action, helping them make a more informed decision about whether or not to purchase it.

Additionally, videos can be used to demonstrate expertise, increase lead conversions, and promote virtual events and webinars. These video marketing strategies can help small business owners reach more customers and ultimately sell more of their product or services.

IT STARTS! Media provides professional video services that can help businesses achieve their sales goals by creating engaging videos and graphics that connect with viewers.

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Our Unique Video Production Process

IT STARTS! Media’s unique process is designed to be efficient and creative, offering a three-step process that takes businesses and other clients from discovery to the completion of their corporate videos. The system allows for flexibility in creative styles, ranging from short and long form videos to eye catching promos. The process is streamlined and has proven successful for our company and our clients over the years, making it ideal for creating sales videos, branded content, educational videos or any other type of videos.

Why Is Video Such A Powerful Medium?

Video is a powerful marketing strategy because it can be used to effectively communicate a message to an audience in an engaging and compelling way. It has the ability to create an emotional connection between businesses and their customers, helping convert viewers into customers and passionate followers.

Additionally, video can make complex concepts easier for the audience to understand through explainer videos. Promotional videos also have the potential to increase conversions on landing pages, making it invaluable for businesses looking to get the most out of their digital marketing budget.

Recruitment video production, IT STARTS! media

Why Work With Us?

IT STARTS! media team provides professional video production service and is well-equipped to help businesses achieve their objectives. We have experience working with a variety of businesses, from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, and use proven video marketing techniques to deliver quantifiable results. Our pricing model eliminates the risk of unexpected price increases.

Podcast video production

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Professional video production is an important tool for businesses in order to create an effective brand, enhance marketing efforts, and attract new customers.

It allows companies to present their message in a visually engaging way that will make them stand out from the competition.

With professional video, businesses can showcase their products and services in a creative manner that will capture viewers’ attention and drive sales.


Professional video production services cover a wide range of tasks and activities, including pre-production, storyboarding, videography, live streaming and post-production. A professional video production team is experienced in every stage of the video creation process and can provide assistance throughout the entire process.

The main steps in the video production process include pre-production, actual filming, and post-production. During pre-production, clients communicate their desired visuals for the final video. During filming, a Producer coordinates with a Director to create the visuals while an Assistant Camera Operator marks sync points and ensures focus is set correctly. The Field Audio Engineer mixes sound and effects and creates a lighting plan and Grip builds sets for productions. Additionally, Grips work on equipment that supports cameras and lighting while Makeup Artists apply makeup to faces or bodies as needed. Finally during post-production editing will take place to piece together all of these elements into the final product. Specialty equipment such as high end cameras or lighting may be used depending on the project’s needs.

Using professional video production services is a great way to ensure that a video project is of the highest quality. From pre-production, such as script writing and storyboarding, to post-production like editing and adding special effects, these services can provide expertise and guidance in producing a successful video. With their experience in the industry, they can help make any project come alive with engaging visuals and sound design.

A professional video production company can produce a variety of videos, such as marketing videos, educational videos, explainer videos, traditional videos, 360-degree videos and AR/VR videos. Additionally, they may offer event video production services for corporate or food and beverage events as well as TV/broadcast and live stream video production services.

  • A music video is used to create a story for your music – this could be lip syncing or simply telling the story of the song.
  • A brand video is used to promote your brand – this could be showing products or services in a new and creative way.
  • By using commercial videos in a range of mediums, you can reach a wider audience and demonstrate the value of your products and services.

When producing a training video, it is important to consider the filming location. It’s essential to research local laws and regulations before production begins, and clients should be given the opportunity to approve or disapprove of a proposed location in advance. This will ensure that all necessary permissions have been obtained and that the chosen location meets all requirements for filming.

Having a video on a company website can be advantageous as it can help attract new customers, clients and employees. Videos are also an effective marketing tool which can help increase conversion rates by showcasing short, high-impact testimonials. Additionally, videos can give customers an insight into what the company is like and how it may be able to help them. With IT STARTS! Media’s professional video production services, businesses will be able to create content that meets their objectives and goals.

Using video in email marketing can provide a number of benefits, such as adding dynamism, value, and context to newsletters and outreach. It also provides an effective way to promote upcoming videos or events like webinars or AR/VR initiatives. Furthermore, video content has been shown to have a high rate of success in generating engagement and conversions. IT STARTS! Media offers professional video production services that can help businesses make the most out of their email marketing campaigns.

Product demonstrations can be a great way to attract new customers, draw the interest of decision makers, and help existing customers get the most out of their investments. Additionally, 360 video technology is often used for entertainment purposes or in commercial advertising campaigns. The appeal of 360 videos lies in the fact that they provide a comprehensive view from all angles.

Using professional video production services that follow SEO best practices can be a great way to improve SEO. Such services can help boost the visibility of video content in organic search results, as well as increase its ranking. By properly promoting videos, businesses and organizations can access more potential customers and drive engagement with their content.

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