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Hi! I am Elijah Nichols, and “it starts! media” welcomes you!

If you are watching this video, then you already know that video marketing is the key to success.


And that's what we specialize in - corporate videos, commercial production, we also deliver short form documentaries and interviews, social media content. However - If you want a type of video that is not on the list, or there is a unique request - we are ready to bring it to life!

With a businesslike yet creative approach, we are easy to deal with, and hassle-free! Based in Northern CA we offer video production services throughout the United States.


It's time we get to know each other! Give us a call, tell your story, share your ideas, and together we will create a masterpiece that will make people say "These are the guys I want to deal with!"


We Deliver:

Company Profile / Brand Video

We create unique marketing videos for businesses that are result driven and budget oriented. Through the right camera angles, powerful visuals, and soundtrack our films connect with your target audience and amplify brand loyalty.

Commercial Video Production

If you are looking to create a video to use as a powerful advertising tool, we are here to help. 

Nothing improves brand awareness like a well-crafted commercial.

Short Form Documentary

Interview Video Production

We tell the story of your business, product or company in a unique, personal way that is highly relatable to your audience!

Natural, unpressured responses from interviewees is the key to effective interviews. With proper lighting and camera placement, we create the perfect tone for a seamless, comfortable interviewing process.

Testimonial Video Production

Showcasing proven customer interaction with your products or services always helps strengthen brand credibility and trustworthiness. Best perspectives and angles to maximize impact - included.

and more!

about your next video project!

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