In today’s digital landscape, video content is becoming indispensable for law firms looking to stand out from the competition and connect with clients. While video can provide value for legal practices of any size and location, firms in major metropolitan areas have ample opportunity to leverage video marketing and production services.


Here is a bit of Legal Video Production efficiency statistics:

Legal Firm Clients Influenced by the video production 2015-2022, IT STARTS! media

Legal Firm Clients Influenced by the video production 2015-2022, IT STARTS! media


This article explores how investing in professional video pays dividends for law firms based in top legal markets like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Miami, San Francisco, and more.

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Video Helps Law Firms Differentiate in Competitive Urban Markets

In crowded legal markets like NYC and LA where consumers are inundated with law firm ads, breaking through the noise can present a major challenge. High-quality video content provides a way for firms to differentiate.

Showcase Specific Practice Areas

Videos allow firms to go in-depth on specific practice areas and highlight their capabilities in niches like patent law or class action suits. This establishes credibility and expertise.

Tell Authentic Brand Stories

Urban consumers are often skeptical of “corporate attorney” stereotypes. Video storytelling lets firms showcase their values and culture.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Firms can feature exclusive resources – like an in-house forensics lab or top medical expert network – via video to stand apart from competitors.

Humanize Through Attorney Videos

By profiling actual attorneys and staff on-camera, videos can emotionally connect urban clients with the real people behind a firm.

“In NYC, there are endless options for legal services. Our videos have been critical for distinguishing our firm by showcasing our attorneys’ compassion and our results securing justice for clients.” – Sarah Johnson, Marketing Director, ABC Law LLP

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Videos Build Trust Among Urban Audiences

Video is inherently a more personal, relatable format than traditional attorney advertising. This makes video ideal for establishing credibility and trust with metropolitan clients.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial videos directly from a law firm’s city-based clients carry immense credibility.

Attorney Thought Leadership

Videos positioning attorneys as trusted legal authorities connect with educated urban audiences.

Behind-the-Scenes Look

Bringing viewers inside law firm offices, pro-bono events or case preparation builds a sense of transparency.

Community Involvement

Videos highlighting a firm’s community service displays their values to potential city clients.

“We share video testimonials from our Chicago-based clients on our website. These have been hugely impactful, as it provides authentic proof that real people here trust us with their cases.” – Michael Smith, Partner, XYZ Law Group

Legal Video Production Improves Visibility and Conversions

Video marketing provides measurable results for law firms in metropolitan areas in the form of improved visibility, website engagement, and conversions.

SEO Value for Websites

Videos on law firm sites signal relevance and authority to search engines, helping improve local rankings.

Direct Traffic Source

Urban consumers search YouTube for legal guidance. Optimized law firm videos drive new visitors.

Engaging Website Content

Visitors spend more time consuming video vs reading text. Lower bounce rates improve conversions.

Social Media ROI

Law firm videos shared on urban social media channels expand reach and engage followers.

“We analyze our video performance closely using Google Analytics. There is a direct correlation between videos produced and increased organic traffic and conversions for our Los Angeles firm.” – Mark Johnson, Digital Marketing Director, ABC Law LLP

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Video Ads Help Target Urban Demographics

Sophisticated video ad platforms give law firms data-driven targeting capabilities to reach key demographics where they consume content online.

Target By Location

Geo-targeting allows firms to focus video ad spends on specific cities or regions.

Target Interests & Behaviors

Platforms like YouTube allow targeting users based on relevant interests and watch history.

Retarget Website Visitors

Firms can create customized video ads to re-engage visitors who left the firm’s site.

Track Conversions

With video ads, firms can directly see which placements drive phone calls, contact forms, and clients.

“Running YouTube video ads targeted specifically to New York City has been a game-changer. We can track the impact on our consultations and intake, guiding our video marketing investments.” – Jessica Smith, Digital Advertising Director, ABC Law LLP

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Video Production Options for Law Firms in Major Cities

Creating impactful videos requires substantial expertise. Law firms in major metro areas have access to top-tier legal video production talent.

High-End Commercial Production

For cinematic marketing videos, firms can leverage production studios in cities like LA, NYC and Chicago.

Local Videography Talent

A city-based freelance videographer provides a more affordable option for testimonials and interviews.

Animation studios can develop engaging motion graphic videos and illustrations remotely.

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Attorney Interview Production, IT STARTS! media

When developing videos aimed at clients in major metro markets, keep these tips in mind:

  • Feature the city skyline and landmarks to localize the firm.
  • Have attorneys mention the specific city or region you serve.
  • Include client testimonials from local residents when possible.
  • Adapt messaging and tone based on the city culture and demographics.
  • Geo-target any video ad campaigns by city/metro region.
  • Track localized video performance data using Google Analytics.
Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

Legal Video Production, IT STARTS! media

As an award winning video production company based in Los Angeles, IT STARTS! media has deep expertise helping professional service firms craft compelling videos targeted to major cities like LA, New York, Miami, and more.

Our strategic approach includes:

  • Targeted Messaging: We’ll develop on-brand scripts tailored to your target city demographics.
  • Local Market Knowledge: Our team understands each major metro market’s unique culture and nuances.
  • Strategic Distribution: We’ll distribute your videos via channels where urban audiences are highly engaged.
  • Performance Tracking: We’ll measure and optimize your video ROI across key metropolitan regions.
  • Flexible Production: We offer high-end studio production, animations, on-location shoots, and budget-friendly options.

To discuss how we can create high-impact legal marketing videos tailored to your target cities, contact us today!

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