Creating testimonial videos for brands and companies is always a bit challenging but a lot of fun – the talents are the satisfied clients, they have hardly any experience of talking in front of the camera, and are excited, sometimes a bit nervous. This can damage the video quality, that’s why the primary goal of our film crew is not only to ask questions and capture a video, but to make sure talents feel calm, relaxed, and happy, forgetting about cameras capturing their words and emotions.

One of the latest testimonial videos was filmed for the GVD Renovations, featuring Bob and Sandy – a nice couple in Novato CA. They opened up to our filming crew, which turned out to be a great and natural customer experience video, with true emotions.

In the end, this video did end up getting the attention of other home improvement and construction companies in the region, for a simple reason – nothing beats clients’ experience and feelings captured and edited in a nice 2 minute short film.

Most recently, Design Rush now recognizes the video as among The Best Tutorial And Testimonial Videos in the video production category in one of their recent articles.

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