Video content has exploded on social media, captivating audiences and driving engagement across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. For businesses and brands, social media video represents an immense opportunity to connect with customers in a format they love.

But who exactly should be leveraging social media videos? What types of companies can benefit from investing in custom social video production? This article explores the key audiences that should consider incorporating social media videos into their marketing strategy.

Social media content production, IT STARTS! media

Social media content production, IT STARTS! media

What is Social Media Video Production?

First, let’s quickly define what we mean by “social media video production.” This refers to the process of working with a video production company to create customized video content optimized for social media platforms.

Rather than repurposing existing assets, social videos are filmed and edited specifically for popular networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

And more. The goal is crafting engaging social videos that capture attention and drive results. This may include product teasers, behind-the-scenes, employee features, event recaps, tutorials, and other short-form content.

Who Should Use Social Media Video Production?

Nearly any business can benefit from incorporating social media videos into their marketing and outreach. But the following types of companies stand to gain the most:

Social media product video production, IT STARTS! media

Social media product video production, IT STARTS! media

Consumer Brands

Consumer brands selling to the mass public have huge potential to leverage social video. Especially, with the ease of content creation and capabilities of the latest 2023 iPhone 15 Pro. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok give brands direct access to engage end customers through sight, sound and motion.

Short videos allow brands to showcase products, run giveaways and promotions, provide how-to tutorials, and give behind-the-scenes peeks to build relationships.

According to Oberlo:

  • 500 million people visit Instagram daily, spending 28 minutes per day on average
  • TikTok hit 1 billion monthly active users in 2021

Tapping into these massive audiences represents immense exposure for consumer brands.

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Event video production IT STARTS! media

B2B Companies

While business-to-business (B2B) companies sell to other businesses rather than consumers, social video still provides tremendous value.

Platforms like LinkedIn give B2B brands access to engage professional audiences. Content ideas may include:

  • Company culture videos
  • Product demos
  • Employee spotlights
  • Industry conference highlights
  • Customer testimonials
  • Educational tips and tactics

HubSpot reports LinkedIn has over 675 million users, with video content gaining up to 3x more engagement than other post types.

B2B companies have prime opportunities to build brand awareness and trust through social video.

Local Businesses

For local businesses trying to attract nearby customers, social platforms like Facebook provide targeted reach.

Short videos on Facebook can highlight your products and services, introduce your team, provide virtual tours, share customer reviews, run local promotions, and more.

Restaurants, boutiques, salons, professional services, tradespeople, and all local businesses can boost visibility and relationships through social video.

Nonprofits & Associations

Nonprofits and association groups rely on community engagement and public goodwill. Social videos help share your mission, events, programs, and stories in an accessible way.

Platforms like Facebook and YouTube allow nonprofits to reach broad audiences with calls to action and donor requests cost-effectively.

Educational Institutions

Schools, universities, bootcamps, and education providers can highlight student experiences, campus life, programs, and faculty through social video.

These videos humanize your institution and build engagement with prospective students. Social platforms streamline sharing and discovery as well.

In Summary

Nearly any type of organization can benefit from social media video production, including:

  • Consumer brands
  • B2B companies
  • Local businesses
  • Nonprofits & associations
  • Educational institutions

The crucial element is crafting videos tailored specifically to your target audience and goals.

Interview video production setup

Interview video production setup

Benefits of Social Media Video Production

Beyond the broad reach, here are some of the top benefits companies see from investing in custom social media videos:

Increased Brand Awareness

Social platforms like Instagram and TikTok provide immense visibility with billions of active users. Creating videos designed for these networks gives brands exposure in front of highly targeted audiences. Even a short fun social video can substantially boost brand impressions.

Improved Engagement

Social media algorithm changes continue to favor video content. Videos boost all engagement metrics like likes, comments, clicks, shares, and follows compared to static posts.

| Content Type | Facebook Engagement Rate |
| Video Posts | 4% |
| Image Posts | 2.3% |
| Link Posts | 1.9% |
| Text Posts | 0.9% |

Videos drive 3-5x higher engagement across metrics on platforms like Facebook.

Increased Conversions

Driving site traffic and conversions is a top goal for social videos. Videos allow brands to showcase products, run promotions, and direct viewers to key landing pages.

According to Animoto, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a brand video. Social videos turn impressions into conversions.

Improved SEO

Videos posted on social platforms can also be discovered via search engines, improving SEO. YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google. Identifying keywords and optimizing video titles, descriptions and metadata helps surface content.

Cost Effective

Social media provides free access to massive audiences. Investing in short social videos represents an affordable way to engage customers vs. paid ads. High-quality custom videos also continue driving value long after creation.

Corporate video production setup

Corporate video production setup

Types of Social Media Video Production

The possibilities for social video content are endless, but some top performing ideas include:

Product Teasers

Give quick video previews of new products, features or services coming soon to build buzz.

Promotions & Giveaways

Run sweepstakes, contests and promotions through social video to boost engagement.

How-To Tutorials

Short tutorial videos can demonstrate product usage, installation, recipes using your ingredients, and other helpful how-tos.


Give fans and followers a unique insider’s view of your company culture, workspace, processes or events.


Customer testimonials add credibility and help convince potential buyers through real reviews.

Employee Features

Let customers get to know the people behind your brand by profiling team members.

Event Recaps

Compile highlight reels of conferences, trainings, launches and milestones your company participates in.

The options are truly unlimited. Focus on providing value to your audiences with helpful, interesting and relevant social videos tailored to each platform.

Working With Social Video Experts

While shooting iPhone videos has a place, investing in professional social video production pays dividends in quality and effectiveness.

As social platforms increase competition for attention, high-quality custom video content cuts through the noise. Viewers expect a polished, engaging viewing experience.

Partnering with a professional video production company provides:

  • Industry expertise creating videos tailored for each network’s audience
  • Technical skills filming and editing cinematic quality content
  • Creative direction turning your goals into compelling videos
  • Managed services handling the entire production process for you

This results in social videos that captivate viewers and deliver ROI, without stretching your internal resources.

Our Los Angeles-based social media video production team would love to discuss creating customized social content for your brand’s channels. Let’s ideate high-performing videos optimized to drive results.

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Event video production IT STARTS! media

Make Video Integral to Your Social Strategy

There’s no denying video’s increasing importance on social media. Platforms are favoring video content more and more in feeds, recommendation engines, and search results.

For companies looking to effectively reach and engage modern audiences, social video production is a must. Allocating a portion of your marketing budget to quality custom videos tailored for top social networks provides immense value.

To discuss how social videos can benefit your brand, reach out to our Los Angeles video production experts today. Let’s create social content that leaves an impact and drives business growth.


What is Social Media Video Production?

Social media video production refers to the process of working with a video production company to create customized video content optimized for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Who Should Use Social Media Videos?

Nearly any business can benefit from incorporating social media videos into their marketing and outreach. Types of companies that stand to gain the most include Consumer Brands, B2B Companies, Local Businesses, Nonprofits & Associations, and Educational Institutions.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Videos?

Some of the top benefits of using social media videos include increased brand awareness, improved engagement, higher conversion rates, improved SEO, and cost-effectiveness.

What Types of Social Media Videos Can Companies Create?

Some of the popular types of social media videos include product teasers, promotions and giveaways, how-to tutorials, behind-the-scenes, customer testimonials, and employee features.

How Can Professional Video Production Help?

Investing in professional social video production provides industry expertise, technical skills, creative direction, and managed services, resulting in social videos that captivate viewers and deliver ROI.

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