As a small business marketer, you’re a jack of all trades – content creator, social media maven, event planner, salesperson – the list goes on! With so many hats to wear, why add “video producer” to the mix? Well, we’ve got 11 convincing reasons video should take center stage in your marketing strategy. Read on for real-life examples of how video can help your small business stand out and convert customers.

Action! 11 Ways Video Boosts Small Business

Become a YouTube Star

With over a billion viewers watching 250 million hours of video daily, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. And customers are searching there for “how-to” content, making educational videos a prime opportunity. Up your YouTube game to shine in front of these searchers during their buying journey.

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Hit Page One on Google

YouTube may be #2, but Google still rules search. Adding video to your website significantly increases rankings on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. With 75% rarely venturing past page one, video can launch you into the spotlight.

Show AND Tell Your Product

Let’s be honest – some products are complicated. But video allows you to clearly demonstrate how your product works – boosting understanding and sales. Viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video. So spotlight your offering with an explainer video – it topped our list for essential marketing videos.

Feed Your Fans’ Appetite

Your audience is hungry for video – 51.7% say it’s their main reason for browsing online! And 86% want to see more from brands, with 36% craving explainer videos specifically. Cue the spotlights – your fans are eager to watch!

Lights, Camera, Email!

Add some Hollywood glam to your outreach with video emails that shine 3x brighter. But don’t embed the video – most email clients don’t support playback. Instead, include a clickable thumbnail to view the video on your site. Voila – lights, camera, higher click rates!

Strengthen Brand Love

Video fully engages your audience’s senses, helping them connect with your brand on a deeper level. This emotional bond keeps customers coming back for more – critical for gaining brand recognition and loyalty. In 2020, 94% said video performed equal or better than other content. Clearly, it deserves the spotlight!

Steal the Social Media Spotlight

On Facebook and Instagram, your content gets lost in the shuffle. But video breaks through the noise – 93% of businesses gained a new customer via social video last year! So use video to grab attention in the social spotlight.

Educate Customers with ‘How-To’

As a small business, you need self-serve options to guide customers. Explainer videos are perfect for education with minimal effort from you. Let your helpful, engaging videos take the stage while you handle everything behind the scenes.

Showcase Satisfied Customers

Let delighted customers steal the spotlight by sharing their stories in testimonials. Record in-person or ask them to film on their phone – either way, it’s powerful to hear real people describe their positive experiences. Their words will captivate your audience!

Boost Conversions with Video

Want to double your website conversions? Just add video! Nearly 90% of sales reps rely on video data to qualify and engage prospects. Your website needs some Hollywood-style drama to spotlight calls-to-action.



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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Here’s our final spotlight stealers – 40% say video boosts mobile purchases. And 93% gained a customer from social video last year. Companies using video grow revenue 49% faster. Need we say more? Video is ready for its close-up!

There you have it – 11 reasons video can supercharge your small business marketing. But stellar content alone won’t cut it – you need an effective video strategy. Let us help you step into the spotlight! Book a discovery call today to start shining.



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