Video has become essential for startups that are about to launch and grow . But what types of videos do tech start ups need, and can you create compelling content? How to find the right video production for startups? This complete guide covers all the aspects startup founders and marketing directors should know about professional video production, and how it helps them grow.

Why Video is Crucial for Startups

Here are some key reasons why every startup needs high quality video production:

  • Explain your product or service – Demo videos show how your solution works and its key features.
  • Build brand awareness – Promotional videos help establish your brand story and identity.
  • Pitch investors – Fundraising videos showcase traction, product, vision and team in an engaging way.
  • Go viral on social media – Interesting videos stand out in feeds and can be widely shared.
  • Recruit top talent – Show off your culture to attract standout candidates.
  • Boost marketing campaigns – Include videos in emails, landing pages, ads, etc. to increase conversions.

In today’s crowded marketplace, video gives startups a crucial competitive edge when done right. It’s an opportunity to grab attention of the investors and get your story out there.

Startup Expo in Silicon Valley, IT STARTS! media

Startup Expo in Silicon Valley, IT STARTS! media

Most Effective Video Types for Startups

While professional video can be utilized across marketing, sales and recruiting – these are the essential types of content every start-up should take into consideration:

1. Explainer Videos

Short animated videos, typically 2-3 minutes long, that clearly explain what your product is, how it works, and its key benefits or features. Explainer videos quickly build interest and help prospects understand your offering.

2. Product Demo Videos

Show your product’s interface and usage in action through recorded screencasts, 360 footage, or live action product demos. Let viewers actually see the workflow and functionality.

3. Company Story Videos

Tell the origin story of your start-up – how it was founded, why, what motivates the team, and founders’ backgrounds. Build an emotional connection with your audience.

4. Founder & Employee Interview Videos

Show the faces and passion behind your startup with insightful interviews of key team members. Let audiences relate with real employees.

5. Investor Pitch Videos

Create sizzle reels 3-5 minutes long to showcase traction, product, vision, market potential and team effectively for potential investors.

6. Recruitment Videos

Show off your company culture, people and perks to attract the best talent. Feature current employees sharing their experiences.

7. Social Media Videos

Engaging short videos to post natively on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Entertain followers while highlighting your brand.

Prioritize videos aligned with your startup’s immediate goals, be it funding, sales, recruiting or brand building. The types of videos will evolve over your startup’s life cycle.

Interview video production with a tech startup founder, IT STARTS! media

Interview video production with a tech startup founder, IT STARTS! media

Video Production for Startups Process Overview

Producing compelling, effective start up videos requires both creativity and strategy. The typical start up video production process includes:

  • Defining goals – Identify what each video should accomplish and who the target viewer is. These metrics guide creative decisions.
  • Scripting – Flesh out engaging storylines and polished messaging in scripts optimized for video.
  • Pre-production – Plan shot lists, locations, product usage, graphics, animation and other pre-production elements.
  • Professional filming – Use high-end cameras, lighting equipment, microphones and other gear to shoot the highest quality footage.
  • Interviewing – For testimonials and founder videos, conduct insightful on-camera interviews.
  • Post-production – Professionally edit, color correct, add motion graphics, VFX, titles and sound mix.
  • Marketing integration – Incorporate completed videos into your website, ads, email marketing, social media, presentations and more.
  • Performance tracking – Analyze meaningful metrics like view rates, completion percentage, conversions driven and more. Optimize based on data.

Startups should partner with an experienced video production company to bring their vision to life with polished execution. Avoid amateur-looking videos.

Hiring a Professional Video Production Partner

Here are key benefits startups see when working with a professional video partner:

  • Production expertise – From filming to editing, production pros use the latest equipment and techniques for cinema-quality results.
  • Creative direction – Video experts know how to craft storylines, interview questions, and messaging that effectively engages viewers.
  • Industry experience – Top startup videographers intimately understand the ecosystem, trends, and investor expectations.
  • Talent resources – They can cast and coach startup founders, employees, customers to be credible, natural on-camera.
  • Animation capabilities – Smooth 2D/3D computer animation and motion graphics make explainer videos pop.
  • Distribution networks – Production companies have existing platforms and followers to get your video content in front of right audiences.
  • Convenience – No need to attempt high-quality videos on your own! Experts handle the entire process.

While professional videos are an investment, the ROI in growth, funding and recruiting typically justify the costs many times over.

Interview video production with a tech startup founder, IT STARTS! media

Interview video production with a tech startup founder, IT STARTS! media

IT STARTS! Media – Leading Video Production Service for Startups across the United States

As top startup video production specialists across the U.S., IT STARTS! Media has helped launch and fund multiple startups through strategic video content.

Our Los Angeles-based team works with tech startups in every major city nationwide, including:

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • New York City
  • Boston
  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Seattle
  • Denver
  • Miami
  • Washington D.C.

We handle every aspect of high-quality startup video production:

  • Filming interviews with founders and employees
  • Creating beautifully animated 2D/3D explainer videos
  • Shooting product demos that compellingly showcase functionality
  • Producing fundraising videos to wow investors
  • Distributing videos through our premium networks
  • And more!

Let’s craft startup videos tailored to your offering and goals to take your business to the next level. Get in touch!

Explainer video production for tech startup in San Francisco, IT STARTS! media

Explainer video production for tech startup in San Francisco, IT STARTS! media

Making Impactful Startup Videos on a Budget

We know startups are concerned about costs. Here are some tips for achieving high-quality startup video production results on a budget:

  • Prioritize the most essential videos – Start with explainer and product videos.
  • Leverage found footage – Use existing brand imagery and product screenshots when possible.
  • Go for simple animated explainer videos – Avoid complex 3D. Stick to clean, minimalist 2D animation.
  • Optimize interviews – Plan questions and locations carefully to minimize filming time.
  • DIY social media videos – Use smartphones and basic editing for informal behind-the-scenes content.
  • CompareStartup Video Production- Seek multiple bids and negotiate prices.

With careful planning and the right partner, startups can produce stellar videos without breaking the bank.


Startups who prioritize high-quality video stand out and give themselves a proven competitive edge when launching products, fundraising, recruiting talent, and more. Partnering with startup video production specialists like us ensures your content looks as impressive as your innovation.

Let’s start planning video content tailored to your startup’s specific goals and audience! Our team can’t wait to help tell your startup’s story.

Startup Expo in San Francisco

Startup Expo in San Francisco

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