Product video production

Product video production

Some might argue that the backstory of your brand is inconsequential; that it’s sufficient to solely focus on the product you’re offering. However, sharing the journey that led to your brand’s creation adds a human touch and facilitates a deeper connection with consumers.

When crafting a video that narrates your brand’s story, your window of engagement with the viewer is limited. Make the most out of that opportunity with the following proven strategies:

1. Offer a Glimpse into Your Origin Story

Share snippets about when and how your company was founded. What challenges did you overcome in the early days? Briefly immerse your viewer into your journey, enabling them to understand the driving force behind your brand.

2. Earn Trust Through Genuine Presentation

While a script can serve as a useful roadmap for hitting key points, the key is to come across as unscripted. Being genuine and relaxed will help you establish an emotional bond with your audience. Utilize bullet points to strike a balance between sticking to your script and ad-libbing, highlighting your brand’s unique character.

Interview production at a car show

Interview production at a car show

3. Demystify the Making of Your Product or Service

Consumers appreciate transparency. Utilize behind-the-scenes footage to demonstrate how your products are made. Whether it’s the intricate details of the assembly line or a sole creator tinkering in the kitchen, viewers like to know the origins of what they’re buying.

4. Strike an Emotional Chord

You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve, but letting your passion for your brand shine through can convert viewers into advocates even before they’ve sampled your products. Authenticity is the cornerstone of a strong emotional bond.

5. Incorporate Music that Resonates

Source the right soundtrack from royalty-free music platforms like The chosen tune should align with your video’s objective. Picking an ill-suited song can derail the viewer’s engagement and detract from the video’s impact.

Employ these tactics to construct a compelling and impactful brand story in your forthcoming video. The ultimate goal is to forge a meaningful relationship between your brand and its audience, elevating your offering beyond just being a commodity. Create content that not only impresses but also evokes the essence of what sets your brand apart.

Interested in crafting a professional brand video but unsure where to begin or how to strategize? At IT STARTS! MEDIA, we specialize in brand story video production. Based in Northern California, serving the Bay and Greater Sacramento Areas, we’re willing to travel nationwide to meet your needs!

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