Los Angeles has long been the epicenter of the film and video production industry. As home to Hollywood and major studios like Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and more, LA attracts the top creative talent and crews in the world. That’s why partnering with video production companies in Los Angeles is the smart choice for brands looking to create high-quality, compelling video content.

Video production in the streets of Los Angeles

Video production in the streets of Los Angeles

Abundant Expertise and Talent for Top Notch Video Production in Los Angeles

The sheer depth of video production expertise concentrated in Los Angeles is unmatched globally. LA is home to:

  • Accomplished directors who have honed their skills shooting commercials, documentaries, TV shows, online videos, and films of all budgets and genres. Their versatility allows them to excel at branded content.
  • Cinematographers and camera operators who have worked alongside Oscar-winning DPs and shot projects for major studios. They have mastered both the artistry and technical complexities of digital filmmaking.
  • Talented gaffers and grips who know how to efficiently set up and operate cranes, dollies, stabilizers, lighting grids, and more to get the director’s desired shots.
  • Skilled video editors and post-production specialists who have cut trailers, TV spots, and other high-profile projects. They excel at pacing, special effects, color grading, and sound mixing.
  • Experienced production coordinators and assistants who can anticipate needs, troubleshoot issues, and keep shoots running smoothly.

Video production companies in Los Angeles are well-connected in this community. They frequently collaborate with directors who have worked with Steven Spielberg and decorated cinematographers whose work has been shown at prestigious film festivals worldwide.

These professionals’ experience working on major studio films and high-budget commercial and digital projects directly translates to the branded videos they produce. Their expansive expertise results in polished, compelling content that resonates with target audiences and achieves marketing goals.

Video production in the streets of Los Angeles, drone pilot

Video production in the streets of Los Angeles, drone pilot

Access to Extensive Video Production Companies in Los Angeles Resources

In addition to talent, Los Angeles offers an abundance of studios, rental houses, support services, and vendors that video production companies rely on.

Diverse Filming Locations

Los Angeles provides seemingly endless filming locations to choose from. Options range from:

  • Iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign, Venice Beach boardwalk, Rodeo Drive, and LACMA’s Urban Lights art installation.
  • Trendy and eclectic neighborhoods like Silver Lake, Echo Park, and the Downtown Arts District.
  • Urban cityscapes, residential streets, and suburban landscapes.
  • Major parks like Griffith Park, Elysian Park, and Runyon Canyon.
  • University campuses including UCLA and USC.
  • The Port of Los Angeles and other waterfront locales.
  • Sound stages and studio lots where many movies and shows are filmed.

Seasoned LA production companies are intimately familiar with local permitting processes, fees, and shot requirements. They know how to secure ideal backdrop sites for commercials, behind-the-scenes videos, event coverage, and any other projects requiring location filming. This insider knowledge saves clients time and money.

Turnkey Production Studios

In addition to location shoots, many top LA production companies operate their own state-of-the-art studios. These spaces allow projects to be completed easily under one roof. Typical features include:

  • Professional lighting grids and kits to achieve perfect exposure and aesthetic looks.
  • Extensive grip equipment like stands, booms, and rigs to mount lights, mics, monitors and more.
  • Green screen walls and infinity coves to enable advanced special effects and backgrounds.
  • Make-up and dressing rooms for on-camera talent.
  • Areas for client meetings and collaboration.

Shooting in a controlled studio environment mitigates risks like weather, permitting, unauthorized access, and other location challenges. And having access to built-in tools like green screens improves production value.

Professional video production at a studio

Professional video production at a studio

The Newest Gear for Video Production in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is where the top camera, lighting, and production equipment rental houses are headquartered. Companies like Quixote, Keslow Camera, and Radiant Images offer the latest and greatest gear.

LA video production companies often own their own equipment as well. And they frequently upgrade their kits with new camera bodies, lenses, stabilizers, drones, lighting instruments, audio gear, and more.

Access to the most current equipment ensures clients get the highest production quality possible. For example, shooting projects in 6K resolution or higher enables greater flexibility for delivering in 4K as well as HD.

Video production in Los Angeles, production rental shop

Video production in Los Angeles, production rental shop

Post-Production Services

Once filming wraps, the post-production process begins. This involves editing raw footage, adding graphics and effects, color correcting, audio sweetening, and finalizing videos.

LA has a wealth of post-production talent and technology available. Editors excel at giving videos the right pacing and flow to captivate audiences. Graphic artists and animators add titles, lower thirds, illustrations, and other elements that make content pop. Colorists refine the look through processes like color grading. And audio engineers polish soundtracks.

By leveraging in-house or locally outsourced post services, Los Angeles video production companies can deliver profoundly polished results without clients needing to coordinate or manage the process.

Lower Costs and Hassles of Video Production

Consolidating pre-production, shooting, and post-production with an LA video company also offers significant cost and logistical advantages.

Optimized Logistics

With most production gear, studios, support services, crew, and talent centralized in the LA metro area, costs are lower. Companies don’t waste time or money transporting resources from disparate locations.

LA video production pros also have shoot logistics down to a science. They know how to efficiently route locations across the vast city, schedule gear pick-ups/returns and talent call times, and secure permits to maximize productivity. This prevents budget-busting overtime and other common snafus.

Insider Expertise

LA is famously congested with restrictive filming zones. But experienced video production companies in Los Angeles  skillfully navigate these conditions daily. They accurately factor travel times between locations into schedules. And they leverage permits to gain access to busy areas.

Many also have longstanding relationships with city film offices, location owners, studios, acting talent, and other entities. This makes securing ideal shoot sites and talent far easier than for those lacking local connections. Their insider expertise ensures projects stay on track.

Volume Discounts

Because they do business locally on an ongoing basis, Los Angeles production companies can negotiate discounts on gear rentals, studio time, crew rates, and more. These savings get passed onto clients.

Cost Efficiencies

By providing end-to-end services in house without outsourcing, production companies control pricing and maximize efficiencies. They own their own gear. Their stages don’t sit idle. And editors and other personnel work steadily, allowing companies to offer competitive rates.

A geat variety of actors in Los Angeles for video production

A geat variety of actors in Los Angeles for video production

Ready Access to Acting Talent

Los Angeles boasts the largest pool of working actors in the world. As a result, Los Angeles video production companies have unparalleled talent resources to cast projects of any size and scope.

Extensive Databases

Most LA production companies maintain their own proprietary databases of actors, models, influencers, and other on-camera talent interested in production work. These include SAG-AFTRA actors of all ages, union and non-union talent, commercial actors, and up-and-coming performers trying to gain experience.

They can quickly find the right talent for any video role—whether it’s a social media spokesperson, “person on the street” interviewees, focus group participants, or employees and professionals for corporate videos.

All sorts of actors in Los Angeles for video production

All sorts of actors in Los Angeles for video production

Industry Relationships

In addition to databases, video production companies in Los Angeles have connections at top commercial talent agencies like Abrams Artists Agency, DDO Artists Agency, and others. They work hand-in-hand with agents to cast higher-profile, recognizable actors when needed.

Efficient Casting Process

Thanks to their resources and experience, production companies in Los Angeles can smoothly cast projects of any scope. For videos involving unknown “real people,” they leverage their own databases to find authentic on-camera talent at affordable rates. For higher-profile corporate projects, they tap their agency partners to secure the right acting professionals.

No matter the video, producers use their insider industry knowledge to ensure an efficient, successful casting process. This saves clients time and frustration.

Video production in Los Angeles, production rental shop

Video production in Los Angeles, production rental shop

Why It Starts Media Stands Out in the Video Production Companies in Los Angeles Landscape

As a leading Los Angeles video production company with A-list roots, It Starts Media delivers all the benefits of partnering with LA talent.

Our Expert Team

Our team comprises directors, cinematographers, editors and more who have worked with major brands and studios like Disney, Apple, Nike, and Netflix. They leverage insider knowledge from years in the LA commercial production world.

Top-Notch Resources

We utilize cutting-edge gear from top rental houses, strategically scout locations, optimize local logistics, and leverage our Los Angeles video production network to make videos that get results. Our studio is conveniently located near major studios and other video production companies in Los Angeles.

Video Results

Some examples of our successful LA-powered video projects:

  • [Promo Videos] – We helped an LA fashion retailer create an online commercial that boosted website traffic 15%.
  • [Testimonial Videos] – For a tech startup, we produced authentic customer testimonials that increased conversion rates 25%.
  • Explainer Videos – Our animated explainer video for a B2B SaaS platform generated 10x more free trial signups.

Let Us Show You the LA Difference!

With our LA roots, connections, and production expertise, It Starts! Media is uniquely positioned to create videos as polished and compelling as the Hollywood entertainment we live alongside. Contact us to discuss how our LA advantage can take your brand’s content to new heights.

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