Introduction: A Warm Welcome to Sam

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Kirill “Sam” Opuhovskiy to our team as our new Videographer and Director of Photography. Sam brings a wealth of experience and a unique creative vision to the table. His expertise in video production, especially in the bustling landscape of Los Angeles, is a tremendous asset to our team. With a background that spans YouTube content creation to commercial videography, Sam is poised to elevate our storytelling capabilities to new heights.

The Spark: A Journey Begins

In the enchanted world of Harry Potter, I discovered my first love – the mesmerizing visual effects that transported me to a realm of magic and wonder. It was here that the seeds of my filmmaking and videography journey were sown, right in the heart of Los Angeles’ vibrant video production scene.

Overcoming Challenges: The First Steps

My story began with a simple desire: to create something akin to the spellbinding cinematic experiences I cherished. However, I faced a unique challenge – a lack of fellow adventurers to join me in front of the camera. Undeterred, I embarked on my very first video effect, a clone effect, casting charms and counter-charms upon my “effected” twin. It was an amusing start to my career in videography, and I was hooked.

The Digital Canvas: YouTube and Collaboration

As I sought to share my newfound passion with the world, I stumbled upon the vast landscape of YouTube. This digital realm became my canvas, where I could paint tales of wonder and collaborate with kindred spirits who shared my passion for video production.

Kirill Sam Opuhovskiy, Filmmaker, Video Production at IT STARTS! media

Kirill Sam Opuhovskiy, Filmmaker, Video Production at IT STARTS! media

The Dream: Fantasy and Filmmaking

The realm of fantasy has always held a special place in my heart, and my ultimate dream was to bring wizarding worlds and fantastical realms to life on the silver screen, particularly in the competitive market of video production in Los Angeles.

Self-Taught and Giving Back: The Learning Curve

Fueling my journey was a relentless pursuit of knowledge. I scoured the depths of the internet for video tutorials, teaching myself not only the art of filmmaking but also the English language, as resources in my native Russian were scarce. Determined to give back, I became a pioneer in the LA videography scene by creating Russian-language tutorials, sharing my newfound expertise.

Early Success: Music Videos and Partnerships

My ascent in the world of filmmaking and video production came swiftly. At a tender age of 15, I had the honor of crafting two music videos and a commercial for the illustrious Russian Rap pop star Eldar Dzarahov. This marked the beginning of my cinematic voyage in Los Angeles, and I embarked on a long-term partnership with the renowned YouTuber Volodya Rzhaviy, contributing my skills in filming, editing, VFX, and color grading.

Philosophy: The Power of Storytelling

Amid the humor and mirth that characterized our YouTube escapades, I held onto a profound belief – that even in the direst of circumstances, one can summon the strength within to surmount any challenge and forge a brighter path in the world of LA videography.

Creative Ventures: The RED21 YouTube Channel

Central to my filmmaking legacy is the RED21 YouTube channel, a creative haven where, alongside my mentor Volodya Rzhaviy, we crafted sketches and short films. These productions, though lighthearted on the surface, were imbued with layers of meaning and ethical messages, echoing the depth of our shared vision in video production.

Kirill Sam Opuhovskiy, Filmmaker, Video Production at IT STARTS! media

Kirill Sam Opuhovskiy, Filmmaker, Video Production at IT STARTS! media

Collaborations: Diverse Influences

Upon my journey’s next turn, I found myself collaborating with diverse influencers in the Los Angeles video production community, including the intrepid journalist Kosatkina, a tireless advocate for women’s rights, and the globally acclaimed Russian rap sensation Oxxxymiron.

Proud Moments: Working with 1inch

Among my proudest accomplishments in videography, I treasure my work with the New York-based crypto company 1inch, a journey that underscored the transformative potential of visual storytelling in the realm of video production in Los Angeles.

Staying Current: The Importance of Learning

To stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry, particularly in LA videography, I rely on the boundless wealth of fresh insights and inspiration that YouTube offers, ensuring that I remain ever-vigilant to the winds of change.

Looking Ahead: Future Aspirations

As the sun sets on this chapter of my odyssey in Los Angeles video production, I cast my gaze toward the horizon. With aspirations as vast as the cinematic landscapes I’ve traversed, I hope to become a cornerstone of IT STARTS! media, wielding my lens as a Director of Photography and striving to etch my name among the finest filmmakers and videographers in the luminous tapestry of Los Angeles.

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