We all know that in the realm of commercial and social media video production, finding the right resources is paramount. A recent project we embarked upon—a dynamic TV commercial—brought with it a set of unique requirements: a retro room ambiance, spotlight precision, professional-grade lighting, and the atmospheric touch of a fog machine.

Our quest led us to Vibras Studio—a leading video production studio tucked away in the coastal town of Oceanside, California.

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Great acting by Julien York, vintage room

Embarking on a Collaborative Journey of the Commercial Video Production

Upon reaching out, the professionalism was palpable. Their swift response, adaptive scheduling, and keenness to delve deep into the nuances of pre-production ensured we were all aligned for a seamless production day. In an industry where punctuality can sometimes be a rare trait, Vibras Studio shines as a beacon. Their meticulous approach, especially during the detailed retro room scene, exceeded our expectations and translated to phenomenal video production results.

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Great acting by Julien York

Talents that Shine: Julien York & The Filming Crew

Our filming contingent, with notable talent like Julien York, showcased their prowess, embodying the essence of our vision. Achieving the right shot within the time frame can be challenging, but our synergy with Vibras ensured we not only met our goals but surpassed them.

Dylan & Crew: Masters Behind the Curtain of Top Notch Video Production

A big shoutout to Dylan and the rest of the team at Vibras Studio for elevating our studio commercial video production experience. Their arsenal of equipment ensures any video company’s dream can come to fruition. But what truly stands out is their adeptness at crafting scenes and erecting the perfect setting.

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Great acting by Julien York

What was slated to be a 12-hour production day was efficiently wrapped up in nine. In the unpredictable world of video production where delays are commonplace, Vibras is a testament to the fact that with the right team, efficiency is achievable.

Why Vibras Studio is the Go-To Place in Oceanside for commercial and music video production

From music videos to comprehensive TV commercials, their portfolio is a testament to their versatility and prowess in video production services. They truly offer a splendid solution, covering the spectrum of all production needs you can imagine.

So, if you ever find yourself typing “video production near me” or specifically hunting for top-notch video production in California, Vibras Studio in Oceanside is the name to remember.

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Black and white, lady photographer taking photos of the actor

“IT STARTS! media” remains eternally grateful for this collaboration, and we wholeheartedly recommend Vibras Studio to all our peers in the corporate, music video, and commercial video production industry.

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