Automotive video production

Automotive video production

California’s vast landscapes are a rolling canvas, where the asphalt becomes a storyteller and every turn offers a new perspective. This is where IT STARTS! Media comes into play, illuminating the untold stories of rubber and road through the lens of automotive video production. Imagine the synergy of motion and emotion as you capture the essence of a vehicle in its natural habitat — the open road.

Our state is a playground for automotive enthusiasts and a cinematic stage for companies looking to infuse their brand with the dynamism of a moving car. From sleek luxury dealerships to rugged off-road outfitters, from innovative electric car startups to established automotive giants — every brand has a narrative waiting to be unleashed at 60 frames per second.

But what does it take to cinematically harness the horsepower? The equipment list is precise: gyro-stabilized camera rigs, drones that slice through the sky, action cams that cling to the contours of the car, and the almighty chase vehicle, outfitted with mounts that turn every road into a movie set.

Join us as we shift gears and take you on a ride through ‘5 Best Roads for Automotive Video Production in California.’ It’s more than a journey — it’s a quest for the perfect shot, the ideal light, the ultimate backdrop, and that ineffable quality that can only be captured in California. Lights, camera, action — let’s drive through the essentials that make automotive video production not just a service, but an art form.

Automotive video production

Automotive video production


Perched atop the San Bernardino Mountains, the Rim of the World Scenic Byway is not just a road; it’s a journey through the clouds. It’s here that IT STARTS! Media finds its first muse for automotive video production. With the sprawling City of Angels just a stone’s throw away, this road is a filmmaker’s haven, offering logistical convenience just beyond the bustle of one of the world’s primary video production hubs.

As the road carves through the mountainside, it reveals panoramic views that are as breathtaking as they are camera-ready. The two-lane highway, a ribbon of opportunity, ensures that each frame captures the undiluted essence of movement and landscape. It’s a stretch where a car can be portrayed as a conqueror of peaks or a harmonious element in a scene of tranquil highland beauty.

The serenity of the byway is its hidden strength; free from the distractions of overcrowded tourist spots, it allows for a clear narrative to be woven around the vehicle. The mountainous terrain and the vast, open skies serve as a dynamic backdrop for showcasing a car’s grace and power. The Rim of the World is more than just a route; it’s a cinematic promise of adventure, aspiration, and the allure of the open road that beckons the spirit of both driver and viewer alike.

Automotive video production

Automotive video production


The Mother Road, Route 66, is a living legend, stretching its storied pavement through the heart of California’s cinematic dreamscape. IT STARTS! Media takes a nostalgic ride on this emblematic highway that whispers tales of Americana with every mile marker. Beginning in the coastal embrace of Santa Monica, Route 66 is an invitation to journey through epochs and echoes of a bygone era.

As you venture eastward, the road ushers you into the cultured avenues of Pasadena, where sophistication meets the street. Then, it’s a climb into the embrace of the San Bernardino National Forest, where the road is flanked by an audience of ancient trees — an homage to the enduring spirit of adventure.

Emerging from the forest’s shadow, Route 66 parades you through historic towns like Daggett, where every building and byway has a story to tell. The Mojave Desert stretches out beyond, a vast canvas of solitude where the horizon kisses the sky. Here, a car isn’t merely a machine; it’s a vessel carrying stories, dreams, and the timeless allure of the open road.

This stretch is a tribute to the past and a path to infinite possibilities. Whether you choose to culminate your journey in the desert’s embrace or chase the road’s ribbon into Arizona and beyond, Route 66 is more than a road — it’s a journey through the soul of American motoring, and an impeccable stage for automotive video production, promising raw, unfiltered vistas that are as honest as they are stunning.

Automotive video production

Automotive video production


Nestled in the verdant heart of Northern California, the Avenue of the Giants offers a journey through the towering majesty of some of the oldest living beings on Earth — the coastal redwoods. This is where IT STARTS! Media captures the essence of automotive video production, showcasing cars amidst these ancient sentinels, where every frame tells a story of grandeur and timelessness.

The Avenue is a 31-mile stretch of old Highway 101, where the redwoods rise like nature’s own skyscrapers, creating a cathedral of green that filters the sunlight into a kaleidoscope of hues. This is a place where a car can be filmed in quiet conversation with nature, its journey a serene glide through hushed groves that have watched over the land for millennia.

The road itself, winding and tranquil, offers the perfect conditions for rolling shots. It is as though the road was designed with the filmmaker in mind, with gentle curves and a peaceful environment that allows for uninterrupted shooting. The towering redwoods provide a stunning contrast to the sleek lines of modern machinery, a juxtaposition that speaks to the viewer on an instinctual level.

The Avenue of the Giants is more than a route; it’s a passage through history, a road that offers a rare opportunity to align brand storytelling with the timeless narrative of nature. For companies that align themselves with themes of endurance, legacy, and sustainability, there could be no better backdrop for their automotive video production.

Automotive video production

Automotive video production


The tapestry of Northern California Wine Country is a palette of rolling vineyards, golden hills, and sun-kissed skies—a perfect symphony of elements for IT STARTS! Media’s automotive video production. Here, luxury meets legacy, speed meets serenity, and every turn offers a toast to the finer things in life.

As you traverse the Wine Country, each vineyard tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship, mirroring the qualities of the cars we feature. This landscape is a tribute to taste and refinement, where the roads serve as ribbons tying together the patchwork of estates and terroirs.

The roads here are smooth and inviting, with vistas that beckon travelers to indulge in the journey. The rows of vines racing by create a rhythmic beauty, perfect for capturing rolling shots that communicate elegance and motion. The warm light of Northern California bathes the scenery in a glow that seems to enhance the sheen of the cars, ensuring that the vehicles are always presented in their best light.

Northern California Wine Country is not just a place—it’s a celebration of sensorial experiences. For automotive brands that epitomize sophistication, for companies that craft machines as much for their beauty as for their performance, this is an ideal stage. It’s where the essence of the car can be intertwined with the spirit of the land, creating promotional material that’s as intoxicating as the region’s famed vintages.

Automotive video production

Automotive video production

PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY – Top Road for Automotive Video Production

The Pacific Coast Highway, California’s crown jewel, a meandering stretch that hugs the coastline, offering cinematic vistas that seem to leap straight out of a dream. IT STARTS! Media taps into the essence of this iconic thoroughfare to create automotive video productions that are as breathtaking as the ocean views they feature.
This highway is a celebration of all that California represents—the freedom of the open road, the pioneering spirit, and the sheer joy of discovery. From the craggy cliffs of Big Sur to the serene beaches of Malibu, PCH provides an ever-changing backdrop that’s as dynamic as the automotive industry itself.

Filming on the PCH means capturing the dance between land and sea, with the vehicle framed against the vastness of the Pacific or the rugged elegance of the coastline. It’s a place where the road itself is a protagonist, a character that brings out the soul of the car as it traverses this legendary route.

For brands that seek to evoke the spirit of adventure, the lure of the horizon, or the promise of a journey not just traveled, but experienced, the Pacific Coast Highway is an unparalleled choice. It’s where the luxury of the car and the lure of the California coast come together to create not just a commercial, but a story that will resonate with viewers long after the screen fades to black.


As the sun dips below the Pacific, casting long shadows on the roads we’ve traveled, we conclude our scenic sojourn through California’s most picturesque routes for automotive video production. From the lofty heights of the Rim of the World to the legendary stretches of Route 66; from the ancient, stoic redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants to the cultured lanes amidst Northern California’s wine country; and finally, cruising along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, IT STARTS! Media has navigated you through landscapes that do more than just serve as backgrounds—they enhance and complement the very essence of the automotive industry.

These roads are more than mere asphalt; they are partners in the art of storytelling, where every turn offers a new tale, every mile a different emotion. For companies seeking to capture the soul of their brand, these routes offer a canvas as dynamic and expressive as the vehicles themselves. The journey is complete, but the story is just beginning. Where will your next production take you? With IT STARTS! Media, the road ahead is as limitless as your imagination. Let’s drive into the horizon where stories are waiting to be told and memories are eager to be captured.

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