Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

5 Top Quality Christmas Ideas Every Videographer Craves

In the luminescent realm of video production, where every frame is a canvas and every shot a brushstroke, the quest for the quintessential Christmas gifts for the visual storyteller is as thrilling as the final cut. So, as the yuletide glow adorns the streets, let’s unwrap the five stellar presents that every videographer, cinematographer, and filmmaker secretly yearns for.

We at IT STARTS! Media, a full-service video production team, are no strangers to the needs and desires that pulse through the heart of every videographer. With lenses keenly focused on both the minute details and the grand visions of cinematic storytelling, we understand the tools that can transform a simple shot into a visual masterpiece.

Imagine the sheer delight in the eyes of a filmmaker as they unveil a gift that not only resonates with their passion but elevates their craft. These aren’t just tools; they are keys to unlocking new dimensions of creativity, the best in their categories, promising to make every frame they capture a testament to their artistry.

Whether they are a master of the long shot or a sorcerer of the editing suite, these curated treasures will not just be objects in a kit. They will become extensions of their vision, translating the mundane into the cinematic.

As we spotlight these five cinematic treasures, it’s paramount to emphasize that these are not just run-of-the-mill gadgets and gizmos. Each item stands as the best in its category, a testament to unparalleled quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. They are the cream of the crop, the award winners in their own rites, each boasting features and performance that set them apart from the rest. When you choose one of these gifts, you’re not just giving a tool of the trade; you’re bestowing a badge of honor—a recognition that the filmmaker in your life deserves the finest. This curation isn’t about filling stockings with forgettable trinkets; it’s about equipping your beloved videographer with a key to unlock new realms of creative potential. These gifts are the allies of the auteur, the companions of the director, and the muses of the editor. They are a celebration of the craft, a nod to the art, and a cheer for the stories yet to be told.

Stay tuned as we reveal the top-tier paraphernalia that is bound to make every videographer’s heart beat in 24 frames per second in anticipation. Let’s set the scene for a holiday season that’s sure to get every cinematographer’s lens flaring with excitement!

1. HDD Storage

In the digital era of filmmaking, where the resolution of cameras escalates and the richness of content deepens, data becomes as precious as the footage itself. Enter the first must-have gift for the filmmaker: a robust 4TB external HDD storage. It’s the unsung hero in a videographer’s arsenal, where each terabyte is a sanctuary for the art they capture. Consider our recent project with CNCDA: a single production day with three cameras amassed a staggering 360GB. It’s a clear testament to why such capacious storage isn’t just a commodity—it’s a necessity.

A 4TB external HDD strikes the perfect balance between economic value and storage capacity. While the allure of SSDs is undeniable, a traditional HDD offers the reliability and space needed for the vast archives of raw footage without the premium price. This is essential, not just for the immediate project but for the long game. Clients often circle back months, even years later, seeking further edits or additional cuts. With this powerhouse of storage, a filmmaker can confidently offer archival services, turning a simple storage solution into a lucrative, value-added proposition. Thus, this external HDD isn’t merely about storage; it’s about providing peace of mind and an opportunity to monetize foresight. It’s not just one of Christmas presents for filmmakers; it’s an investment in the endless cycle of creation and revision that defines the ever-evolving world of video production.

WD 4TB Elements Portable HDD, External Hard Drive, USB 3.0 for PC & Mac, Plug and Play Ready

SAMSUNG T7 Shield 4TB, Portable SSD, up-to 1050MB/s, USB 3.2 Gen2, Rugged, IP65 Water & Dust Resistant

2. Large Capacity Power Bank, Or Power Station – Great and Valuable Christmas Present For Filmmakers

Cue the second essential gift on our filmmaker’s wishlist—a high-capacity power bank or power station. This is the silent guardian of the set, the bearer of uninterrupted power, ensuring that the creative flow isn’t halted by the mundane search for a power outlet. In the dynamic world of video production, where the mantra is ‘time is footage,’ a reliable power bank is akin to a filmmaker’s Swiss Army knife.

Envision a scenario where the perfect shot is at arm’s reach, but the tether to a wall socket pulls you back—this is where the power station shines. It’s the liberator of location shoots, the enabler of impromptu lighting setups, and the savior in places where the nearest outlet is a myth. Whether it’s to power a key light for that quintessential glow on the subject’s face or to charge the array of batteries that cameras and accessories voraciously consume, the power station is the pulse that keeps the production alive.

In this industry, where every second is a silver sliver of the story, being equipped with a power bank means being prepared for any twist in the plot. It’s not just about keeping the lights on; it’s about ensuring that the story never fades to black. For the filmmaker who receives this gift, it’s the assurance that they can keep rolling, keep capturing, and keep creating, no matter where their story takes them.

EF ECOFLOW RIVER 288Wh Portable Power Station,3 x 600W(Peak 1200W) AC Outlets & LED Flashlight

PDBEST Portable Charger Power Bank 50000mah – PD 22.5W USB C Charger, QC 4.0 Fast Charging Battery Pack

Powdeom 155Wh Portable Power Station, 42000mAh Laptop Power Bank with 150W AC Outlet, Dual Way 65W

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

3. High Quality Audio Equipment

The third gift unwraps the crucial, often underappreciated element of filmmaking—pristine audio. It’s common knowledge that many videographers invest heavily in their visual toolkit—the camera, the lenses, and the lights, yet audio equipment frequently takes a backseat. However, any seasoned professional will attest that audio quality is not just an addition but a cornerstone of a successful production, making up a full 50 percent of the viewing experience.

This is why gifting top-tier audio gear is tantamount to elevating a filmmaker’s entire production value. A Sennheiser MKE600 shotgun microphone, for instance, is the industry standard for capturing crystal-clear dialogue and the rich, ambient sounds that bring a scene to life. It’s the brush with which aural landscapes are painted and a crucial ally in the battle against unwanted noise.

Similarly, a Rode Wireless Pro lavalier microphone system offers unparalleled convenience and quality, liberating filmmakers from the shackles of cables and giving them the flexibility to record from anywhere, anytime. This level of mobility is indispensable in capturing the essence of each moment, whether it’s a whispered confession in a drama or the bustling sounds of a documentary.

And for those moments when control is paramount, a Zoom H6 recorder stands ready, offering filmmakers the ability to manipulate every auditory detail. With its high-quality, fully controllable interface, the Zoom H6 is not just an audio recorder; it’s a maestro’s wand, ready to orchestrate the symphony of sounds that is integral to the storytelling process.

Choosing to gift any one of these audio powerhouses shows a deep understanding of the craft and an appreciation for the harmony of sight and sound. It’s a gift that says, “Your vision deserves to be heard clearly.”

RODE Wireless PRO Compact Wireless Microphone System with Timecode, 32-bit Float On-board Recording

H6 All Black 6-Track Portable Recorder, Stereo Microphones, 4 XLR/TRS Inputs

Sennheiser Professional MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone with XLR-3 to 3.5mm Connector for Video

4. Auxiliary Lighting

The fourth present on our list of Christmas presents for filmmakers brings the subtle art of illumination into the spotlight—auxiliary lighting. While key lights reign supreme in a videographer’s arsenal, the true character of a shot is often painted with the hues and shades of additional light sources. This is where portable, color-adjustable lights come into play, offering a palette of possibilities to the discerning filmmaker.

These nimble lighting tools are the unsung heroes that fill the shadows, kick the highlights, and wrap the subjects in a soft glow or a dramatic slash of light. They’re the brushstrokes that can turn a flat image into a three-dimensional masterpiece, separating good cinematography from great. With the ability to simulate anything from the golden hour’s warmth to the coolness of moonlight, these lights allow for creative expression that transcends the limitations of natural light.

Portability means these lights can follow the filmmaker into the depths of a forest, onto the vastness of a beach, or into the confines of an intimate indoor set. They are the companions that never flinch, no matter how remote or challenging the location. The ability to adjust colors brings a cinematographer’s vision to life, enabling them to match the ambient light or to boldly contrast it, crafting the visual tone of the narrative with precision and artistry.

Gifting a set of these versatile lights is akin to handing an artist a new set of colors to paint with—each light a different shade, each adjustment a new stroke on the canvas. For the videographer who receives this, you’re not just brightening their set; you’re illuminating their creative potential.

Amaran MC RGBWW Mini On Camera Video Light,3200K-6500K,CRI/TLCI 96+,HSI Mode,Support Magnetic

Aputure Amaran T2C RGBWW LED Tube Light 2500K to 7500K,Support APP and DMX Control

5. Production Slate

And for the grand finale, let’s not overlook the quintessential, albeit often underappreciated, star of the show—the production slate. Ah, the humble clapperboard, a mere whisper in the cacophony of high-end gadgets and gizmos, yet it holds the power to summon silence on set with a single clap. This is the maestro of the edit suite, the unsung hero that syncs the wild rhythm of visuals and sound into a harmonious ballet.

In the world of flashy lenses and terabytes of storage, the production slate stands out with its charming simplicity and budget-friendly price tag. It’s the David among Goliaths, yet without it, Goliaths would fumble. What it lacks in electronic sophistication, it makes up for with sheer cinematic personality. After all, there’s nothing quite like the sharp snap of a slate to make one feel like they’re in the throes of Hollywood magic—even if they’re just in the backyard.

Gifting a production slate is like gifting a piece of filmmaking tradition, a nod to the craft that says, “I get it, you’re creating art here.” It’s a wink to the industry, a chuckle in the seriousness of production, and a statement that sometimes the best things in a filmmaker’s bag are not the ones that cost an arm and a leg, but the ones that bring order to chaos with a clap and a bit of chalk. Lights, camera, action—let’s take it from the top!

Acrylic Film Clapboard -12 x 10in Plastic Film Clapboard Cut Action Scene Clapper Board with a Magnetic Blackboard

Acrylic Clapboard Dry Erase Director Film Movie Cut/Action Clapper Board Slate with Yellow/Black Sticks


As the curtain falls on our festive guide to the ultimate Christmas gifts for filmmakers, we’ve ventured through a collection that strikes every chord in the symphony of video production. From the vast horizons of digital storage offered by a 4TB external HDD to the empowering autonomy of a high-capacity power bank; from the crystal clarity of industry-standard audio gear to the dynamic expression of auxiliary lighting; and finally, to the classic simplicity of the production slate—each gift is a note in the visual and auditory storytelling that is filmmaking.

These are not just presents; they are investments in a videographer’s journey. They acknowledge the complexity and dedication behind every shot, every scene, and every project. In this digital age where content is king, these tools are the crown jewels of any production ensemble, enabling creators to tell their stories with greater depth, clarity, and impact.

As we wrap up, remember that the spirit of giving is about understanding and elevating the recipient’s passion. Whether it’s through terabytes of memory, the lifeline of portable power, the fidelity of sound, the nuance of lighting, or the classic action of a slate, each of these gifts has the potential to bring a smile to the face of the filmmaker in your life. They’re a testament to their craft, a beacon of your support, and a token of appreciation for the art they bring into the world.

So, as you set out to spread joy this Christmas, consider how each of these five gifts could not only brighten the day of a filmmaker but also enhance the stories they tell. Because after all, isn’t that what filmmaking is all about—telling stories that resonate, captivate, and stay with us long after the credits have rolled? Merry filming, and happy holidays!

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

Christmas Presents for Videographers in 2023

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