Production studio in LA

Production studio in LA

The Cinematic Symphony of Los Angeles: Dive into the 11 Best Multi-Set Studios!

Los Angeles, the glistening city where dreams are weaved into cinematic reality. Amidst the glitz and glamour, LA stands tall as the mecca of video production, churning out visual masterpieces that echo globally. Whether it’s the compelling narrative of a corporate video, the pulsating beats of a chart-topping music video, or the magnetism of a slick commercial, the heart of every production is a studio – that magical space where creativity unfurls and stories come to life. But with a city as sprawling and eclectic as Los Angeles, where does one begin to find the crème de la crème of video production studios?

Fear not, for we’ve trekked across the city of angels, peeping behind the curtains and unveiling the hidden gems. Presenting to you, a meticulously curated list of the 11 best multi-set studios in Los Angeles. Whether you’re a burgeoning filmmaker, an established brand, or a musician on the rise, this comprehensive guide will be your beacon, illuminating the path to studios that resonate with artistic brilliance and technical prowess. So, strap in and let’s embark on a cinematic journey, exploring the sanctuaries where vision transforms into video. Welcome to the heartbeats of LA’s video production! 🎥🌆


1. 14 Multi-Set/Prop Creative Studio

($70/hr, 2hr minimum)

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

Multi-set video production studio

Multi-set video production studio


Wax University
Full Metal Jacket Room
Sunflower Tunnel
Graffiti Tunnel
Record Room
Jeffery Manor Tunnel
Light Tunnel
Trap House Set
LED Cube
Pink/Blue Lounge
Yellow/Green Lounge
Orange Tunnel
Cloud Tunnel Set


No refunds will be provided unless cancellations occur within 24 hours of the booking and only if the booking is at least three weeks away from the cancellation request.

Rescheduling is permitted with a standard fee of $100.00 and a last-minute fee of $150.00 for any abrupt changes.

Overtime charges will be 1.5x the original rate. Your booking duration includes both setup and clean-up, so please plan accordingly.



Expansive 5,000 sq ft. area
2 fans
Restroom (Located around the hall’s corner, room number to be specified)

School Desks

Make the most of our versatile, imaginative space designed to enhance your creative endeavors.


2. The Time Machine | Retro Diner, Theater, Y2K, Vintage, Black Void – Lighting Included

($94/hr, 2hr minimum)

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

Multi-set video production studio

Multi-set video production studio


  • Delighted to announce the addition of AIR CONDITIONING at our multi-set studio for enhanced comfort!
  • Pay once and get all-access: Dive into the world of 5 mesmerizing sets with just one price.

Peruse our gallery and draw inspiration for your upcoming venture!


  1. Neon Vaporwave Diner: Immerse in the glow of the customizable RGB hues.
  2. Y2K Room: Relive the millennial magic.
  3. Old Hollywood Theater: Travel back to cinema’s golden era.
  4. Disco Room: Groove in the retro vibes.
  5. Golden Rose 70s Living Room: Soak in vintage elegance.
  6. Black Out Tunnel: Illuminate your ideas with the dynamic RGB spotlight fixture.


  • Sprawling across 2400 sq ft in the bustling heart of Downtown LA.
  • Relax in the cooling comfort of our newly installed air conditioning.
  • Accessing us is a breeze! Just climb an easy flight of stairs, park your car, and load straight in.
  • No parking hassles: Our on-site lot offers all-day parking at just $5.
  • Benefit from our immaculate lounge, restroom facilities, and a dedicated make-up vanity zone.


  • Dual Godox Bi-Color LED Lights equipped with Softboxes and Stands.
  • A Godox 5600K Constant LED Light.
  • A state-of-the-art Aputure Fresnel 2X.
  • Six vibrant RGB Flood Lights.

SPECIAL NOTE: Our versatile production studio shares its common area with a neighboring studio. If your requirements involve LIVE AUDIO RECORDING or COMPLETE PRIVACY, we urge you to inform us beforehand. This helps us schedule and keep the other studio vacant during your booking time. Want additional space? The adjacent studio can be rented out as a green room for holding talent. Details upon inquiry!


  • In-House Production Bundles! Let us shoulder the production of your music videos, photoshoots, and more. Need BTS photographers, videographers, or production assistants? We’ve got you covered! Drop us a query for detailed information.

Got questions or specific requirements? We’re here to assist! Opt for in-person or virtual scouting, whichever suits you.

Let’s Make Timeless Memories Together!


3. Neon Color-Changeable Warehouse Studio DTLA

($125/hr, 4hr minimum)

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

Multi-set video production studio

Multi-set video production studio

Welcome to our exceptional 3-room neon warehouse video production studio, sprawling across a massive 3000 sq ft, all conveniently housed under one roof. This private venue stands out, boasting an intricately designed LED roof that’s not just visually impressive, but also highly user-friendly.


Main Room Magic: With the capability to transition between diverse color schemes, this room adds versatility to your shoot. For a touch of drama, you can also utilize the strobe effects available in blue, red, and green.

Ground Floor Advantage: Situated on the ground level, our location ensures easy accessibility. The back alley simplifies your load-in process, making setups efficient and hassle-free.

Kill Bill Inspired Room: Dive into the vibrant ambiance of our entirely yellow room, reminiscent of the iconic “Kill Bill” style.

Gradient-lit White Set: This set is embellished with gradient-fluorescent tubes, adding depth and dynamism to your projects.

Vast Space to Work: With a generous 3000 sq ft at your disposal, there’s ample room to bring your visions to life.

This multi-set video production studio is a dream come true for young filmmakers aiming for grandeur without complications. The location’s vibrancy and functionality make it an excellent backdrop for both filming and photography projects.

Why Choose Us?
Our neon warehouse isn’t just a space; it’s an experience. From intricate design details to practicality, we offer a blend that’s hard to find. Dive into a world of neon, gradients, and versatile sets, and let your creativity soar. Whether you’re shooting a music video, a film, or hosting a themed event, our warehouse promises an environment that amplifies your vision. Book with us and bring your grand ideas to life!


4. Blackout Car Photo & Video studio with large black cyc wall, RGB LED Tunnel, rain feature, free parking and roll-up doors

($84/hr, 1hr minimum)

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA

Multi-set video production studio

Multi-set video production studio

Step into a generous 1865 square feet versatile studio designed with versatility in mind. From a sleek black cyc wall to a captivating LED tunnel, this studio is ready to accommodate your diverse shooting requirements. Additionally, we feature a ramp designed to bring cars onto the cyc effortlessly.

Features Include:

  • Car Friendly: Our multi-set studio boasts a ground-floor roll-up door and ramp, making it convenient for automotive shoots.
  • Rain Modes: To add dynamism to your shots:
    • Circle Rain
    • Wall Rain
    • Shower HeadPlease Note: If using our rain features, ensure you bring towels and robes.
  • Cyc Condition: Our cyc comes as is. Should you need it freshly painted, it’s available for an additional $230 (requested in advance).
  • Capacity: The studio comfortably accommodates 10 individuals. Any additional persons are billed at a flat rate of $5 each.

Equipment on Site:
Our stage is well-equipped with tools and accessories to facilitate your shoot. This includes a range of lighting tools like alien bees DB800, light modifiers, and more. Additionally, we offer utilities like a clothing rack, a make-up station complete with dimmable lights, a full-body mirror, changing area, Bluetooth-compatible speaker, and a mini-fridge.

Extras at No Cost: Depending on availability, we offer a range of extra equipment and amenities shared between stages. This includes additional c-stands, reflectors, fans, stools, and steamers among others.

Important Notes:

  • Booking durations should consider set up and break down times. As reservations are scheduled back-to-back, it’s imperative to respect time constraints.
  • Any bookings outside the window of 8 am to 11 pm will incur an extra charge of $35/hr (billed in whole hours).
  • Kindly note that our stage is not soundproofed.
  • Cleaning or damage fees are charged only if necessary.
  • An additional strobe head, inclusive of all essential accessories, is available for $35.


5. Blackout photo & video studio with RGB Astera Light wall, LED light walls & black concrete floors

($64/hr, 1hr minimum)

Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

Versatile video production studio

Versatile video production studio

Welcome to Hill 2, the ultimate multi-set studio for photographers desiring unparalleled control over their shoot’s ambiance. Draped entirely in black, our walls and ceiling offer an authentic blackout environment, enabling you to dictate every photon that illuminates your subject.

Features Include:

  • Dimmable Light Walls: Tailor your ambient light precisely to your vision. Our dimmable light walls empower you to set the perfect mood and backdrop.
  • LED Walls: Pre-installed and multi-featured, these walls expand your creative horizons, inviting you to paint with light in ways previously only imagined.
  • Spacious Layout: Offering over 41 feet in length and spanning 20 feet wide, our studio space affords you the luxury to think big, experiment, and execute diverse shots.

Capacity and Amenities:
The studio rental encompasses 10 individuals. An additional flat fee of $5 is charged for every person beyond this number.

Equipment at Your Disposal:
Equipped with top-of-the-line photography gear, our all-in-one studio ensures you won’t lack any tools on your creative journey. From wireless triggers, a range of alien bees DB800 lights, to various c-stands, and even a mini boom, everything you need is right here.

Additional Comforts:
Beyond the technical, we believe in providing a comfortable environment for both the team and subjects. With conveniences such as a 6-foot black folding table, make-up station, Bluetooth-compatible speaker, and a mini-fridge, we’ve catered to every possible need.

No Extra Cost Add-ons:
We pride ourselves on being holistic in our offering. Thus, on request and subject to availability, we provide additional equipment, such as extra sandbags, c-stand arms, reflectors, fans, and even a steamer.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or an enthusiastic amateur, Hill 2 is a versatile space designed to bring out the best in your photographic endeavors. Dive into a world where light obeys your command and where every shoot is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Book now and let your creativity shine!


6. Loft Podcast/Photo/Video Studio in DTLA with AC and White CYC Wall

($50/hr, 2hr minimum)

Fashion District, Los Angeles, CA

Versatile video production studio

Versatile video production studio

Welcome to our distinctive loft-style space, intricately designed for Podcasting, Photo, and Video production. Dive deep into a realm where innovative ideas merge with top-of-the-line equipment to produce stellar content.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility & Comfort: Free street parking ensures you and your crew have hassle-free access. The addition of a freight elevator and 2 portable AC units guarantees smooth movement and a comfortable environment.
  • White CYC Wall: Perfect for seamless backgrounds, giving your content a professional touch.

Equipment on the House:

  • Flash Light Kit: Our Westcott FJ400 Strobe 2-Light Backpack Kit is paired with an FJ-X3m Universal Wireless Trigger. Accompanying it is a selection of a 7′ soft umbrella, 14” X 60” foldable stripbox, 16” X 24” softbox, a beauty dish, and reflectors to mold the light as you envision.
  • Podcast Gear: Immerse your audience in rich sound with our state-of-the-art podcast setup. It features Shure SM7B Vocal Microphones, the versatile Rode RODECaster Pro Integrated, top-notch Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Monitor Headphones, and sturdy Aural MS-5230F Tripod Microphone Stands.

(Note: Video light kits are available as add-ons.)

Services Offered:

  • Photography & Videography: Our facility is tailored for diverse projects, be it video clips, interviews, catalogs, portraits, or fashion shoots. With our experienced staff at the helm, anticipate impeccable service ensuring a professional outcome.
  • Podcasting: Mix and master your podcast sessions with unparalleled sound quality. Enhance your podcast’s appeal by integrating photo and video content or even engaging in live broadcasts and video streaming. Our intuitive podcasting system accommodates up to 4 individuals. Simply bring along a laptop or mini SD card, and we’ll help with the setup.
  • Sound Assistance: If the audio intricacies seem overwhelming, our skilled sound assistant is available to guide you through.

Booking & Rates:
For those spontaneous creative urges, we accommodate last-minute bookings at $75 per hour.


7. Multi Set Studio. Retro Arcade Room, , Money/Gold Room, Rgb wall, Mini mart Room And More

($129/hr, 2hr minimum)

Northeast Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Versatile video production studio

Versatile video production studio

Get ready to embark on a thrilling creative journey in our expansive studio, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of shoots and ideas. Dive into a plethora of vibrant sets, each presenting its own unique ambiance.

1. RGB Cloud Tunnel: A newly added spectacle! Drift through this mesmerizing tunnel, offering an array of colors and effects. Dimensions: 7-8ft tall, 16ft long, 6ft wide.

2. Retro Arcade Room: Step back in time with an interactive arcade set, adorned with RGB Arrows. Experience functional games, atmospheric lighting, and a vast 750 sf space.

3. Money/Gold Stash Room: Dive into affluence with copious amounts of fake gold, a money counter, and an Aputure RGB Bulb.

4. Mini Mart: A 600 sf setup boasting RGB-lit refrigerators, a counter, TV, radio, faux food spills, and an ATM prop.

5. Outdoor Bodega Store Front: Channel Brooklyn vibes with this indoor replica, including a payphone, bench, graffiti, posters, and a mobile newsstand.

6. Vast Open Space: Utilize over 3000 sf to let your creativity soar, complete with an RGB Blackwall and drive-in door (restrictions apply).

7. Additional Features: From a futuristic tunnel and colored backdrops to a bullet hole stand and an optional Cop Car, every corner is a new adventure.

Facilities & Provisions:

  • Bathroom: Includes two stalls.
  • Lighting: Many LED bi-color or RGB lights available for add-ons. Inquire about other lighting tools such as RGB panels and Nanlite Pavotubes.
  • Air Conditioning: Main space remains cool; however, A/C might not reach all rooms.

Special Notes:

  • Ceiling Colors: Black throughout, with the exception of the Mini Mart (white).
  • Audio Concerns: A neighboring studio may interfere with audio recording. If crucial, notify us beforehand.
  • Parking & Drive-in: Be aware of restricted access on Wednesdays post-3 pm due to a street food market. The drive-in door may not be low-car friendly.


8. Full size White Cyc and Black Void fashion/product/photo production studio

($35/hr, 2hr minimum)

Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA

Versatile video production studio

Versatile video production studio

Welcome to the Ultimate Space for Visual Magic!

Nestled in a prime location, our vast 2200 sq. ft. studio is a haven for photographers, filmmakers, and all creative minds. Offering both spaciousness and versatility, this ground-floor multi-set studio is designed to cater to diverse needs.

Key Studio Features:

  1. Cyclorama Walls:
    • Impressive 22′ wide x14′ deep’x12′ high white corner cyclorama with a seamless 2.5″ curve.
    • 12’x10’x10′ intimate black corner cyclorama.
    • A 12′ wide roll-down green screen for all chroma keying requirements.
  2. Diverse Backgrounds:
    • From rustic brick and cinder block flats to modern steel panels and more, choose from an array of striking backdrops for your shoot.
  3. Private Make-Up/Hair/Changing Stations:
    • 2-station room for all prep needs. Need more space? Upgrade to our spacious 4-station room for a nominal fee.
  4. Furnishings Galore:
    • Variety of stylish furnishings available at no extra cost to add a touch of class or quirk to your sets.
  5. Parking:
    • Bid farewell to parking woes with ample FREE street parking adjacent to the studio entrance.

Effortlessly accessible ground-floor location. No elevators or stairs to navigate.

Acoustics & Lighting:
While we’ve endeavored to provide a serene environment, it’s worth noting:

  • It’s not a designated soundproof stage; external noises, although rare, might occur.
  • Natural light is limited to early mornings via east-facing windows, which can be blocked with our blackout curtains. We advise using artificial lighting for consistent results.

Free Equipment with Every Rental:

  • C-stands, boom stand, light-duty stands, sandbags, rolling ladder, garment rack, mirrors, and hair fan.

Rental Add-Ons (Optional):

  • Strobe Lighting Package: At $35, get 3 Einstein lights equipped with a variety of modifiers and wireless triggers. Need more strobes? Additional non-Einstein lights are available at $10 each.
  • LED Lighting Package: Illuminate your set with 4 Fovitec LED panels for just $35.
  • LED Accent Lights: Spice up your scene with colored LED accent lights at $20. They’re app-controlled for convenience.
  • Seamless Paper Selection: Choose from a variety of vibrant colored papers for just $10 per pull.

Craft Your Vision with Precision!
Join us and transform your creative aspirations into tangible artistry. Book today!


9. Multi-Set in DTLA! (Vintage, Retro, Laundromat, Colorful, Large Cyclorama) FREE Pre-set Lighting

($69/hr, 2hr minimum)

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

All-in-one video production studio

All-in-one video production studio

Emerge into a world of vibrant colors and retro vibes, only at The Billy Studio! Known for its impeccable multi-set designs, our studio is a sanctuary for creativity. Positioned in the heart of Downtown LA, we’re open around the clock for teams of up to 20, ensuring your project shines in the best light—quite literally, with our FREE inclusive lighting setup!

📸 Catch a Glimpse of Our Magic: Check out our IG

Set Your Scene with These Unique Sets:

  1. 🌀 Pastel Laundromat: Dive into nostalgia with 5 delightfully colored dryers. And yes, you can pop in—if you fit!
  2. 📺 Retro Living Room: Relish the 80s aura with a TV, record player, shag carpet, and quirky family portraits.
  3. 🚗 Vintage Garage: Get rolling with a genuine 1959 Morris Miner CAR, neon glows, chain-link fence, American flag, and so much more.
  4. 👖 Billy-Jean Wall: Slip into the early 2000s with our all-denim backdrop.
  5. CYCLORAMA Wall: A sleek white 250sf Cyc wall standing 10ft tall, ready to frame your masterpieces.
  6. ⚰️ And, the Showstopper: A HOT PINK Casket!

Bonus Amenities:

  • Spacious 1350 sq ft.
  • Air-conditioned comfort.
  • Private dressing space with makeup station & clothing rack.
  • Bathroom for your convenience.
  • Plenty of tables and seating.
  • Easy, ground floor access.

Parking? No Stress!

  • Affordable metered street parking (50c/hr for 4 hours).
  • FREE post 6:00 pm and all-day Sundays.
  • Nearby parking structures.

Make It Shine with All-Inclusive Gear!
From SpiderLight Wescott to RGB bulbs, from vintage props like a Pac-Man Arcade to an assortment of vintage goodies—we’ve got you covered! Check out our detailed list above for all the available props, lights, and equipment.

Sound & Power Essentials:

  • While we’re situated street-side, which might impact sound-sensitive recordings, the perk is there’s no decibel limit at any hour.
  • Power? We’re loaded with 7 dispersed outlets and even a 20A 120V outlet.

Come on in and make your creative dreams come alive! At The Billy Studio, your imagination knows no bounds.


10. Large White Cyclorama plus Dozens of Unique photo/production Backgrounds

($55/hr, 3hr minimum)

Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA

All-in-one video production studio

All-in-one video production studio

Welcome to the Panorama Studio! 📸✨

Dive into a world of endless creativity and imagination! The Panorama Studio boasts a myriad of meticulously curated backgrounds, ready to transform your projects into visual masterpieces.

Key Features:

🏙️ Vivid Backgrounds: Immerse yourself in diverse settings—from bustling city streets to mesmerizing science fiction walls, from regal Victorian splendor to contemporary graffiti art. The transitions are smooth, effortless, and instant.

🔧 Integrated Designs: No heavy lifting or hassles! All backdrops are either built directly into the walls or designed as hinged production flats, ensuring swift switches between settings.

🌡️ Comfort First: Stay cozy whatever the weather—our multi-set studio is climate-controlled to suit your needs.

🚗 Parking Made Easy: No more parking woes! Enjoy abundant FREE parking right beside the studio entrance.

🛋️ Furnish on the Fly: A plethora of furnishings is available at no extra cost to accentuate your shoots.

Studio Essentials:

  • Effortless Access: Ground floor location, devoid of any cumbersome stairs or elevators.
  • Sound Note: This isn’t a fully sound-proofed stage, so some external noises might creep in. Plan accordingly!
  • Glow & Shine: This is a studio that thrives on artificial illumination. Bring your own, or opt for our rental packages.
  • Gear Up: Rentals include 3 C-stands, a boom stand, light-duty stands, and sandbags at no extra cost.

Lighting Packages for Rent:

🔆 Strobe Lighting Package: $35/shoot

  • 3 Einstein lights with 2 softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, grid modifiers, and triggers.
  • Additional non-Einstein strobes available for $10 each.

💡 LED Continuous Lighting: $35/shoot

  • 4 Fovitec LED panels (2×600, 2×900 bulb).

🌈 Colored LED Accent Lights: $20/shoot

  • 3x15w lights, app-controlled for creative flexibility.

🎨 Colored Seamless Paper: $10/pull

  • Choose from hot pink, light pink, dark blue, light blue, gray, red, yellow, and more.

Step in and transform your visions into reality. At Panorama multi-set Studio, every angle offers a new story.


11. Dream Studio – Natural light, AC, WiFi, Free equipment

($40/hr, 1hr minimum)

Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

All-in-one video production studio

All-in-one video production studio

Immerse yourself in an exemplary studio experience right in the heart of Los Angeles. At Simplicity Studios, we’ve crafted an environment that fosters creativity and provides an unparalleled comfort for content creators.

Top Features:

☀️ Natural Illumination: Large tinted windows let in a flood of natural light, giving your shots an organic touch.

🌐 Connectivity: Seamless Wi-Fi ensures you stay connected.

🎨 Diverse Backdrops: Over 12 unique backdrops set the stage for a myriad of shoots. Whether you’re envisioning a simple setting or a grand design, we’ve got you covered.

🎵 Melodious Vibe: Set the mood with our Bluetooth speakers.

🛍️ Style with Ease: Our vanity makeup section and private dressing room ensure you and your subjects look impeccable. Plus, a steamer and clothing rack are on hand for outfit perfection.

All-Inclusive Equipment:

  • Alien Bee 800 with softbox and C-stand.
  • Godox UL60 constant light with C-stand + color gels.
  • Softboxes, color gels, modifiers, and beauty dishes.
  • Blackout curtains for controlled lighting.
  • Golden throne chair for regal shots.
  • Various chairs, stools, and props.
  • Paper backdrops for diverse settings.
  • And so much more!

Need More? 🌟
Extend your lighting game with our add-on of 2 extra Alien Bee 800 strobe lights + wireless triggers.

Accommodations & Details:

  • Accessibility: We’re located on the 2nd floor. Elevator access is available from Monday-Friday between 8am-6pm. For bookings after these hours or on weekends, stairs will be your mode of access.
  • Capacity: Our expansive space can comfortably host up to 20 people, making it ideal for both intimate and group sessions.
  • Backdrop Usage: Feel free to use any backdrop. For full-length shoots where you require the paper underfoot, there’s a $10 fee per seamless pull/color. Kindly add this during your booking if needed.

Follow us on Instagram @SimplicityStudiosLA to see our space in action and draw inspiration from others who’ve transformed their visions into art at our studio.

Note: As a self-service multi-set studio, we ensure your access is hassle-free. Detailed instructions will be provided a day before your session.

Your story, your way—make it come alive at Simplicity Studios LA. We’re excited to be part of your creative journey. 🌟


The Reel Finale: Celebrating LA’s Video Production Sanctuaries

As the sun sets over the City of Angels, casting a golden glow on its iconic skyline, we’ve journeyed through the maze of Los Angeles’ finest multi-set studios. Each of these spaces, with their unique flair, stands testament to the city’s unparalleled contribution to the world of video production. From corporate epics and toe-tapping music videos to commercials that redefine creativity, these versatile studios lay the foundation for every frame of excellence.

Choosing the perfect studio is more than just a logistical decision; it’s a commitment to quality, creativity, and a vision that only Los Angeles can truly offer. While this list provides a snapshot of the best in the business, it’s worth noting that LA’s video production tapestry is vast and ever-evolving. As creators, it’s upon us to keep pushing boundaries, and these studios are the launchpads for such artistic ambitions.

So, as you stand poised to make your mark in the video production arena, remember the essence of what these studios represent: passion, dedication, and the magic of cinematic storytelling. Here’s to the stories yet to be told and the studios in Los Angeles that make them possible. Lights, camera, and onward to action! 🌟🎬🌃

Production studio in LA

Production studio in LA

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