We’ve all experienced the frustration of a flat tire before. One minute you’re cruising down the highway, the next you’re pulled over on the shoulder, vehicles whizzing by as you wait for roadside assistance. Even with a spare and a jack, a flat renders your vehicle useless until it’s replaced. You’re left stranded and inactive, unable to reach your destination.

Now imagine your business is that awesome truck. You may have best-in-class products or services, a modern website, and slick marketing materials. But despite all that, a critical component is still missing – your brand storytelling tire has gone flat.

Glitzy Product Videos Only Go So Far

Many companies rely heavily on product-focused videos to drive awareness and sales. These flashy videos showcase offerings in the best possible light using slick cinematography and editing. However, while important, product videos alone have limited effectiveness for a few key reasons:

Low conversion rates – Pure product videos may attract visitors, but typically convert less than 10% into customers. They don’t build enough trust and emotional connection.

Lack purpose – Cool visuals demonstrate capabilities, but fail to convey why you exist and the meaningful impact you make.

Generic messaging – Product-only videos rarely communicate unique brand identity and personality that sets you apart.

Incomplete formula – Without compelling brand storytelling, you limit awareness, loyalty and sales potential.

Just as stranded motorists need more than a spare tire alone, brands need videos that go beyond products to resonate and convert viewers.

Recruitment video production, IT STARTS! media

Recruitment video production, IT STARTS! media

Brand Story Videos Forge Emotional Connections

Brand story videos fill this need by sharing your origin, ethos, values, culture and personality. They tap into emotions to humanize your company and create lasting bonds with customers.

Effective brand stories share elements like:

  • Founding – What inspired your start? What problem did you want to solve?
  • Mission – What meaningful change drives you beyond profits?
  • Values – What beliefs shape your company culture and practices?
  • Team – Let audiences relate to the real people behind your brand.
  • Community – Share key partnerships, vendors, and customers you serve.
  • Uniqueness – What makes your brand special? Communicate your distinctive identity.

Brand storytelling completes the formula for marketing success. It provides the depth and meaning to evolve transient visitors into loyal brand advocates.

Don’t just showcase products or services. Share your journey and purpose through emotional storytelling. That’s how to get your brand where it needs to go.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Seth Godin

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