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The Ultimate Guide to Video Production for Non-Profits: Why and How to Tell Your Story Effectively

Table of Contents Introduction What is Video Production for Non-Profits? Why Video Production is Beneficial for Non-Profits Types of Video Content for Non-Profits How Video Content Helps Non-Profits Reach Their Goals Our Services Conclusion Introduction Welcome to this comprehensive guide on Video Production Service for Non-Profits. At IT STARTS! Media, we specialize in producing high-quality video content for businesses and brands, including testimonial, corporate, promo videos, brand story videos, and [...]

A Masterclass in Recruitment Video Production for CNCDA Foundation: A Day to Remember Unveiling the Unicorn: A Flawless Recruitment Video Production Day It was an extraordinary day in the realm of the automotive recruitment video production! We conquered three diverse locations spanning Los Angeles and Orange County, aced eight interviews, and—hold your applause—stayed precisely on track with our timeline. For those in the know, achieving such a feat in the production industry is akin to spotting a unicorn. But we did [...]

The iPhone 15 Pro for Video: A Revolutionary Tool for Video Production and Filmmaking?

Iphone 15 Pro , for video production In the realm of mobile videography and filmmaking, Apple's latest flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro, is making waves. With cutting-edge features designed to enhance video production quality, this smartphone is set to redefine the standards for mobile cinematography. Are you a professional filmmaker, a content creator, or a video production enthusiast? The iPhone 15 Pro offers a suite of improvements that [...]

Video Production for Startups – The Ultimate Guide

Explainer video production for tech startup in San Francisco, IT STARTS! media Video has become essential for startups looking to launch and grow successfully. But what types of videos do tech startups need? How can you create compelling content on a budget? How to find the right video production for startups? This comprehensive guide covers everything startups should know about professional video production. Why Video is Crucial for [...]

One More Professional Filmmaker Joining Our Team: Welcome aboard, Sam!

Introduction: A Warm Welcome to Sam We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Kirill "Sam" Opuhovskiy to our team as our new Videographer and Director of Photography. Sam brings a wealth of experience and a unique creative vision to the table. His expertise in video production, especially in the bustling landscape of Los Angeles, is a tremendous asset to our team. With a background that spans YouTube content creation to commercial [...]

How Legal Video Production Can Benefit Law Firms in Major Cities

In today's digital landscape, video content is becoming indispensable for law firms looking to stand out from the competition and connect with clients. While video can provide value for legal practices of any size and location, firms in major metropolitan areas have ample opportunity to leverage video marketing and production services.   Here is a bit of Legal Video Production efficiency statistics: Legal Firm Clients Influenced by the video [...]

Recruitment Video Production: The Complete Guide for Hiring Success

Recruitment video production, IT STARTS! media High quality recruitment videos have become essential for companies looking to attract top talent in a competitive hiring landscape. This guide will walk through everything you need to know, from what recruitment videos entail to real-world examples of impactful recruitment content. What is a Recruitment Video? A recruitment video is a branded video created specifically to promote a company's employer brand and [...]

The Complete Guide to Branded Video Content Production

Product video production, IT STARTS! media Branded video content has become a must for businesses looking to creatively engage their audience. But what exactly is branded content production, and how do you develop compelling videos aligned with your brand? This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know. What is Branded Content? Branded content refers to various media formats that promote a company’s brand while entertaining or [...]

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