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Here's one of the recent articles about Product Video and it's Purpose from our partners Buck & Birdie Media. We couldn't have said better ourselves!   You’ve been around for a while, I’m sure you’ve had a flat tire before. It’s not the most pleasurable experience, especially waiting hours for a tow to come. Alternatively, having a spare and jack make the process faster, but being immobilized gets [...]

5 Ways to Tell a Compelling Brand Story with Video

Some people may say that the story behind your brand is not necessary for people to know, that it’s frivolous to dive into anything besides the product that you’re putting out there. However, communicating the story that got you to where you are humanizes your company and allows the consumer to feel more personally connected to your brand. When creating a video about your company, you only have so much [...]

Corporate Video Trends 2022

Video marketing is a strong mainstay in the digital marketing landscape, with over 90% of marketers adding videos to their marketing mix. Corporate video trends are always in a state of flux as a result of several factors: Changing consumer wants and needs Economic changes The completely unexpected — i.e. Covid 19 Being aware of how these factors and others affect corporate video trends can grant you better insight into [...]

“Take It From Me”- Why Testimonials Are So Effective

Marketing is all about giving your customers the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Everything you do – from the copy you craft to the images you choose – is built around that simple purpose in mind. But marketing itself has evolved over the years, away from the heavy reliance on the spec sheets of yesteryear. It’s essentially become an open line of communication between you and [...]

What Video Marketers Should Know in 2022

It's well established that video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world for the past decade. But what’s happening in video marketing right now? And how does its growth and success stand up to the twists and turns of a global pandemic? At Wyzowl, we've released an annual State of Video Marketing survey every year since 2015, charting usage, spend, channels, and opinions among video marketers [...]

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