Daylight video production studio

Daylight video production studio

In the heart of the city renowned for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, and historic neighborhoods, San Francisco also boasts a plethora of creative spaces. For video production companies and agencies like us, a studio’s natural lighting can play a pivotal role in the outcome of a project. Large windows not only usher in the city’s unique ambiance but also offer an unmatched, soft lighting solution.

With the myriad of options available, finding an affordable daylight production studio that aligns with your vision can be daunting. In this article, as of October 2023, we’re shining a light on the top 6 budget-friendly video production studios in SF that come equipped with expansive windows, ensuring your video production projects, whether it is a corporate interview, or a music video, are always in their best natural light.

Popular Questions about Daylight Production Studios:

  1. Why is natural daylight important for video production?
    Natural daylight offers a soft and even illumination that can produce flattering and visually stunning results. It minimizes the need for extensive artificial lighting setups, ensuring a more organic and realistic tone to the videos. Moreover, daylight adjusts naturally over time, giving creators the opportunity to play with different moods and ambiances in a single location.
  2. What are the challenges of using studios with large windows?
    While large windows provide abundant natural light, they also introduce variables like changing weather conditions, fluctuating light angles, and potential reflections. This demands videographers to be adaptive and sometimes requires additional equipment like diffusers or blackout curtains to control the intensity and direction of the light.
  3. How can I maximize the benefits of a daylight production studio?
    To get the best out of a daylight studio, it’s essential to study the path of the sun in relation to the studio’s windows. This helps in planning the shoot at the right time. Moreover, using reflectors can help bounce the natural light, ensuring even distribution. It’s also beneficial to be familiar with the studio’s provisions like blinds or curtains to manage the intensity of incoming light. Lastly, consider the outside view – a studio overlooking a bustling street can add dynamic backgrounds, while one with serene landscapes offers tranquility.



Sunny, Serene Dogpatch Studio

($100/hr, 6hr minimum)

Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA

Sunny, Serene Dogpatch Daylight Production Studio

Sunny, Serene Dogpatch Daylight Production Studio

Bright and serene, this Dogpatch daylight production studio offers an abundance of natural light, making it an ideal location for San Francisco-based video production, photo shoots, and other multimedia projects. Benefit from the comprehensive grip equipment, secure parking for three vehicles, and a myriad of added amenities. With the convenience of the loading dock and freight elevator, setup becomes seamless, ensuring your production in the City by the Bay runs smoothly.


Beautiful Studio with FREE Gear

($99/hr, 4hr minimum)

Mission District, San Francisco, CA

Delve into an array of complimentary equipment (*detailed list provided below).
Illuminate your shoots with a 30-foot expanse of natural light, accompanied by optional blackout curtains for those precise lighting needs.
Enjoy a spacious setting spanning 1,400 square feet, further amplified by soaring 12-foot ceilings.
A fully-equipped kitchen awaits your culinary endeavors, paired with a dedicated private bathroom.
For convenience, we offer a designated storage and changing area.
Effortlessly manage your heavy equipment with the loading dock and freight elevator.
Two expansive tables are at your service, with the option to incorporate two additional ones.
Immerse in crisp audio with the state-of-the-art Bluetooth sound system.
And of course, fresh coffee to fuel your creative endeavors!

9 C-Stands
2 Short C-Stands
8 Matthew Grip Heads with Arms
4 Light Stands
1 Matthews Boom Arm
9 Sand Bags
2 Full Apple Boxes
1 Half Apple Box
1 1/4 Apple Box
2 Super Mafer Clamps
2 A Clamps
1 Rolling Computer/Production Stand
1 Pro Jiffy Clothing Steamer (with metal head)
1 6 foot Ladder
2 Extension Cords
1 4×8 foot bounce fill
1 V-Flat fill (white side & black side)


Natural Light Photo + Video / Creative Studio Loft Space

($99/hr, 3hr minimum)

Emeryville, CA

Beautiful Studio with FREE Gear

Beautiful Studio with FREE Gear

Step into this expansive 1,197 sq ft daylight production studio, free from obstructive columns, designed meticulously for all your filmmaking needs in the heart of San Francisco.

Key Features:

  • Brilliant South/West-facing natural light, adjustable with blackout capabilities for desired ambiance.
  • A sleek polished concrete floor setting the stage for versatility.
  • Generous shooting space, measuring 19’W X 31’D X 13’H.
  • Three large 9′ X 17′ windows equipped with blackout curtains for precise lighting control.
  • Unique ceiling design with a gentle slope ranging from 14′ to 12.5′.
  • Power won’t be an issue with 150A/3 Phase Power.
  • Stay connected with Gigabit Fiber and Wifi availability.


  • Climate-controlled shooting space ensures comfort throughout.
  • A dedicated furnished area for clients to relax.
  • Separate dressing room and stylist prep area.
  • A “merch loft” for added convenience.
  • Well-maintained restroom complete with a shower.
  • A production-ready kitchen featuring pristine granite countertops, accompanied by essential appliances: fridge, gas stove, oven, and dishwasher.
  • Enjoy a breathtaking SF skyline view and the tranquil sight of Marin County and Mt. Tam.

Facilities & Nearby Attractions:

  • On-site lighting and grip* equipment.
  • Efficient commercial loading dock and a spacious freight elevator.
  • Ensured security with a secure entrance.
  • Convenient parking availability.
  • A range of restaurants within a short walk.
  • Essential stores like Home Depot and Target merely two blocks away.


  • Strategically located minutes away from the Bay Bridge and the heart of SF.
  • Direct access to the Interstate 80/580 Interchange.
  • Just 11 miles from Oakland International Airport and 20.6 miles to SFO, ensuring swift commutes.

Make your next production unparalleled, where every detail is crafted with your needs in mind, with this outstanding daylight production studio.


Beautiful Daylight, Studio in Mission Area with Panoramic City Views

($95/hr, 4hr minimum)

Mission District, San Francisco, CA

Natural Light Photo + Video / Creative Studio Loft Space

Natural Light Photo + Video / Creative Studio Loft Space

This newly renovated, sun-drenched space is perfect for still-life/product photography, food shoots, casting, and portrait sessions. The space is frequently used for professional photography sessions and film productions. Moreover, the daylight studio is an ideal venue for hosting photoshoots, workshops, and meetings.

This luminous 1,300 square-foot corner unit, located on the 4th floor, boasts 15 ft of 12ft high south-facing windows. For lighting flexibility, every window is equipped with opaque curtains, allowing for easy daylight manipulation or complete blackout.

A professionally equipped kitchen, featuring a 5-burner electric range, a refrigerator, and an upright freezer, facilitates any culinary requirement. The space also features a sizable common white oval 8ft dining table that can comfortably seat up to 10 people. Seating options are enhanced with 2-24-in. counter height and 2-30-in. bar height director’s chairs. Additionally, a stainless steel mobile work table, measuring 60″L x 30″W x 39″H, is ideal for food and beverage service.

Guests can enjoy music through speakers compatible with the Sonos App. The location is a brief stroll away from the 16th/Mission Bart, and offers free street parking throughout the day.

An elevated loft area doubles as a client lounge and is equipped with a 16ft long butcher block desk, 4 office chairs, and 2 sofas. The daylight production studio ensures guests stay connected through high-speed Wi-Fi.

Transporting equipment is made easy with two spacious elevators. However, usage of the freight elevator requires prior approval from the building manager. It’s important to note that large film crews with heavy filming equipment may incur additional charges. A grip package is included with the rental.

Situated in one of San Francisco’s most photographed neighborhoods, the daylight video studio is adjacent to notable establishments such as KQED, Heath Ceramics, Tartine Manufactory, Central Kitchen, Sightglass Coffee, and Trick Dog. Conveniently, Starbucks is located right across the street. This 1,300 square-foot space offers unparalleled views of the Mission, Twin Peaks, and the downtown area. The ambiance is enhanced by art photographs, lofty ceilings, and ample natural light, fostering creativity and positivity.

The upstairs loft is furnished with a 16 ft butcher block desk space, 4 office chairs, and 2 sofas. The newly refurbished kitchen gleams with stainless steel appliances and is replete with kitchenware. As a corner unit, the production studio guarantees quietude and is brightened by abundant sunlight. All windows are fitted with either shades or blackout curtains for customizable lighting conditions.


Bright Daylight Photo Studio

($80/hr, 6hr minimum)

Dogpatch,San Francisco, CA

Bright Daylight Photo Studio

Bright Daylight Photo Studio

Step into a sunlit haven designed specifically for your filming and photography needs. This daylight production studio basks in natural light, magnified by pristine white walls and a spacious open layout, offering an ideal backdrop for your next photo or video project. Enjoy the tranquility of this private and serene setting, ensuring undisturbed sessions.

Amenities include the use of basic grip equipment, sheltered parking accommodating up to three vehicles, and a variety of other thoughtful touches for a smooth production experience. Facilitating effortless load-ins, the studio comes equipped with a convenient loading dock and a sizable freight elevator.

For projects demanding more space, this studio can seamlessly integrate with another adjacent larger daylight production studio. Avail of this combination at a special discounted rate, making it perfect for more extensive production endeavors!

Natural light studio in San Francisco

($85/hr, 1hr minimum)

Bayview,San Francisco, CA

Natural light studio in San Francisco

Natural light studio in San Francisco

Dive into a realm of creativity within this daylight production studio—a haven nestled within a vast, historic industrial warehouse, resplendent with radiant natural light. Gleaming white walls complement the grand 13-foot windows that frame views towards the Bay. The studio enjoys optimal daylight from dawn until approximately two hours before dusk. Depending on your preferences, utilize the curtains or v-flats to moderate or exclude intense rays from the space.

Spanning 250 square feet, the rental area boasts white walls bathed in unparalleled natural light. It’s worth noting an additional room, concealed from this listing, is dedicated to creatives specializing in letterpress and bindery. Rest assured, during your tenure, the entire daylight production studio remains exclusive to you and your invitees. Avail the supplementary rooms as preparatory spaces for your clients, without incurring additional costs.

This space is a versatile fit for an array of activities: from photoshoots, video productions, and cozy events to art exhibitions, pop-up stores, live performances, fundraisers, and workshops.

Enjoy the convenience of unmetered street parking. Loading becomes a breeze with the loading dock, expansive freight elevator, and carts—especially if you’re transporting bulky items.


  • Stand for backdrops
  • Range of seamless backdrops (available for additional cost)
  • Two standard tripod stands for studio lights (note: studio lights NOT provided)
  • Camera tripod
  • Extension cords
  • iPhone charging facility
  • Sound speaker
  • Rack for apparel
  • Fabric steamer
  • High-power industrial fan
  • Heating device
  • Two v-flats, both black and white
  • Sink for utility
  • Foldable table (2ft x 4ft)
  • Desk (20 inches x 3ft)
  • Varied chairs and stools (as shown in images)
  • Separate restrooms for men and women

Experience a synthesis of utility and aesthetics in this space, tailored to facilitate your creative pursuits seamlessly.


Daylight video production studio

Daylight video production studio

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