Amidst the sun-drenched saguaros and the ever-changing hues of the Phoenix sky, there thrives a storytelling landscape as dynamic and varied as the city itself. Welcome to the IT STARTS! media blog, where today we’re mapping the cinematic constellation of Phoenix, Arizona. Get ready to embark on a visual odyssey to spotlight the 5 best video production companies that not only capture the essence of this vibrant city but also elevate the craft of video storytelling to dazzling new heights.

Phoenix is not just a geographical marvel; it’s a narrative playground for corporate video production maestros, indie film virtuosos, and avant-garde content creators. In a city where every corner promises a new story, these five companies have mastered the art of bringing those tales to life with impeccable video production services that resonate with audiences far and wide.

In the event that “video production company near me” frequently populates your search bar, and uncertainty prevails, then rest assured – you’ve found the right spot. Join us, as IT STARTS! media takes you behind the camera, beyond the clapperboard, and into the world of Phoenix’s finest—where the pulse of corporate video production is as persistent as the city’s mythical namesake, ever-rising, ever-renewing, and always ready for its close-up. Let’s roll the opening credits on this desert cinematic journey, and discover the video production companies that make Phoenix not just a hot spot, but a hotbed of visual innovation in 2024

Video production companies in Phoenix

Video production companies in Phoenix

 1. Manley Creative

In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Manley Creative stands out as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the video production landscape. Established in 2005, this full-service creative agency has carved out a reputation for excellence, consistently delivering work that not only meets but exceeds marketing goals.
What sets Manley Creative apart is its holistic suite of services. They are not just a video production company; they are storytellers who capture the essence of a brand and translate it into compelling visual narratives. Their offerings span the full spectrum of production needs—from initial scripting to post-production—ensuring that every angle is covered and every client vision is brought to life with precision and flair.

Their portfolio is a testament to their versatility, featuring collaborations with a diverse range of clients, from local startups to Fortune 100 giants. Client reviews echo a common sentiment: partnering with Manley Creative is not just a business decision; it’s an experience that melds professional craftsmanship with a human touch. This is a team that doesn’t shy away from challenges; they embrace them, think on their feet, and are always ready with a backup plan.

Whether it’s the dynamic scenes captured on film or the meticulous attention to detail in post-production, Manley Creative ensures that each project is a masterpiece of its own. With their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and technologies, they are not just keeping up with the status quo—they’re setting new standards.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your brand with video content that engages, informs, and inspires, Manley Creative is your go-to team in Phoenix. Ready to collaborate without commitment, they invite you to explore creative opportunities that will place your brand in the spotlight it deserves.

 2. Spectrum Video and Film

Spectrum Video & Film is a video production company located in Phoenix, Arizona, with over three decades of experience. They are known for their comprehensive video production services. This company offers full script-to-screen services, which encompass scripting, pre-design, camera work, lighting, sound services, video editing, webcasts, and live event support. They boast a high customer satisfaction rate, with a 4.9-star rating based on customer reviews.

Their service range extends beyond Arizona, catering to clients from coast to coast across the United States, including New York and California. Arizona’s year-round favorable weather allows them to facilitate video production at any time of the year. For those hotter days, Spectrum Video & Film provides an air-conditioned studio equipped with a lighting grid, ensuring that production can proceed comfortably regardless of the external temperature.

Spectrum Video & Film prides itself on the positive feedback received from clients, reflecting their reliability and high-quality production standards. Their dedicated team, with decades of diverse experience, is noted for bringing complementary skill sets to every project they undertake.

Video production companies in Phoenix

Video production companies in Phoenix

3. TAPS Media

TAPS Media LLC is a video production and advertising agency located in Phoenix, Arizona, and extending services to Los Angeles, California. They offer a variety of services, including custom digital content creation, marketing, web development, and media services. The agency emphasizes a collaborative approach with a team that includes filmmakers, editors, and strategists aiming to produce quality visual content and narratives tailored to client needs.

Their portfolio of services includes video production, interactive marketing, and photography, aiming to help businesses and brands convey their messages effectively. TAPS Media also provides insights into their production process and team dynamics, reflecting their on-set management and client interaction.

The leadership team consists of Ryan Taplin as Director, Quinn Taplin as Producer, along with other key roles such as a Motion Graphics Artist, Gaffer, and Account Manager, who are integral to their operations.

The website features positive client testimonials praising the company for its professionalism and the quality of its work, citing examples of projects where TAPS Media met or exceeded expectations.

TAPS Media also maintains a blog with articles on various industry-related topics, indicating their engagement with current trends and practices in video production and marketing.

Contact details are provided for those interested in initiating projects, and the agency encourages potential clients to reach out for project discussions or quotes. TAPS Media’s online presence suggests a commitment to providing professional video production services.

Video production companies in Phoenix

Video production companies in Phoenix

4. IT STARTS! media

IT STARTS! Media is a distinguished full-service video production company located in California, recognized for its extensive array of professional video production services that cater to businesses looking to enhance their brand and sales. They stand out as a top-rated video marketing agency with a commitment to offering tailor-made video creation, marketing, and editing services that align with various stages of the marketing funnel, helping companies scale up or extend their video content production capabilities.

The video production team extends its services beyond its California base, serving clients in Phoenix and across Arizona, thereby maintaining a presence that spans major locales to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. With a flat rate pricing model, global reach, and no added travel expenses, the company positions itself as a reliable and accessible partner for businesses ranging from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations.

The suite of services provided by IT STARTS! Media includes a comprehensive range from coordinating and supervising the entire video production process, from initial concept to final product, to specialized tasks such as directing photography, camera operations, sound design, and more technical aspects like gaffing, grip work, and makeup artistry. Drone operations for aerial shots and videos, as well as post-production services like color grading, further showcase the depth of their offerings. They ensure the highest quality outcomes by utilizing specialty equipment, including high-definition cameras, advanced lighting, and professional audio setups.

Corporate video production is a significant area of their expertise, with corporate videos designed to boost corporate communication, engender customer loyalty, fortify customer relationships, and drive web traffic to foster business growth. IT STARTS! Media boasts a portfolio featuring various types of videos, including explainer, testimonial, and promotional videos, all created to project a company’s unique message and ethos effectively.

A unique element of IT STARTS! Media is their personalized corporate videography, which is an asset for producing high-quality videos that resonate with the intended message and emotion, ensuring seamless and proficient handling of the technical production aspects. Their experience spans a range of projects, from marketing campaigns to corporate events, providing clients with the assurance of top-tier production quality.

Emphasizing the power of video as a medium, IT STARTS! Media advocates for its ability to forge emotional connections, simplify complex messages, and enhance conversions, making it an invaluable tool for digital marketing strategies. They also highlight the role of videos in demonstrating expertise, boosting lead conversions, and promoting virtual events, which can substantially aid small businesses in expanding their customer base and increasing sales.

Distinguishing themselves further, IT STARTS! Media ensures an efficient, creative, and successful video production process with a three-step system that accommodates various creative styles and video lengths, suitable for a multitude of video types from brief promos to extensive educational content.

Professional video production stands as a cornerstone of IT STARTS! Media’s offerings, providing businesses with a dynamic and visually engaging tool to distinguish their brand, amplify their marketing initiatives, and attract new customers through compelling and creatively showcased products and services. With a drive to capture viewers’ attention and catalyze sales, IT STARTS! Media not only crafts videos but shapes narratives that connect with audiences on a meaningful level.

 5. Epic Light Media

Epic Light Media is a versatile production company that positions itself outside the standard confines of the industry, embracing a unique and unorthodox approach to filmmaking. Based in Arizona, they pride themselves on not adhering to the norms, avoiding anything that they perceive as boring or overly complicated. Their mission is clear: to create films that captivate and engage audiences, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience.
Their portfolio of services is comprehensive, catering to various aspects of media production. This includes crafting TV advertisements that aim to resonate with viewers and drive brand messages, developing animation that brings stories to life through dynamic visuals, and producing branded content that aligns with the marketing goals of businesses while maintaining a creative edge.

Epic Light Media also specializes in creating documentaries, presumably with a focus on storytelling that illuminates subjects with depth and empathy. Additionally, they offer live streaming services, likely to provide real-time video content for events or online platforms. The company indicates that their capabilities extend to “Everything Else,” suggesting a willingness to tackle diverse and custom projects that may not fall into traditional categories.

The company encourages potential clients or partners to reach out and collaborate, emphasizing their readiness to create together. Their website includes a prompt to “say hello,” indicating their openness and accessibility to those interested in their services. They maintain an active social media presence, as indicated by their invitation to follow them on their @epiclightmedia handle, which is likely used to showcase their work, share news, and engage with their audience.

In essence, Epic Light Media is a forward-thinking media production company that seeks to push boundaries and produce content that is both impactful and enjoyable to watch, all while extending their services across various domains of media production and beyond.

Video production companies in Phoenix

Video production companies in Phoenix


As our cinematic caravan comes to rest under the vast canopy of Phoenix’s twilight, we conclude our journey through the city’s video production landscape. The five companies we’ve showcased are not merely businesses; they are the beating heart of Phoenix’s visual narrative, the sculptors of light, the composers of frame-by-frame masterpieces. They are the ones who capture, cut, and craft the stories that define and elevate the brand, the message, and the moment.

In the dance of digital storytelling, these maestros move with a rhythm that resonates with precision, creativity, and the kind of innovation that doesn’t just follow trends but dares to set them. Through the lens of IT STARTS! media, we’ve not only spotlighted these titans of the trade but also celebrated the shared passion that drives us all—the relentless pursuit of that perfect shot, that seamless edit, that story which will captivate and cling to the collective memory of our audiences.

So, whether you’re entranced by the sizzle of a corporate reel, enchanted by the narrative flow of a documentary, or in awe of the visual feast of a feature film, remember that these Phoenix prodigies stand ready to transform vision into visual legacy. They are the creators who prove that in the art of video production, it’s not just the heat of the desert sun that makes Phoenix sizzle—it’s the stories they tell and the way they tell them.

With that final frame, we invite you to step out of the audience and into action with any of these top video production companies in Phoenix, Arizona. Because when it comes to telling your story with the most vivid colors, the sharpest images, and the most compelling content, remember—it starts here, it starts with them, and most importantly, IT STARTS! media.

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