Phoenix video production rentals

Phoenix video production rentals

Unveiling the Top Video Production Gear Maestros in Phoenix, AZ

In the heart of the sun-scorched Sonoran Desert blooms a vibrant oasis of creativity—a hub where storytelling meets technology, where the visions of corporate narrators and indie filmmakers alike are forged into digital gold. Welcome to the latest pulse from IT STARTS! media, where today we’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes trek through Phoenix, Arizona, to discover the top 3 video production rental houses that are igniting the screens of the Valley of the Sun.

Phoenix isn’t just a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes; it’s a growing nucleus for video production services, where the demand for cinematic excellence rises like the mythical bird this city is named after. In the sprawling expanse of this desert metropolis, corporate video production is not just about selling a service or product; it’s about telling a story that resonates with the heat of authenticity and the clarity of a desert mirage made real.

Through the lens of our own experience at IT STARTS! media, we’ve seen how the right video production equipment rental can elevate a project from basic to breathtaking. We’ve scouted locations, storyboarded dreams into scenes, and turned to the trusted arsenals of Phoenix’s finest gear gurus to bring our visions to life. Renting top-notch equipment from these local maestros means accessing a treasure trove of cutting-edge technology—without the full cost of ownership weighing down our creative flight.

So, join us as we spotlight these bastions of brilliance in Phoenix—where the gear is hot, the service is warmer, and every filmmaker can find the tools they need to craft visuals that dance with the desert light. Whether you’re crafting a corporate manifesto or framing the indie flick that’s been burning a hole in your pocket, these rental houses have what it takes to make your story shine. Let’s dive into the heart of Phoenix’s video production scene, where the only thing more abundant than the sunshine is the sheer potential for visual storytelling excellence.

Phoenix video production rentals

Phoenix video production rentals

1. Arizona Camera Rentals

Arizona Camera Rentals stands as a prominent provider of motion picture equipment rentals in Arizona, presenting a comprehensive solution for the cinematic production community. As a one-stop shop, it caters to the entirety of a film crew’s needs, offering a diverse range of camera kits, lenses, monitors, hard drives, matte boxes, power solutions, wireless video systems (Teradeks), filters, camera support, and follow focus systems. The business prides itself on its industry insight, founded and run by working film industry professionals who have firsthand knowledge of the on-set demands. This expertise translates into an inventory that is not only expansive but also meticulously curated to include equipment from esteemed brands like ARRI, Sony, RED, DJI, Canon, and GoPro.

Their equipment catalogue is designed to be dynamic, constantly evolving to match the rapidly changing technological landscape of film production. This ensures that clients have access to the latest and most efficient gear available. The company’s collaborative approach, involving a network of owner-operators throughout the greater Phoenix area, allows it to bring a wealth of collective experience to its service, covering a vast range of roles within the camera department, from assistants to digital imaging technicians to directors of photography.

Arizona Camera Rentals is not just a business but a critical part of the local production ecosystem. Located at 3637 E Miami Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040, the rental house shares its space with a 3500 Kelvin sound stage, reflecting its deep integration into the film production network. The company’s sister entity, Arizona Grip & Electric, provides grip and electrical equipment, further extending its capabilities to be a comprehensive source for production needs.

To make the rental process as smooth as possible, Arizona Camera Rentals offers competitive rates and flexible rental periods, recognizing that every project has unique requirements. They place a high priority on maintaining and updating their equipment to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability for their clients. This commitment to quality, alongside their readiness to respond to specific requests by encouraging direct communication through calls or emails, demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction and to the success of their clients’ productions.

Their contact avenues are open and accessible, encouraging potential and existing clients to reach out via phone at 602-888-8407 or email at for inquiries or to request a quote. The dedication to their craft and the film community is clear through their approachable service, expertly maintained equipment, and their supportive role in bringing cinematic visions to life.

Phoenix video production rentals

Phoenix video production rentals

2. Arizona Grip + Electric

Arizona Grip And Electric is a full-service rental house for professional filmmakers in Arizona, offering an extensive range of motion picture equipment rentals. They cater to a variety of production needs, including film, television, and commercial projects. With their diverse inventory, filmmakers can find everything from grip and lighting equipment to camera packages. Their offerings include:

  • Truck Packages: They provide truck packages that are well-stocked for on-site production needs, ranging from 1-ton to 5-ton packages, along with a Production Cube option.
  • Stands and Grip Hardware: Their inventory includes a variety of stands like C-Stands, Baby C-Stands, Combo Stands, and various grip hardware like Menace Arm Kits, clamps, and plates to support different setups.
  • Flags, Scrims, Frames & Rags: They offer 8×8 wag flag kits, 4×4 solid floppies, overhead frames with corners and ears, and a range of rags for different lighting conditions.
  • Electrical and Camera Accessories: For electrical needs, they provide stingers and dimmers, and for camera support, items like Dana Dollies and speedrail pipes are available.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Their packages also include useful miscellaneous items like apple box families, shot bags, grip clips, ratchet straps, and mirrors, ensuring that crews have all the necessary tools at hand.
  • Carts: They offer carts such as 4×4 carts, head/grip carts, and Yeager carts to transport and organize equipment on set.
  • Mileage: For the 1-ton truck, they bill mileage at $0.84/mile, offering the first 30 miles free, which shows their commitment to providing cost-effective solutions for on-location shoots.

Arizona Grip And Electric also emphasizes the versatility of their equipment to handle various types of productions, from commercials and documentaries to interviews and social media content. Their 1-ton Van, unique in the area with a lift gate, underscores their dedication to convenience and efficiency. They stay current with technology, using LED lighting and modern camera systems, and maintain strong local contacts to source any specific equipment needs, enhancing their capacity to fully support filmmakers’ creative visions.

Phoenix video production rentals

Phoenix video production rentals

3. Cinevo Phoenix

Cinevo has established itself as a cornerstone in the cinema equipment rental industry with over 28 years of experience. Their mission is to streamline the production process for filmmakers and producers by offering a comprehensive catalog of camera and lens rentals, along with robust production support. With facilities in the heart of the entertainment hubs of Phoenix and Los Angeles, Cinevo ensures widespread accessibility and convenience for a diverse clientele.

Their Phoenix location is a nexus for local markets, extending its reach across Arizona, while their Culver City establishment in Los Angeles acts as the primary hub for nationwide services, demonstrating their logistical prowess. Their offerings are not limited to rentals; they also provide meticulously maintained studio spaces in Phoenix and offer precise lens maintenance services in Los Angeles.

Cinevo’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their tailored services, including flexible after-hours gear pickup, delivery options, and a streamlined three-step rental process designed to cater to the fast-paced nature of the film industry. This customer-centric approach, combined with their extensive selection of gear and the professional expertise of their team, has garnered repeat business and glowing testimonials from clients.

With a reputation for reliability and quality, Cinevo has supported a variety of productions from indie films to national events. They pride themselves on being more than just a rental house; they are a collaborative partner for creators, providing the tools and support necessary for a successful shoot. Whether it’s your first time working with them or your hundredth, Cinevo’s team stands ready to ensure that every aspect of your equipment rental experience exceeds expectations.


As the curtain falls on our panoramic tour of Phoenix’s premier video production rental houses, it’s clear that the city is more than a picturesque desert—it’s a fertile ground for visual storytellers armed with the right tools. Arizona Camera Rentals, Arizona Grip + Electric, and Cinevo Phoenix stand as the triumphant trio, each offering a cornucopia of cutting-edge equipment that makes production aspirations a tangible reality.

Arizona Camera Rentals caters to the sharp-eyed cinematographer seeking cameras that capture every hue of our desert sunsets with crystal clarity. Arizona Grip + Electric lights up our sets with an array of rigs that banish shadows and sculpt our subjects in high definition. And Cinevo Phoenix? They are the finishing touch, the place where the perfect lens or the bespoke lighting package is just another day’s work.

At IT STARTS! media, we’ve woven our story alongside these stalwarts, and they’ve never missed a beat. Their gear has graced our grips, their lights have brightened our backdrops, and their lenses have focused our narratives. They’ve been more than just rental houses; they’ve been partners in our mission to create content that captivates and communicates with power.

In closing, whether you’re etching a corporate message into the annals of industry or painting a cinematic masterpiece on the canvas of the big screen, remember that these Phoenix video production rental houses are the allies you need in your creative corner. With them, your vision is never too vast for the Valley, and your production is always poised to soar on the wings of Phoenix’s finest offerings.

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