Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Best Production equipment rentals in Las Vegas

Bathed in the neon glow of the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas isn’t just the mecca for high rollers and entertainment seekers—it’s also a jackpot for creators looking for top-tier video production services. Welcome to the IT STARTS! media blog, where today, we’re shuffling the deck to reveal our handpicked selection of the 3 top Las Vegas video production rental houses that are a sure bet.

As storytellers and visual crafters ourselves, we’ve walked in the shoes of the relentless seeker of perfection—the director eyeing the ultimate shot, the producer piecing together a narrative, the cinematographer with a hawk-eye for the perfect light. We’ve felt the desert wind on our sets, dealt with the last-minute script flips, and faced the all-too-familiar need for that one piece of equipment that can make or break a scene.

In the throes of production, we’ve turned to the sanctuaries of gear and gadgets—video production equipment rental houses. These aren’t just warehouses stacked with tech; they’re the unsung heroes of any production, the cavalry that arrives with just the right rig, lens, or lighting setup. And in Vegas, where the stakes are high, and the expectations even higher, these rental houses are the royal flush in your production hand.

We’re not playing dice when we say that we’ve used the services of these rental havens ourselves. This article isn’t a gamble; it’s a testament to our own experiences—rolling cameras in the heat of the Nevada sun and under the city’s shimmering lights. From the latest 8K cameras to drones that buzz through the skyline capturing breathtaking aerials, to the gimbals that steady even the most heart-thumping action shots, these Vegas rental houses have equipped us to bring our visions to life.

So, as the Strip pulses with energy and the stories waiting to be told simmer in the heat of the Mojave, join us as we unfold the narrative of the three top video production rental houses in Las Vegas—where every creator finds their lucky streak. Stay tuned; we’re about to lift the curtain on the treasure trove of video production gems that could only be found in the Entertainment Capital of the World, and share how they played a pivotal role in our quest for visual excellence.

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Why Choose to Rent Video Production Equipment Over Owning It?

In the dynamic landscape of video production, the debate between owning versus renting equipment is as classic as film versus digital. For many of us in the industry, particularly those who ride the cutting-edge wave of technology and storytelling, renting equipment isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic move. The allure of owning gear is strong—there’s the pride of possession and the readiness at a moment’s notice. Yet, the benefits of renting are akin to having an all-access pass to the latest and greatest without the anchor of depreciation and obsolescence.

Renting allows for a flexibility that adapts as swiftly as the trends in our industry. With rental houses, you’re not just accessing equipment; you’re unlocking a repository of variety and potential, ensuring you have the perfect tool for the job at hand. This adaptability is invaluable, especially when dealing with the unique demands of each project. Budget-wise, it makes sense too. Instead of sinking capital into equipment that may sit idle, renting frees up resources for other creative investments.

Moreover, the collaborative relationship with rental houses often brings additional layers of support—expert advice, gear maintenance, and troubleshooting that can be priceless during a shoot. This partnership can become an extension of your production team, a resource that understands the rapid pulse of video production needs.

In essence, renting is not just about the gear—it’s about embracing an ecosystem that supports the artist, underpins the vision, and champions the storytelling process. It’s the choice that keeps IT STARTS! media and many other creators in the industry at the vanguard, always ready to capture the next great shot with the best tools at our disposal, without the weight of wear and the worry of tomorrow’s tech eclipsing today’s investment. That’s why it’s crucial to know which Las Vegas video production rental houses are the most reliable.

Production Equipment Rental in Las Vegas

Production Equipment Rental in Las Vegas

Blackwood Camera Rental

Blackwood Camera, situated in Las Vegas, stands as a distinguished camera rental house and full-spectrum production service facility. They are renowned for offering the latest in camera equipment, camera support, and lighting systems, catering to a diverse range of production needs including film, commercial, music video, live streaming, and documentaries. Their inventory boasts cutting-edge technology from over 75 major industry brands such as RED Digital Cinema, DJI, Aputure, and LitePanels, assuring customers access to premium gear at competitive prices.

As the exclusive camera house in Southern Nevada, Blackwood Camera asserts its commitment to delivering equipment featuring the most recent firmware, exceptional add-ons, and comprehensive product support. Their meticulously maintained gear ensures reliability and performance beyond expectations for every project.

The services at Blackwood Camera encompass camera and equipment sales, rentals, and production supplies, alongside providing skilled film crews for hire. Their roster includes producers, directors, director of photography, camera operators, sound mixers, production assistants, and art department staff, among others, all ready to support various production demands.

Blackwood Camera excels in providing a personalized service with their by-appointment-only approach, inviting clients to test-drive equipment and engage with their experienced team for their next production. They also offer after-hours support for existing customers, demonstrating a dedication to customer satisfaction and support.

Key strengths of Blackwood Camera include their comprehensive, well-maintained inventory, authoritative industry presence as authorized dealers, and their customer-centric approach that ensures tailored solutions for a wide array of video production requirements.

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Grosz Live Productions

Grosz Live Productions (GLP) is a premier provider of audio-visual (AV) production services and equipment rentals. Their core commitment is to deliver superior quality and results, ensuring client satisfaction is the cornerstone of their operations. With a 24/7 on-call service and offices in Las Vegas, Denver, and Portland, GLP offers a vast array of state-of-the-art AV equipment tailored for corporate meetings, conventions, seminars, concerts, private parties, festivals, trade shows, and various live events.

Their expertise encompasses providing top-notch engineers and technicians, who are meticulously selected to align with GLP’s high standards. The company has established a reputation for exceptional service, illustrated by a robust portfolio of return clients. They specialize in a comprehensive range of production equipment and services, including but not limited to audio equipment rentals, video equipment rentals, lighting equipment rentals, staging, pipe and drape, and truss rentals.

GLP takes pride in their ability to work with top-tier artists and production levels, showcasing their versatility and capacity to handle live concert productions. They extend their services to cater to events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals, ensuring that no event is too big or too small. With a focus on professional audio needs, GLP provides quality assurance through their professional technicians who ensure every event runs flawlessly.

Moreover, they offer flexible rental periods ranging from single-day to monthly rentals, along with sales of both new and used equipment and installations. GLP positions itself as a growing entity in the professional AV rental equipment and production solution sector, with an extensive inventory capable of serving a diverse client base.

Grosz Live Productions promotes its services with a promise of five-star customer service, emphasizing their dedication to meeting clients’ AV needs with excellence. They invite potential clients to reach out for a free quote, promising tailored solutions that suit the specific needs and budgets of each event. With a strong online presence and active engagement on social media platforms, GLP remains accessible and current, reinforcing their image as a customer-centric and responsive business in the AV production industry.

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

F11 Rentals

F11 Rentals positions itself as a premier provider for studio and production rentals in Las Vegas, emphasizing their dedication to delivering top-quality production gear and service. Their offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the production community, whether local or international, backed by technical expertise and quality products that they take pride in.

They offer a meticulously designed and built 2500 square foot production studio, equipped with a 3-walled cyclorama stage, fully featured to accommodate creative needs. This space is uniquely situated centrally, away from the disruptions of flight paths, providing a quiet and climate-controlled environment, which is an essential factor for uninterrupted production work.

The cyclorama stage itself is impressive, measuring 26 x 34 x 36 with 18-foot walls, which can be painted any color to fit the specific requirements of a production, ensuring versatility and adaptability.

Moreover, F11 Rentals has thoughtfully included a dedicated makeup and wardrobe container adjacent to the set. This space was designed with input from makeup artists and includes features such as a dedicated AC unit, two makeup stations, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, creating an optimal environment for talent preparation.

For producers and clients, the studio has a 320 square foot Producer’s Deck, accessible via a spiral staircase that overlooks the stage. This space includes a TV feed from the stage and ample seating, allowing for a comfortable and comprehensive view of the ongoing production.

Location-wise, F11 Rentals boasts a strategic advantage being situated south of the airport and mere minutes from the Las Vegas strip, making it an easily accessible venue for both local and visiting productions.

In addition to their physical amenities, they also offer a financial incentive in the form of a 20% discount on rental add-ons, which could be a significant saving for production budgets.

In summary, F11 Rentals offers a comprehensive suite of services and facilities for video production, characterized by quality equipment, a versatile studio space, dedicated support areas, and attentive customer service, all located in a prime Las Vegas location.

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental

Las Vegas Video Production Equipment Rental


In the glittering heart of Nevada, amidst the razzle-dazzle of the Strip, we’ve uncovered the high-rolling rental houses that are the unsung VIPs in the production show. They are the enablers of cinematic visions, the suppliers of high-octane creativity, and the quiet backbone of many a successful shoot. As the credits roll on our Las Vegas production escapade, we’re not just tipping our hats to these equipment emporiums; we’re giving a standing ovation for the role they’ve played in our storytelling journey.

Whether you’re a guerrilla filmmaker looking to capture the raw underbelly of Vegas or a commercial director aiming to bottle its neon frenzy, these top three video production rental houses are the pocket aces you want up your sleeve. By choosing to partner with them, IT STARTS! media has experienced firsthand the freedom, the quality, and the sheer breadth of possibilities that renting brings to the table. They’ve not only matched our passion frame for frame but also amplified our capabilities, allowing us to bet big on our projects with a stacked hand of the latest gear.

So, as we fold this chapter, remember that in the city of chance, your surest bet lies in the power of choice—choosing to rent, choosing the right partners, and choosing to place your project’s destiny in the hands of those who equip you to win. Thanks to these Las Vegas video production rental houses, we’re all in, every time, on every production.

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