Video content is taking over the world, it is a fact, and it is just the beginning. Of course, the next step is virtual reality, but it is far from being implemented in our everyday life. Nowadays your potential clients are obsessed with video. As a result – video marketing is the most powerful marketing source right now, for both organic and paid advertising. In this article we will talk about the most efficient video strategy for 2022. Let’s start!

Website main page video content.

This is the most important place of your company in the digital space. It gets most traffic. As soon as people hear about your business – they go to your business main page. This is why is has to contain the best video you can afford. And this is a perfect place for a Brand Story video – 2-5 minute video, that answers simple but important questions about your business – Why, What, and How.

Why the business or the company was established, what is the service it provides, what is special about it, what is your vision and approach, your business experience, and how is your business unique, how is it all brought into life.

Since it is the main video of your business, all the marketing is directed to it, and it has long shelf life (2-5 years) it is a good idea to hire a video production team that will make sure the video has cinematic vibe, looks professional and smooth. It is achievable with the right camera gear (and iPhone is not good enough here, but we’ll find a use for it a bit later), proper lighting and audio gear. It has to resonate with your audience, evoke emotions, call to action, and make your potential clients want to contact your business – no imperfections should distract your audience! Also, when recorded and edited poorly (usually when marketers try to optimize their marketing budget and do it themselves) – it will only harm the business, repelling the right clients.

Testimonial video content.

Reviews are great, and every successful business has tons of 5-star reviews. Even though there are services like Yelp that are very strict when it comes to reviews, they are not as compelling as they used to be. That is where video comes into play – the next powerful video content type is Client testimonial video.

This video can be added to your website pages, as well as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn business pages.

All you need to create one is highly satisfied clients (2-3 testimonial videos is enough for the beginning, but if you offer multiple services – a video per each is a must), a location. Proper video, lighting, and audio equipment is preferred as well. When this video is recorded with a phone – it is going to be noticeable, and will tell your potential clients that the business has recorded this video themselves, and clients will look less natural and compelling as well., When there is a videographer as a third party that is capturing the video and interviewing your client, knowing what to ask and how to get the right words that would describe the client’s experience, and without your business staff around – it turns out organic, not staged, and with true emotions.

The same rule applies – when recorded improperly, it can make things worse and damage your marketing strategy. Hardly any potential client would call the company if they feel that the client was forced to say the good words on camera.

Social Media short video content.

In most cases a lot of website traffic comes from the Social Media – mostly from Facebook and Instagram. YouTube offers Reels format called Shorts. Of course, make sure you have these pages registered (TikTok is gaining momentum as well, but according to our experience, it does work for only certain industries, and we don’t recommend to put much effort into it). The best Social Media organic growth strategy right now is posting some casual everyday content. No matter if you are a small mobile car detailing business, an optometry practice, or a construction company – it is a great growth opportunity. Clients want to see let’s say some behind the stage content of your business, and this is where iPhone quality is acceptable, and sometimes even preferred (Instagram/Facebook stories section). Instagram has great video recording interface, that is optimized for vertical videos. Facebook is switching to vertical video content as well, but also offers great exposure opportunities to horizontal videos, because has more PC users than Instagram.

Still it is extremely valuable to post top-quality video content as frequently as possible, because the algorithm will highly rank them, show to more people, that in turn will lead to the brand exposure and followers growth. Check out some examples on our Instagram page.

There are even more video content types that we at IT STARTS! media produce to boost businesses and help them grow – commercial, corporate, and recruitment videos, and their importance varies according to the industry, business size, and marketing budget. You may check out our projects Here. If you want to learn more about marketing-oriented video production and see how we can help get your company to the next level, feel free to contact us!

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