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Video content has exploded in popularity in recent years and is now one of the most powerful marketing tools available. As consumer viewing habits shift increasingly towards online video, smart businesses are leveraging video across platforms for organic growth and paid advertising.

In this article, we will dive into the essential components of an impactful video marketing strategy in 2022.

Website Homepage Hero Video

Your business website’s homepage is the front door to your brand and gets the most traffic. That’s why this valuable real estate deserves an eye-catching, high-quality video.

The ideal type of video for your homepage hero banner is a brand story video. This 2-5 minute video tells your origin story and engages viewers by answering:

  • Why was your business founded?
  • What products/services do you offer?
  • What is your company’s vision and approach?
  • How does your business stand out from competitors?

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Since this is likely the first impression many customers will have of your brand, invest in a professional production team to ensure cinematic quality. Filming with pro gear, lighting, and audio equipment will make your video resonate emotionally and convince viewers to learn more. A polished brand story video can become a pillar of your marketing for 2-5 years.

Client Testimonial Videos

While online reviews are helpful, nothing is more powerful than showing real customers talking about their positive experiences. Testimonial videos add social proof and credibility like nothing else.

Record 2-3 satisfied clients discussing specific ways your business delivered great service and value. Authenticity is key, so let clients speak freely about their journey rather than feeding them lines. Hiring a professional videographer to conduct the interviews and capture high-quality footage will result in organic, compelling content.

Publish these testimonial videos on your website and share natively on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. They can work for any industry to boost conversions.

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Bite-Sized Social Media Videos

With many website visitors coming from social media, frequently posting video content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts and TikTok is essential.

Think “behind-the-scenes” style videos showing everyday operations, employee spotlights, amusing outtakes, quick tips, etc. Use your smartphone to capture short 10-60 second videos that look authentic and casual. Instagram and Facebook Stories are great for this bite-sized content.

While smartphone videos have their place, also mix in high-quality, professionally produced videos to catch the algorithm’s attention and get more visibility. Social platforms favor well-crafted content.

Additional Video Marketing Strategy Opportunities

Other potential video types based on your business goals and target audience may include:

  • Product demos
  • Customer case studies
  • Explainer and how-to tutorials
  • Thought leadership interviews
  • Paid video ads
  • Live broadcasts

The key is developing an integrated strategy combining video formats and platforms most relevant to your brand and customers.

At IT STARTS! Media, our team has years of experience producing marketing videos and developing video marketing strategies tailored specifically for clients’ needs across industries. If you’re ready to elevate your video marketing, let’s talk!

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