If you’re a contractor, remodeler, or developer, have you thought of video marketing to expand your business in 2023? If not, you probably need to catch up. In 2022 construction companies across California, Oregon, and other states are already actively using video content posting strategy to increase social interaction, get more website visitors leads. Here is a list of our top ideas for video marketing for contractors, check it out and you’re one step closer to bringing your own effective video marketing strategy to life!


According to studies, cinematic and professionally created video content always builds trust and credibility with your audience by making you (if you are on camera) or your team familiar to your potential clients.

A client seeing you on video before meeting you in person already has this personal connection with you – they already “know” you through the power of content and video production. Just like you feel you already know your favorite movie star!

There are also technical reasons to use video marketing. Websites that include video are 530 percent more likely get ranked by Google and get to the first page of Google Search.

GVD Renovations based in Sacramento CA is a great example. Here is our recent video project with them. Provided with photos and posted at their website, and social media pages, this testimonial video increased their “house siding replacement” search rankings.

With every other builder, and contractor, home remodeler in your area competing for the same Google Search rankings, no matter if it is a small town like Yuba City or Roseville, or a megapolis like San Francisco, even Bay Area, or Greater Los Angeles Metro Area – high quality video content is a powerful yet affordable tool to help you beat the competition in the battle for the views and impressions.

When your potential clients watch your video content, they are significantly more likely to make a purchase decision in your favor. The future of selling in the construction industry will definitely involve video!

Still on the fence about video marketing? Consider that 99% of marketers that hired a professional video production and marketing service last year are going to continue doing video this year.



Your clients are eager to know how things are done! Work process videos reveal behind the scenes and show the challenges and skill needed in your industry. Like any cinematic high-quality video it makes them feel like they are a part of the process of renovation, home building, or construction process. It gives them emotions, and provides this crucial information that they are craving for so they can make more informed buying decisions. These videos are easily shared as stories and reels on Instagram and Facebook. And when filmed with proper camera, lighting, and audio gear – there is a huge chance it goes viral.


In the end of the day, especially in the construction business – it is people working with people. And usually it is a long term interaction. That is why your potential clients want to make sure they deal with the people they like. And as a video production and marketing company, or goal is to show your team from the brightest possible side. This is where emotional video editing and compelling sound design come into play.


Even if you are a recently established construction business, there is a huge story behind it, because it takes a lot of effort, courage, and passion to start a business, especially these days of saturated market and stiff competition. Your potential clients want to hear that, and they want to work with a confident contractor that will get the job done whatever it takes. Using proper lighting and audio, right camera angles, and advanced video editing, we create the right vibe in the video and enhance your confidence.


Who doesn’t love stories! Recording the process of the project from the very beginning up to the end will help your potential client see your approach, understand what they will be dealing with. This type of video content will also help your prospect to feel informed and confident when reaching out to you, and throughout the whole project, which will lead to a 5 star review, and be sure this client will recommend your business to all the neighbors.


In order to have as few misunderstanding as possible, expectations videos is a and important video type. It helps people understand what to expect, and what not to expect working with you. It is crucial for the contractor projects (from window replacement to whole house frame replacement) to make sure the client and contractor are on the same page. It might include your special services, the workflow for certain projects, some main terms and conditions.


Yelp and Google reviews is still great and important, but in the era of video content and video marketing they become less and less decision-making for your clients. Also, it is impossible to write a text as emotional and compelling, as the video of the same words can be. Because video is not only text. When our video marketing company has a goal of creating a testimonial video for any business – we make sure the clients feel relaxed and tell the true story, reveal their true feelings and emotions, which is not easy for everyone on camera. Adding video cuts of the projects, mixed with the right calming soundtrack and proper color-grading, this video will make a strong impression on your potential clients. People trust people – not the texts.

That’s it for our video marketing ideas for contractors, but if you’d like more, check out How to promote your business with Video? 2022 Ultimate video marketing strategy and our Portfolio.

If you’re ready to use video content to boost your business and get more clients, but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help! Fill out the form, call or text us at 279-888-3558 to see how video production and video marketing can help your business grow and beat the competition!

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